Our last day of secrets…

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today is the final day of the Week of Secrets and today we have Calista Fox…

object of desirePsssttt… I’ve Got a Secret, too!

Well, actually, this girl has more than one secret!

I have five.

No, wait. Six. I have six secrets.

My “secrets” started back in July 2005 with my first novella that appeared in Secrets Volume 13, titled In the Heat of the Night. That was followed by another secret. Intimate Rendezvous in Volume 17. Followed by Midnight Rendezvous in Volume 22. Then there was my sexy vampire/witch secret in Volume 23, Forever My Love. To be followed—surprise!—by the last of the Rendezvous trilogy in Volume 26, Secret Rendezvous.

Now for my biggest secret yet. I know… my July 15 single title release, Object of Desire, isn’t a big secret given its current buzz, but this is still a very exciting time for me!

So, about my sixth secret. I feel incredibly lucky to have the second single title release from Red Sage Publishing. It’s interesting, really, in that I picked up Secrets Volume 6 at a Barnes and Noble completely on a whim and that’s when I fell in love with Red Sage and erotic romance and Angela Knight. After I’d blazed through each of the wonderfully sexy novellas in the volume, my muse perked up and screamed WRITE YOUR OWN STORY, CALISTA!!

I’d literally stumbled upon a publisher that welcomed unrestricted creativity and sensuality. After my first novella was published by Red Sage, my Big Goal became writing a novel that I could pitch to Red Sage as their next single title book. I knew the characters would have to be bold and daring, and the plot would have to be fast-paced, complex and dynamic. And the romance sizzling hot!

I love the larger-than-life hero and heroine—Devon Mallory and Laurel Blackwood—and I hope readers find them to be memorable characters as well. And since I’m a perpetual student of character development, I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell me your favorite fictitious character and what earned them the distinction.

And please visit my website (www.calistafox.com) and blog (www.calistafox.blogspot.com) for more contests and fun stuff!

About Object of Desire by Calista Fox (on sale July 15!)

When treasure hunter and spy Laurel Blackwood raids Victoria Peak in Belize to recover a rare Mexican fire opal rumored to evoke dark desires and passions, she unwittingly sets off a sequence of dangerous events—and finds herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil… and lust and love. Laurel must keep the opal from falling into the hands of a deadly terrorist cell, a greedy Belizean dignitary, and one particularly hot and scandalous treasure hunter named Devon Mallory.

For ten years, Devon has had his eye on the $30 million prized opal and his heart set on winning Laurel for keeps. But her web of secrecy and now her betrayal over recovering the legendary stone without him has Devon hell-bent on stealing the opal from her and collecting on the massive payout. But Devon will have to make a choice soon, and decide which gem is his true object of desire…


 Thanks Calista and all of the authors for a great week!

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More Secrets…

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today our party continues and this time Liane Gentry Skye is revealing some secrets…

secrets27My Secrets, Volume 27, Untamed Pleasures novella, Heart Storm, began when I saw my very first manatee during a kayaking trip in Sanibel Island’s stunning Tarpon Bay.  Trust me when I say it’s a miracle I ever saw such a majestic beast up close and personal at all.  If you knew me, you’d be rolling on the floor laughing at the mention of my name and kayak in the same sentence. Let’s just say that me, outdoors, bugs, vermin—not friends.  But in spite of a few near drowning episodes as a child, I do, and always have, loved anything to do with the water. Maybe that’s why my daughter didn’t have too much trouble talking me into taking her on a guided kayak trip through the mangrove forests surrounding Tarpon Bay. Pretty water, pretty boat, lush island location, great weather—what could possibly go wrong? I figured a bit of bug repellant, and I was good to go.

Or not.

We were paddling (translation, slapping madly at the water with our oars trying to get the damn thing to move) when my paddle got caught in a tangle of prop roots. As I leaned over to try and free it, something fleshy rolled over in the water behind a thatch of woody growth. Being the un-outdoorsy and somewhat dramatic sort, my first assumption was that some fool (like me) had gone overboard and was in the process of being devoured by an alligator. So I did what any well meaning philanthropist would have done. I screamed to the top of my lungs for help, because, as it turned out, cell phones and water don’t mix.

About the same time I called out, I realized that what I’d taken for a person thrashing in the muddy water was actually a manatee sunning himself in the mud. Talk about feeling stupid.

