Some Special Guests…

Today I welcome the lovely Lady Kate Fairchild and Max, Duke of Lyle.

Their story is told in Christine Wells’ latest release THE DANGEROUS DUKE…at least that is what I have heard 😉 …read the interview below to find out more.



Jennifer: Thank you, Your Grace and Lady Kate for joining me today. So, how are you?  What have you been up to lately?


Kate: Well, Miss Jennifer, I’m glad you asked! I’ve been incarcerated by the author of that scurrilous work of “fiction” THE DANGEROUS DUKE and forced—forced, I tell you—to write a diary of my so-called adventures for everyone to see:


Lyle: And I’ve been forced to edit it as well as making public appearances like this one. Doesn’t anyone understand a spy needs anonymity to survive?


Kate: But you’re not a spy anymore. ARE you, Lyle?


Lyle: Ahem. Well…


Kate: *smiling sweetly at Jennifer* He’s left all of that behind.


Jennifer:  *smiles back and watches Lyle squirm a bit*  So how do you feel about your story being published in the book, The Dangerous Duke?


Lyle: We can neither confirm nor deny that the story is about us.


Kate: Story? What story?


Jennifer: Um, well, I guess by that question and the look on her face that Kate hasn’t read it yet, have you? 


Kate: My, you are persistent! No, I haven’t read THE DANGEROUS DUKE, although Lyle persists in reading the naughty bits to me aloud. I certainly don’t recall anything of THAT nature going on! All I can say is I think this Mrs. Wells has a very lurid imagination.


Jennifer: Hmm…well she seemed innocent enough when I met her a while back.  So, how did you two meet?


Lyle: That’s classified, I’m afraid.


Kate: It was at a ball, dear. Nothing classified about it. Though I must say, when I first saw Lyle he was dangling a man by the ankles over the edge of a balcony. The thought never crossed my mind that I’d end up…caring for him.


Jennifer:  Oh wow. That’s an interesting first meeting.*eyes Lyle carefully* From what I understand, and you can correct me if I am wrong, your relationship had a bit of a rocky start.  How are things going now?


Lyle: Rocky? It was out-and-out war. Now…Let’s call it an uneasy truce.


Jennifer:  That’s good, I guess.  So, Your Grace, let’s pretend the book is about you *winks at Lyle*, are you really “dangerous” as the book’s title implies?


Lyle: Not at all. I’m a perfectly mild-mannered fellow.


Kate: —Who just happens to go around dangling men over balconies by the ankles…


Lyle: I pulled him back up, didn’t I?


Jennifer: I guess that’s all that matters, huh?  *laughs, but stops when she notices Lyle’s scowl* Hmm…Lady Kate, if you had to describe yourself in three words, what words would you use?


Kate: Ah. Witty, graceful, tasteful and daring.


Lyle: —And incapable of following the simplest instructions…


Jennifer: *quickly interrupts* What about you, Your Grace, how would you describe yourself?


Lyle: Perfectly mild-mannered.


Kate: Ha!


Jennifer:  Lady Kate, what is your favorite thing about Max, Duke of Lyle?


Kate: Besides the obvious? I think it’s his ruthlessness, if I must be honest. It was the danger in him that first attracted me. And if he loves someone, he’ll stop at nothing to protect them. A quality that can be taken to extremes…


Jennifer:  Aww…And what about you, Your Grace, what do you like best about Lady Kate?


Lyle: Besides the obvious? She has amazing warmth and charm. I love it when she winds me around her finger. Don’t tell HER I said that, though. She’s dangerous enough already.


Jennifer:  I think she heard you.  So what do you two like to do for fun?


Together: Besides the obvious?


Jennifer:  I walked right into that one, huh?  Yes, besides the obvious.


Lyle: I like reading. In fact, I’m reading a most excellent book…


Jennifer:  Really, what book is that?


Lyle:  It’s about this Dangerous Duke…A devil of a fellow by what I gather.


