Book-of-the-Month Information

Details for Jennifer’s Random Readers Book-of-the-Month


About the Book-of-the-Month

Each month readers vote on a book for me to read and blog about the following month.  And I invite others to read along with me if they would like to.  At the end of the month I will share my thoughts on the book in an informal review-like post and invite those that have read the book to share theirs as well.  Each month the current book-of-the-month selection will be announced and posted on the blog.


In addition to featuring print books, I have also recently started the eBook-of-the-Month, which like the Book-of-the-Month, is a book voted on by readers that I feature and discuss each month, only it is an eBook version rather than a print book.  This may or may not become a regular feature, but for the time being I will continue to feature both a print and an eBook.


The chosen books are announced at either the end or the beginning of each month.  The current month’s selections will be posted on the blog throughout the month so any one can join in and read along at any time.  The discussion posts will be posted at the end of each month.


Book Selection Criteria

  • Must be a romance, but can be any subgenre/type of romance (I like my happily-ever-afters)
  • Can be an old or a new release, but it must be readily available in stores or online during the month it is featured
  • Can be a print or eBook release
  • No hardcovers

 Voting Information

Here is how voting will work…

  • Every suggestion that is made is going into a file. 
  • When the call for suggestions ends, I will use a random number generator to randomly select books from those suggested.  In addition, I will add my own suggestion(s) to the poll.
  • Once voting in the poll has ended the book selected will be announced.  In case of a tie, I will either cast the deciding vote or feature multiple books.
  • A copy of the chosen Book-of-the-Month will be given away on the day it is announced unless a eBook is selected.  I will not be able to give eBooks away as it is illegal for me to do so.

  Rules for Discussion

  • No personal attacks on authors, their work, or other readers.  Everyone is different so everyone will have a different opinion.  Don’t bash or insult anyone for their opinion.
  • Everyone is welcome to their opinion!   Even if you didn’t care for a book, you are welcome to share that with us and tell us why.  Just don’t get personal or hateful with it.
  • Keep everything PG!
  • Limited spoilers, please!  Do not reveal any major plot points…be vague if you must discuss them at all.
  • If you break any of these rules, your post will be deleted!
  • If you don’t feel comfortable posting your thoughts here and would rather e-mail me your thoughts, you can.  I’d love to know what you thought of the book regardless of your opinion.


 If you have any questions, please ask!
To suggest a book, please read the criteria stated above, and then e-mail me!
Suggestions are always welcome!!!!


2 Responses to Book-of-the-Month Information

  1. Greta says:

    Count me in Jennifer!

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