When the guide circled back to determine the source of the noise that had triggered a mass evacuation of wildlife, she told me not to feel too bad. Even the most seasoned ancient sailors had often mistaken manatees for mermaids.

Hello! Did she say mermaids

That’s all it took to captivate my imagination. I don’t remember much else about the details of the kayaking debacle. My mind was too busy playing with the idea that there could be real, live mermaids hiding out in the mangroves.

I’ve always had a thing for mermaids. So much so that when I was a kid, I’d tell anyone who’d listen that wanted to be one when I grew up. It didn’t matter that I was human and the adults in my world insisted that there was no such thing as mer-folk. They were wrong, plain and simple.  I was clearly some sort of mer-changeling, and somehow, I aimed to prove it. 

Decades later, I’m still working on verifiable proof that I am, indeed a displaced mermaid, but I have discovered that the best way to meet my dream of becoming a mermaid was to create a fictional world where mer-folk did live and breathe. Here, mermaids were not only real, they were also endangered.  Which explains why we rarely seen them. J

As my mer-folk’s threatened world came to life in my imagination, I learned that many of Florida’s precious mangrove forests were mowed down by real estate developers in a quest for beach front property.  It didn’t take much of a reach to decide that there was an enzyme in the mangroves that my mermaids depended on in order to shift from their finned state to their landlocked one.

As building a mermaid world raised more questions, I also read that an enzyme in certain species of mangroves is responsible for the luminescent bio-bays in Puerto Rico. Phosphorescent water?  Too cool! Suddenly, my mermaid glowed in the dark, particularly when she was feeling frisky.

A frisky mermaid?  Where did that come from?

When Sirenia, my heroine in Heart Storm, rescued a wounded Navy Seal, she developed an insatiable urge to have his baby. That pretty much destroyed my original concept of a children’s book featuring endangered mermaids.  By the time Heart Storm was done, I realized that I was not a children’s book author, and that Secrets was the perfect home for Heart Storm

Fortunately, my editor agreed!

 Thanks Liane!

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The Secrets continue…

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today our party continues as Hannah Murray shares some more secrets…

secrets27So this post is supposed to reveal “the secret” behind The Boy Next Door, my contribution to Secrets 27, Untamed Pleasures. The trouble is, it’s not really much of a secret.

In the fall of 2005 I had the following conversation with my roommate John over dinner:

Hannah: “I’m going to a bondage convention in a few weeks.”

John: “You’re such a perv.”

Hannah: “It’s for research!”

John: “Honey, try telling that to someone who doesn’t see what kind of mail you get.”

Okay, I’ll admit that I had some personal interest in the subject. It was well known among my friends and associates that reading kinky romances was a favorite past time of mine, and at that stage of my career I had also written one. It was also well known that I tend to gear my stories to things I’m personally interested in, so his assumption that I was going to this convention to do more than take notes wasn’t exactly a shot in the dark. But I really did have a greater purpose – to learn more about rope bondage. Oh, I’d heard of it of course, and seen it in photographs, and had on a few occasions experienced the joy that a set of standard issue handcuffs can bring to a romantic encounter. But I’d never been in contact with actual bondage rope before – rope created and intended for the express purpose of tying up a lover – and that’s what I was looking for.

And boy howdy, did I find it! It was all over the place that weekend – tied up in neat little bundles, strewn across the floor in a discarded heap, and more often than not wrapped around the hands, feet, arms, legs or torso of one of my fellow conventioneers. It didn’t take long for me to find someone who was willing to wrap some of it around me (in a mostly PG-13 fashion) so I could find the answer to my one big question: What’s so special about rope?

The answer? It’s impossible to tie someone up without touching them.  You can handcuff someone with a bare minimum of flesh on flesh contact, but you can’t use rope without becoming intimately acquainted with your partner’s body. When someone is tying you up, whether they’re just tying your wrists to the headboard or doing something much more intricate and restraining, their hands are all over you. Testing the tightness of the tie, gauging how your flesh is being compressed, judging the amount of tension necessary to keep you where they want you. The rope becomes an extension of your lover’s hands, so a caress that would last mere seconds is extended through the length of rope laid across a breast, or wrapped around a thigh. It stays with you, snug around you like the arms of a second lover – and it frees the first lover up to do all sorts of fun things.