Jennifer: Hmm…sounds very familiar  *winks at Lyle* Well, I know you both are very busy, but I want to thank you for chatting with me.  I cannot wait to finally read your story and get to know you even better.


Kate: It’s been a pleasure, my dear. Although I do urge you not to believe a WORD that Mrs. Wells writes. Shocking, that’s what it is…


Lyle: Can I go now?


Jennifer:  Yes, but before you go, is there anything either of you would like to tell or ask my blog readers?


Kate:  Mrs. Wells asked me to say that there are excerpts of THE DANGEROUS DUKE on her website: and that she always loves to hear from readers, so please contact her if you’d like to chat!


Jennifer: Tell Mrs. Wells that I appreciate her letting you come and chat with me. Thanks Kate and Lyle!  *watches them leave…and bicker with each other as they do so


Wasn’t that a fun interview?  They seem like such a fascinating pair.
I can hardly wait to read their story.


Christine Wells has donated two signed copies of THE DANGEROUS DUKE to two lucky commenters today so feel free to ask questions.  Kate, Lyle, and Christine all mentioned that they might stop by throughout the day so it should be fun!

I’ll randomly select the winners from those that comment and announce them tomorrow, Sept. 6, here on the blog.


58 Responses to Some Special Guests…

  1. Tawny Weber says:

    ROFL–what a delightful and fun interview! I cannot wait to read this book!!! I’m so curious to figure out what “the obvious’ is! *innocent smile*

    Christine, I have to ask… how did you get these two to behave so you could write their story? Or were you just along to take dictation as they told it to you??

  2. Helen says:

    What a wonderful interview

    Lady Kate and Lyle you seem to bicker and not always see eye to eye is this done so as you have a lot of fun making up ?

    Have Fun

  3. LOL, Tawny. I’m sure you have NO idea what ‘the obvious is’.

    As for how did I get these two to behave, I can tell you, the story was more fun to write when they *didn’t* behave. *g*

    But I did have a little trouble getting Max right. The romance was supposed to be between Kate and Max’s cool-as-ice brother Alistair but Alistair simply refused to do what I wanted. Then I realized the hero I needed for Kate was far more direct and no-nonsense, so Max was born.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lady Kate says:

    My dear Miss Helen. I’ve been accused of manipulation and skulduggery before but never such deviousness as *that*!

    But yes, now you mention it, it is rather fun making up:)

  5. Caren Crane says:

    I have a question for His Grace. Lady Kate, while perfectly charming I’m sure seems a bit…er…high maintenance. Why did you choose her over one of the perfectly lovely and charming ladies who are, no doubt, flinging themselves at you each Season?

    No offense, Lady Kate, but most women would not keeping bringing up unforutnate episodes of manly high spirits like the ankle-dangling bit. Really, you should forgive such a titled – er, charming – and wealthy – I mean, handsome – gentleman his minor transgressions. Do you plan to keep His Grace on the proverbial short leash or will you soften toward his teeny, tiny flaws in time?

  6. Liza says:

    What a fun interview. Lady Kate and Lyle, it seems as if you both might have your hands full.

  7. Jo Robertson says:

    I must say that Lady Kate and Lyle have showed a little decorum today, especially compared with the antics they usually get up to.

    As I’ve said before, I cannot wait to read your latest book, Christine. I know it will be well worth the wait.

    Did you find the research on Lyle as a spy difficult to research? Were the lives of spies during the Regency really that dangerous and clandestine? I know the Napoleonic Wars are a great backdrop for writing romance, but did you find yourself stopping the story to do the research or are you already well-informed about that time period?

  8. Cassondra says:

    Well, hello again Lady Kate! I see you’re out and about and appear no worse for the wear due to your…ah…ordeal…with the Bandits during the summer. And Lyle seems to be cooperative–actually more cooperative than I’ve ever seen him! Why, showing up on Jennifer’s wonderful blog and actually BEHAVING himself and answering questions and not biting anyone’s head off! SO not like his earlier behaviors.

