Authors…Want to Be a Guest?

If you are an author who is interested in being a guest on the blog contact me at jennifersrandommusings @  (without the spaces)

Options for a guest spot include:  

Interview – consists of Q&A…I send you the questions, you send me the responses.

Complete the sentence –  I give you the beginnings to an open-ended sentence and you fill in the blank however you wish…you can be serious or have fun!

Complete the sentence (book version) – I give you the beginnings to a series of open-ended sentences related to your book(s) and you answer them. 

Character Interview consists of Q&A and/or Complete the Sentences, but you answer from the point of view of one or more characters…I send you the questions, you send me the responses

Guest Blog – write up a short or long blog about anything you want (just keep it PG please) and send it to me to post…you can even do the blog from a character’s POV

Feature – you provide me with links to your site and info about your book(s) and I will do a short little promo giving links to your site and info about you and/or your work (usually combined with one of the other options)

Other options, including reviews and blog parties, may be available upon request.

You can do any or all of the options.  Options can also be combined! 
Or if you have a different idea, that’s great, too!  Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

For more details, please e-mail me. 


One Response to Authors…Want to Be a Guest?

  1. Waving, Jennifer, I’d love to do an interview!



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