THAT is what’s so special about rope, and learning that, boys and girls, was like a lightning bolt to the brain. I knew then that The Boy Next Door would be my next project….but first I went to the vendor area and bought some rope of my own.

Hey, research is important!


 An excerpt of The Boy Next Door is available at Hannah’s website (www.hannahmurray.net), as well as a chance to win some bondage rope of your own! Check out her contest (www.hannahmurray.net/contest.html)  for a chance to win a Curiosity Kit from TwistedMonk.com, maker of the world’s finest hemp bondage rope.

 Thanks Hannah!

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More Secrets Revealed as our party continues…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today, our Week of Secrets continues with author Nicole North who has a special guest who will share…

Secret Confessions of a Time-traveling Diva

secrets27Nicole North: Today I have here with me Shauna the heroine of Devil in a Kilt in Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures. Welcome, Shauna! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to allow us to know you better.

Shauna: Thanks for inviting me! But your title is wrong. I’m not a diva.

Nicole: Okay, sorry about that. How would you describe yourself?

Shauna: I’m a psychology professor… or at least I was before I time-traveled to 1621, Scotland.

Nicole: What was it like to travel through time?

Shauna: Painful and confusing. One second I was in a clan tent at the Highland Games, midday. The next second I was surrounded by pitch darkness. That second in between, I experienced a sharp pain in my head. I thought I’d gone blind and a man’s voice reached me in the darkness. He wasn’t speaking English. Finally he lit a candle and I saw I was inside a room with stone walls… a castle. Talk about confused. I didn’t know what the hell had happened. But I figured out pretty soon I wasn’t in Kansas anymore… well not Kansas, literally. Modern day North Carolina. And standing in front of me was a large naked Highlander with lots of muscles and an accent so thick I could hardly understand him.

Nicole: What did you think of Gavin MacTavish?

Shauna: Well… he’s gorgeous and very intense. I’d had dreams about him. (blush) Very hot, sexy dreams and fantasies.

Nicole: Sounds like fun!

Shauna: Yes, it was… if I had the dreams at home in my bed. But when the “dreams” started distracting me at work, while I was teaching or driving or in faculty meetings, it became impossible to concentrate and get things done. Or else the fantasies caused me to act like a daydreaming fool. The erotic dreams took over my life, and I just couldn’t have that.

Nicole: What did you do about it?

Shauna: I went to the local Highland Games to either find this kilted hottie or a not-so-hot-kilt-wearer to dispel my fantasies. But this turned out NOT to be the answer to solving the problem. Instead, I ended up time-traveling when I picked up Gavin’s sword.

Nicole: When you saw Gavin in the flesh, what went through your head?

Shauna: OMG, hot!! But I couldn’t let him know that. He was extremely surly and in a bad mood… to find a woman in his bedroom. He thought I was there to kill him. Just because I happen to show up in his bedroom in the middle of the night with his sword. The thing was so heavy I could barely lift it. I don’t know how he thought I was doing to kill him with it. Men and their illogical reasoning! Argh! He had the gall to search me for knives… which I didn’t handle too well.

Nicole: What happened?

Shauna: Well, as you might imagine… if a hot, muscular, naked man who smells good enough to eat and has a dreamy Scottish accent runs his hands all over your body… I became aroused. I didn’t want to be, because he was being such a jerk, but I was nevertheless.

Nicole: What did he do about it?

Shauna: Nothing. He had me thrown in the dungeon. I should have kicked him hard, right where it hurts.

Nicole: Dungeon? How horrible.

Shauna: It was. He kept me in there all day. Worse day of my life. Then when he let me out, he immediately thinks I’m going to marry him. I mean, helloooo, wake up and smell the Starbucks, you barbaric beefcake. You treat me worse than crap and then expect me to marry you?

Nicole: But you did marry him soon after that, right?

Shauna: Well… yes. (shrug) He can be slightly persuasive when he wants to be, and I sure as hell wasn’t spending another night in that deplorable dungeon. I assumed I could go back to the future soon, if only I could find that sword.

Nicole: Gavin has some unique abilities, right? Can you tell us more about those?

Shauna: He’s very skilled in bed… oh, you mean the curse. (blush) Yes, he shape-shifts into a hawk at dawn. The first time I saw him do that I almost freaked. And then he turns back into a man at dusk. Speaking of which, it’s dusk here in Scotland and I just heard him call my name from the bedchamber. Must go see what he wants.