    WHAT did you do to gain this level of cooperation from him? Won’t you give away your secrets? I’d love to know how you’ve…uh…STRONGARMED…him into such…well, at least..MORE genteel behavior than I’d witnessed earlier.

    Could it be that BOOK he’s reading perhaps?

    Tell, Lady Kate. TEll.

  9. Crystal B. says:

    What a great interview. Lyle and Kate sound wonderful. I love the cover of The Dangerous Duke. 🙂

  10. Nancy says:

    Jennifer, thanks for having Lyle and Lady Kate. Their relationship has very . . . intriguing overtones. One suspects it has naughtier aspects than they care to reveal. *g*

    Christine, I can’t wait to read this book. I know nothing about Alastair, of course, but you certainly seem to have made the correct choice re: Lyle. Though I suspect Lady Kate and Lyle didn’t leave you much choice.

  11. Joanie T says:

    Lyle is a spy?

    What’s that, Damon? Oh, right, an alleged spy!

    {Shakes head} Seems spies no matter if Roman or Regency stick together.

    Looking forward to reading The Dangerous Duke!

  12. Teresa W. says:

    Enjoyed the interview and this would be a new author for me!

  13. Lyle says:

    Miss Caren, you pose an interesting question. The truth is that I’d only enjoyed my elevated status for a week before Lady Kate sank her claws–ouch!–I mean, before I met Lady Kate. From the moment we laid eyes on each other, I don’t think I noticed another woman.

  14. Hey, Lady Kate and Lyle, always find you such sparkling company. SPIKY and sparkling, but fun. And I have ventured between the pages of Mrs. Wells’s novel and believe me she does you justice! I loved your dialogue and your passion and your adventures (and the obvious!). Jennifer, thanks for having this fun pair over to visit today.

  15. Lady Kate says:

    My dear Miss Crane, I trust Lyle implicitly! It’s those designing hussies who throw themselves at his head I do not trust! So in other words, the shortest leash possible, yes.

  16. Lyle says:

    Liza wrote: What a fun interview. Lady Kate and Lyle, it seems as if you both might have your hands full.

    Mmm. Lady Kate is rather a handful. A cozy armful too, eh my dear?

  17. Lady Kate says:

    Lyle! We are not alone…

  18. azteclady says:

    Mild mannered duke holding someone head down by the ankles?

    I think I have to rethink my definition of “mild”

  19. Hi Jo, what a great question. There’s not an awful lot known about spying activities in this era, although of course spies have been around as long as there have been rulers requiring intelligence. Interestingly, MI5 (the domestic arm of the British secret service) have just released a lot of documents and if you go to the archives at Kew you can get your hands on reports from spies during the Napoleonic Wars.

    What is interesting about the time I set THE DANGEROUS DUKE is that there was a lot of civil unrest due to poverty and all the poor soldiers coming home after the Allied victory with no jobs to come home to. THere were riots and then someone lobbed a brick through the Prince Regent’s carriage window when he was on his way to open Parliament. A state of emergency was called and Parliament enacted anti-sedition laws. Many have drawn parallels between those times and the present, where the government encroaches on civil rights in the name of protection. Of course, they were worried about revolution such as in France, but it was said that the government began sending spies out into the countryside to stir up the populace so they’d have further excuse to enact harsher legislation. I don’t know that this was ever proven, but because the government offered a reward to informants, many of the informants acted as so-called agents provocateurs to collect their fee. Ie they’d stir up trouble and then inform on the people they’d urged to violence. Much of the spy stuff in THE DANGEROUS DUKE is made up, though, extrapolated from the information I could dig up and what I know of present day operation.

    Phew! I bet you’re sorry you asked. YOu got me on a hobby horse there.

  20. Lady Kate says:

    Cassondra wrote: Tell, Lady Kate. TEll.