Nicole: I can imagine what he wants.

Shauna: Yes, he is kinda insatiable. But I don’t mind. (wink)

Nicole: Thanks for being here to talk with us today, Shauna.

Shauna: Sure thing. Thank you, too! If you guys have any questions about Gavin or what it’s like to live in seventeenth century Scotland, let me know. I’ll be back later to answer.

Nicole: Here is the blurb for Shauna and Gavin’s story.

Devil in a Kilt: A trip to the Highland Games turns into a trip to the past when modern day psychology professor Shauna MacRae touches Gavin MacTavish’s four-hundred-year-old claymore. What she finds is a Devil In a Kilt she’s had erotic fantasies about for months. Can Shauna break the curse imprisoning this shape shifting laird and his clan before an evil witch sends Shauna back to her time?

Thanks Nicole…and Shauna.

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 And be sure to check back tomorrow for more secrets with Hannah Murray. 

Week of Secrets Party!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am a bit behind getting this posted as I have been severely ill…again.
I apologize to everyone for disappearing…it has been rough for me and it doesn’t look like it is getting any better…but I am hopeful

 Anyway, starting today we are having another blog party…a Week of Secrets featuring authors from the Secrets Volume 27 anthology and the author of Object of Desire.
Below are the bios for the Red Sage authors who will be guests this week.

secrets27Leigh Court:

Award-winning author Leigh Court lives in Southern California with her husband. She’s been writing since age eleven, starting with wild adventure stories for her elementary school newsletter, growing up to be a television news journalist whose assignments took her on real life adventures. After traveling most of the world, she segued into the more normal job of public relations, but she’s never stopped writing. Having seen what she has of life’s struggles, Leigh now writes romantic fiction because she wants her readers to be able to escape into a story guaranteed to have a happy ending! You can visit her at: www.leighcourt.com

Nicole North:

Nicole North writes sensual and erotic romance novels and novellas.  She is the author of paranormal erotic romance novellas Devil in a Kilt, Red Sage Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures, July 2009; Beast in a Kilt, Red Sage Secrets Volume 29; and (contemporary) Kilted Lover. She lives with her husband in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but wishes she lived in the Scottish Highlands at least half the year. Though she holds a degree in psychology, writing romance is her first love. Visit her at www.nicolenorth.com

Liane Gentry Skye:

Liane Gentry Skye was considered the girl most likely to become a nun in high school. Upon graduation, she wasted no time rewriting her miserable destiny. Two marriages, one real life alpha hero and four beautiful babies later, she decided it wise to exchange her rhinestone thong for soccer mom sweats. These days, her walk on the wild side lives (mostly) in her imagination. You can visit her at: www.lianegentryskye.com

Hannah Murray:

Hannah Murray is a self proclaimed hopeful romantic, who loves banana flavored Laffy Taffy and hates horror movies. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with a very large, very grumpy dog who pretty much runs the show. When not catering to his needs, she can usually be found reading, watching old British sitcoms, or doing “research” with her boyfriend. She loves getting email from readers, and can be reached at hannah@hannahmurray.net

object of desireCalista Fox:

Award-winning author Calista Fox (aka Ava McKnight) began her professional fiction-writing career in 2004, following an exciting career in Public Relations, where she specialized in writing speeches and Congressional testimonies. She is the recipient of Romance Reviews Today’s Best eBook of 2008 for its category and a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi Erotic Novella in 2006. In 2007, Calista’s paranormal romance, ONE WISH, helped launch the e-publishing venture for print publisher Red Sage Publishing, Inc. She has also been invited to participate in an anthology with two New York Times bestselling authors, and her work has been featured in Playgirl magazine, RWA’s monthly RWR magazine, Romantic Times Bookclub magazine and Publisher’s Weekly. She loves to hear from her readers! Visit her at: www.calistafox.com.

 These authors were kind enough to offer a prize this week.

One lucky winner will win a copy of Secrets Vol. 27, a limited-edition Red Sage “Secrets Society” pin, and a copy of Calista Fox’s Object of Desire.

Just leave a comment this week to be entered.  Every comment counts as an entry.  I will announce the winner on Saturday, July 25.

Check back shortly for the first post.

Red Sage Celebration comes to a close…here

Friday, June 19, 2009

So today is the last day of the Red Sage celebration here on my blog…and my final feature for the week is: Catherine Berlin’s The Doctor Next Door

Doctor Next Door“Fantasy”

Even an innovative company must never forget its roots. Red Sage stories may be erotic romance, but they were borne from romance novels. Romance, at its core, is about emotion and fantasy. Shy librarians, bored dukes, and exotic foreigners tap into those universal fantasies that explore different bits of our romantic selves.

Catherine Berlin takes this to a whole new level in her popular story, The Doctor Next Door. Brandon is the boy next door, sweetly appealing. And he’s the doctor, in command of his world. But best of all, he’s a man who will do anything to appeal to the woman he loves, including dressing up as her favorite romance hero, a Scottish warrior, and enacting a scene of seduction!

On sale until June 20 for just $1.50!  Click here to purchase!

 Now a Special Note from Catherine Berlin:

Where did my story come from?

THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR came from a dream, as most of my stories do. The basic plot emerges, and as I fall asleep, I play out the story in my head– it just sort of continues through the night.

I knew when I started writing The Doctor Next Door that it would be a novella, rather than a full-length novel, and since it is pretty steamy, I had my fingers crossed that Red Sage would like it enough to buy it. I was introduced to Secrets by Leigh Wyndfield, and have been hooked ever since. I love the tight writing, the gorgeous heroes, and of course the happy endings (pun intended, haha).

I named my heroine Gen after my grandmother, Genevieve. She’s always been very supportive of my writing and brags to all her pals about my books. It’s only fair that I tossed her name into one.

Parts of The Doctor Next Door were inspired by real life, as parts of any story usually are. Like Gen, I have a group of writer friends, known as the Bats, who would all rally on-line for a critique or a brainstorming session without any hesitation. I think quite a few Bats will see themselves in the members of the critique group, and I think they’ll laugh their heads off about it! The Bats are a great group of people– you couldn’t ask for better– but don’t tell them that!

As to the fact that Gen writes Scottish historicals, well, I love Scottish historicals. Have even written a few. And for those of you who’ve been hearing about the infamous “kilt scene,” I’ve gotta share: my husband gave me a teddy bear for Valentines Day this year- dressed in a Highlander outfit complete with a kilt! He does know me!

I love the concept of finding the perfect person for you right under your nose. I like to think it’s more reality than fantasy. Whether it’s best friends who click or finally meeting that stranger you pass every day, the idea of finding true love in a world constantly getting bigger, is incredible to me. We have far too many choices, and too many mistakes to make. How wonderful that someone could be lurking this close, waiting to fulfill our dreams.

My shy heroine Gen is living out her fantasies on the page too– only her real fantasy is right next door!

Catherine Berlin

 Doesn’t this book sound good?  Remember, today’s the last day to leave a comment to win a download of this book as well as the others featured this week…details can be found in Monday’s post.

 I want to thank Red Sage for allowing me to help them celebrate their anniversary.  While the celebration may be over here, it’s going on all month for Red Sage so be sure to check out their website and blog for more.

So my last question of the week is…have you ever had a fantasy come true?  And what is the sweetest or craziest thing someone has ever done to win you over (or that you have done)?

The Celebration Continues…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are still celebrating Red Sage’s 15th Anniversary and today I am featuring another fascinating story…Kitsune by Lila Dubois.


There’s a special kind of magic in being swept away by passion. Time hangs suspended as every nerve ending, every pulse of our hearts, every indrawn breath becomes supercharged with erotic and emotional nuance. For fifteen years, Red Sage has been recreating that magic between the covers of its books.

But there’s a second kind of magic in Kitsune. As paranormal romance stormed the reading scene, Kitsune delivered a magical, mythical heroine. She’s part fox and part immortal, and she alone can help the hero cope with his own dual identity. And her power to fill suitcases with designer clothes just with the wave of her magical hand? That’s a happy bonus.

On sale here!

 And here’s an exclusive excerpt…Keep Reading if you are 18 and over only please!

Sakura perched on the ledge of the roof, vibrating with excite­ment. It was her first time on this side of the gate, and her mission was a great one, and an honorable one. Her excitement weakened her control and around her short bursts of fire popped, a physical manifestation of her excitement.

Throwing her arms wide she leaped, falling, falling, before taking the form of mist, rising and swirling in the air. She could feel the human. The spirits had touched him, and the spirits’ signa­ture guided her forward through the air to swirl against one of the seemingly endless panes of glass.