    Ah, Miss C, Lyle is as putty in my hands…

    But seriously, it’s nothing to do with me. Mrs. Wells threatened to imprison Lyle in the Romance Bandit Lair indefinitely unless he came along quietly and did his duty on these clogs. Er, I mean blogs. Lapdog, laptop…I get so confused with all of these machines…

  21. Hi Crystal B! Thanks for dropping in. It really is a gorgeous cover, isn’t it? When I first saw it I nearly cried, I was so pleased with the way the artist, James Griffin, had interpreted the story. I have it framed and hanging on my wall, along with the print of SCANDAL’S DAUGHTER.

  22. LOL, Nancy, you’re exactly right. Lyle and Kate really drove this story and as you can see, they’re both rather, er, headstrong. Which is why I’m taking such delight in torturing them now:)

  23. Lyle says:

    Joanie T wrote: Lyle is a spy?

    I’m trying to stop. And I prefer the word ‘operative’. Spying is such a dirty game.

    Does this Damon fellow have connections in Rome? Hmm, he might prove useful…

  24. Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release, Christine. I can’t wait to read Kate and Max’s story. Like Kate, I think danger is an attractive quality in a man.

  25. Hi Teresa, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by.

  26. Thanks so much, Anna! And I’m sure Lady Kate will never forget your offer to throw yourself into the breach to save her honour that time. Such a sacrifice, when you consider the manifold charms of Lyle.

  27. Lady Kate says:

    That La Campbell! SHE’S one of the designing hussies I was talking about!!

  28. Lyle says:

    Azteclady wrote: Mild mannered duke holding someone head down by the ankles?I think I have to rethink my definition of “mild”

    An aberration. Totally out of character. Really, I’m a stay-at-home sort of fellow. Nose always in a book. Especially a particular book…

  29. Lady Kate says:

    Don’t believe a word of it, my dear. He’s promised to give up this spying business, but it seems his retirement has left him with a surfeit of energy in, er, other directions.

    I can’t say I mind…

  30. Thanks so much, Jane! Yes, I love dangerous men. At least in fiction, I do.LOL

  31. Jennifer Y says:

    Now, now, Lady Kate. Let’s try to refrain from namecalling.

    So, did you ever actually read the book…or is Lyle still reading it?

    And I am glad everyone is enjoying my little “chat” with Lady Kate and Lyle. I certainly enjoyed myself. That Lyle is definitely charming…there’s just something about a Duke pouting because he is forced to interact with the public… *sigh*

  32. Jennifer Y says:

    …it seems his retirement has left him with a surfeit of energy in, er, other directions…

    Lady Kate, you are going to make my blog readers jealous!

  33. Beth Andrews says:

    LOL – wonderful interview! Jennifer, thank you so much for inviting Christine, Lady Kate and Lyle (you don’t mind if I call you Lyle, do you? ‘Your Grace’ seems so stuffy and after your time spent in the Bandit Lair, I know there’s nothing…er…stuffy about you ;-))on your blog!

    I can’t wait to read The Dangerous Duke!

  34. azteclady says:

    So the mild mannered bit was an aberration?

    That explains so much…


  35. Lady Kate says:

    Jennifer Y wrote: So, did you ever actually read the book…or is Lyle still reading it?

    I would NEVER stoop to reading such scurrilous filth!

    Well, perhaps I might have peeked. Just once…

  36. Lyle says:

    Jennifer Y wrote: Lady Kate, you are going to make my blog readers jealous!

    Now ladies, don’t crowd ’round. I can’t tell who was here first. Line up, nice and orderly now, there you are…

  37. Lyle says:

    My dear Mrs. Andrews, of course I don’t mind if you call me Lyle. I am quite willing to forget that incident in the Bandit dungeon if you are…

  38. Lyle says:

    Azteclady wrote:So the mild mannered bit was an aberration? That explains so much…

    You are a woman of wit, I see. If I were as dangerous as you imply, I might take exception to that comment. I might even think of ways to make you regret making it in the first place. I might–

  39. Lyle! We do NOT threaten Jennifer’s guests!

    So sorry, Azteclady. He can’t seem to act civilized even for the short time he’s here.