There were no cracks or breaks. She couldn’t get in. Panic rose, but Inari reached out, like a father gently showing a child how to slide open a door, and urged her on. She became one with the glass to pass through and re-form as mist on the other side.

Inari’s touch left her, and she was alone once more. Curious, she looked around, identifying it as a bedroom. She wasn’t entirely ignorant of the ways of this side of the torii gate. Like the others of her kind, she’d watched them in the reflecting pools and learned their history. Learned the aching sadness and great pride of the humans.

It was night, when the humans slept, and if this was a bedroom he would be in the bed. Sakura reformed her human body. On bare feet she padded to the bed, which looked soft and squishy with mounds of dark fabric.

She crept closer and, gasping in delight, saw him for the first time. He was young and very beautiful. His lay on his side so she could only see half his face, but his slanted jaw, high cheekbones and thin lids were the epitome of male beauty. She stood over him, filled with pleasure at having been sent to serve one so beautiful.

Inari said once she saw him she would know how to help him, how to restore him.

Sakura knew exactly how she wanted to help him. She grabbed the blanket and tugged, pulling it down and off. He turned and his eyes opened for a moment. Sakura squeaked in alarm and passed her hand over his face, sending him deep into sleep.

She threw the heavy comforter off the end of the bed. In his sleep he shivered and Sakura cocked her head, examining the air temperature in the room. It was cool, and when she looked down, her nipples were drawn tight. She lifted her hand to her lips and blew across her skin. A small fire crackled to life in her palm. She tipped her hand and let the fire spill to the floor, where it hovered an inch above the wood. The fire grew in long lines, spreading like a spider’s web, bringing heat and light to the room. He stopped shivering.

He was cold so she warmed him. Already she was taking good care of him. Sakura smiled.

By the light of the fire lines, she could see him better, and she took her time pursuing his form. He was slender but muscled, his hairless chest smooth and golden with small, taut, brown nipples. His torso tapered from wide shoulders to a narrow waist. A small garment like tiny pants covered his hips. Sakura briefly touched his sleeping mind, pulling the definition for the article of clothing from his memory. In this way, Sakura learned that the top stretched.

Delighted with the newest development she poked at the waist­band, running her fingers over the fabric casing, feeling for the stretchy thing within. Elastic. She slipped one fingertip under the edge and tugged, feeling the resistance. She pulled and let go, yelp­ing as it snapped back against his belly and caused him to jerk even in the deep magic-sleep.

Sakura curled her fingertips under the waistband once more and started pulling it down. Because it was caught under him, Sakura couldn’t easily slide them off, and brief glimpses of curling dark hair seemed to taunt her.

Slipping her hands to his hips, Sakura gave one good tug and pulled the garment to his knees. Excited, she worked the, um, box­ers down over his calves, ankles, and then pulled them free, drop­ping them over the edge of the bed with the comforter.

Sakura danced around to the other side of the bed and climbed on, prowling across the surface until she knelt by his hip, her thigh length hair spilling around her and onto the ivory sheets.

Now the powerful line of shoulder to waist was unbroken and flowed down to his hip and thigh. His cock lay still and soft amid tight dark curls. She reached out to touch but pulled back, knowing she should not fondle without permission.

Sakura raised her hand, palm to the ceiling, and then curled her fingers, dousing the fire. The bright orange light faded, and the room was once more lit by the white glow of the city’s lights. She scooted away from him to the center of the bed and knelt upright, long locks of hair slithering forward to cover her breasts and pool down over her thighs.

He’d turned away from the world of the kami, closed one side of his heart so that the other side began to whither and die. This prob­ably meant that he wouldn’t accept that the rice god Inari had sent one of the creatures of the kami, a servant of the gods, to aid him.

Sakura reached into his mind and smoothed it, subduing, if only for the night, the logic he used as weapon and shield. Her heart ached as she touched the loneliness in the center of his belly. She chanted silently, her lips moving but no sound escaping, as she worked her influence over him.

His brow furrowed, and then smoothed once more, as she com­pleted the enchantment.

“Wake now.”

 Wow!  Readers, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win this ebook as well as the other’s featured this week…details can be found in Monday’s post.

And check back tomorrow for our final Red Sage feature this week:
The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin

So have you felt the magic of being swept away by passion…either in real life or when you read?  And what about that second kind of magic mentioned above…do you enjoy magical stories?