  40. Joanie T says:

    Does this Damon fellow have connections in Rome? Hmm, he might prove useful…

    Indeed he does, my Lord…indeed he does.

    He would actually find your talent of body dangling quite useful though I must warn you, skulking about the alleyways and streets of Rome will wreck havoc with evening wear. Would you be averse to wearing..oh say…a tunic?

  41. Lady Kate says:

    Joanie T wrote: Would you be averse to wearing..oh say…a tunic?

    ::sputter:: LYLE??? In a TUNIC???

    Lyle in a tunic…


  42. Jo Robertson says:

    Great answer to my question, Christine. I’m never bored with answers about history. I have a minor in history and originally intended to teach that subject, so I’m always interested.

    I also find it odd that we tend to draw parallels from the past to modern patterns of behavior or even with other historical periods. We say we study history to learn from the past, but we humans seem to perpetuate our mistakes!

  43. Nathalie says:

    Thanks for blogging here!

    I thought the interview was great and entertaining.

    I know I enjoyed your first book, and will go buy this one 🙂

  44. Jo, that is supposed to be the purpose of studying history, isn’t it? But I suppose a government might not see it as a mistake so much as a good strategy. Not that I know enough about it to come down on one side or the other. I confess I don’t take much interest in politics. I’m part of the cynical (someo would say apathetic) Gen-X, I guess.

  45. Hi Nathalie, that’s so sweet of you to say you enjoyed Scandal’s Daughter. I hope you enjoy The Dangerous Duke!

  46. That reminds me, there are some characters from SCANDAL’S DAUGHTER who reapppear in THE DANGEROUS DUKE–Fanny and Romney. Their tempestuous relationship hasn’t calmed down after marriage, so they’re up to some of their old tricks in THE DANGEROUS DUKE. It’s so fun revisiting characters I love.

  47. Fedora says:

    Oh, Christine! How lovely to see Lady Kate and Lyle here today! Thanks for the delightful interview! I can’t wait to read all about you for myself 😉 And goodie, I’ve already got Scandal’s Daughter and love when characters reappear in later books 🙂 Hooray!

  48. Hi Fedora! So lovely to see you here. Thanks, I hope you enjoy THE DANGEROUS DUKE.

  49. Jennifer, on behalf of the three of us:) I’d like to thank you for a fantastic day. You’re a consummate hostess and I’ve enjoyed every minute!

    I’ll pop in later to make sure I haven’t missed any comments. Cheerio for now!

  50. Quilt Lady says:

    I guess I am running late today had to do my yard work. What a wonderful interview. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read this book it sounds great.

  51. Hi Quilt Lady! I hope you had a good day in the outdoors. Thanks for dropping in, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

  52. Pam P says:

    Fun interview, Lyle and Lady Kate. I can’t wait to read your book even more now. Lady Kate, I bet you took more than a peek at that book Lyle’s reading.

  53. cheryl c. says:

    This was a fun and entertaining interview. It was a good way to get acquainted with the characters.

  54. Lady Kate says:

    My dear Pam P, if I’d known my presence would *encourage* everyone to read THAT BOOK, I would have stayed at home! Will no one heed my earnest warnings?

    And believe me, I’ve no need to steal a peek at THAT BOOK. If Lyle is not declaiming the warmer parts for his own edification and my mortification, he is chortling to himself and reading out certain incidents that I’d rather forget! I haven’t been able to get near the thing, I swear!

  55. Hi Cheryl C! Thanks, glad you enjoyed the interview:)

  56. Well, Jennifer, I’d like to thank you and your readers for a lovely day. We had fun (all three of us!) I hope you all did. Looking forward to seeing who has won THE DANGEROUS DUKE!

  57. Kimmy L says:

    What kind of research did you have to do? I love visiting this blog.

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