Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is one of the toughest posts I have ever had to write.  So as you have noticed, things haven’t quite been the same here on the blog.  My health hasn’t been the best and it has been a rough time for me.  Things are quite stressful as I try to catch up and keep things going both here and in “real” life.

Which brings me to my announcement…starting in September, there are going to be some changes here (I’ll post another reminder closer to September).  Mainly, I won’t be having as many guests and I might not be posting daily, but will try to post at least a couple of times a week.  The posts will mostly just be from me and will be…as the blog title says…my random musings (but still with a book slant…probably)…and I’ll still do the occassional giveaway.  I’ll still welcome guests, but it probably won’t be as frequently as I have in the past (so if you are already scheduled, don’t worry)…it will probably be weekly rather than daily. 

When I first started the blog I thought it would just be me rambling to no one about books and whatnot and I’d kind of like to try to get back to that a bit…well, not the “to no one” part.  There are several reasons for this decision…one is my health and the stress that daily blogging, getting posts together, contacting authors, and coordinating contests, etc. adds.  I think it might be best to cut back some.  Life is getting more and more complicated for me and blogging, while something I love, is not as much of a priority as other things.  This was a hard decision for me to make as I don’t want to let anyone down.

Another reason is that I want to focus on my review site (which I know needs updating)…PLEASE be sure to check it out in the coming weeks as I post reviews of some of my reads.   My reviews will include reviews of books from my TBR or that I pick up and want to share my thoughts on as well as review requests from authors  (Oh, and if you are an author waiting for a review, I appreciate your patience…my recent illness has me behind on a lot of things including getting reviews posted, but I am working now to get things organized and up-to-date).  Also, if any reader has a book suggestion for me feel free to suggest it.  I’ll also do an occassional giveaway over there (the link is in the side and I’ll post more details later).

This is tough for me to say as I truly enjoy keeping this blog up-to-date and having guests and it has been great over the last couple of years.  Through my little hobby, I have met so many fabulous readers and authors.  When I started the blog, I never thought it would turn into what it has become, but I have loved it.  Things just seemed to become a bit too much for just one person (especially one with my current health problems) and I would really like to put some of my focus on the other site for right now as it has been sadly neglected.  Things may change in the future (which is why I am not eliminating the blog completely and still plan on posting here so don’t worry), but for now I think it is best that I cut back on the number of guests and events.

I thank you all for your support, patience and understanding over the last few months and hope that you will continue to visit both sites.  I have some fun stuff planned for August before the changes take effect so be sure to check back often.

P.S. And if any of you have any ideas or suggestions for my “random musings” blog topics for the future…anything you’d like to know my opinion on or want to ask me, feel free to let me know.

Secrets Revealed…the Week of Secrets gets started

Monday, July 20, 2009

Up first this week is author Leigh Court who has some secrets to share with my readers.

             Thanks so much, Jennifer, for letting the authors from Red Sage Publishingsecrets27’s Secrets Volume 27 anthology post during this “week of Secrets!”

            My story in the anthology is a Victorian romance called THE BET. Here’s the blurb:

            “I can satisfy a woman using just my words…”

            That outrageous sexual claim made by a very drunk Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton, somehow escalates into a high stakes wager between two best friends. Damian bets his prized racehorse that he can do it… George Beringer gambles his London townhouse that Damian can’t.

            And the surprising woman George chooses for the bet is not only a virgin, she’s also George’s very respectable sister, Claire! 

            Since our blogs this week are talking about the “secrets behind Secrets” I’ll give you a few of mine.

My writing secret: As an author, I’m known for dropping my characters into impossible situations and then stepping back to gleefully watch what happens (while enjoying as they fall in love in the process, of course)!  In THE BET, the impossible situation is set up right from the first line. In my story THE DISCIPLINARIAN in Secrets Volume 15, I have the outrageous situation of a Victorian husband sending his stubborn wife to London’s notorious Disciplinarian for instructions in wifely obedience. (Sparks fly in that story as well, but maybe not where you expect!)

I enjoy writing in the historical genre because I feel men were more noble and gentlemanlike in the past. And I particularly like to write about the Victorian era because my husband is English, and he’s my go-to expert on that time period! (My “secret” weapon, so to speak.)

The Victorian era is also a great setting for erotic romances because of the repressed sexuality of that time. Not only was the sight of a female ankle considered scandalous, but even table legs were required to be kept covered and out of sight! And yet, it was also during that time that Richard Francis Burton introduced the Kama Sutra to England. Another secret? The Kama Sutra plays a big role in THE BET.

The last secret I’ll share with you today is that I’m an ex-television news reporter who got so tired of covering bad news that I turned to writing romances! And since I was used to telling an entire story in one-minute-thirty-seconds for the nightly news, I find writing novella-length stories very satisfying.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Secrets Volume 27: Untamed Pleasures and let me know what you think of my Victorian romance THE BET! You can e-mail me at or visit me at: . Or check out our awesome book trailer on YouTube at:  

And be sure to leave a comment today on Jennifer’s blog, because at the end of this week, she’ll be picking a winner to receive not only a copy of the book autographed by all four authors, but also a limited-edition “Secrets Society” pin!

Thanks so much for letting me spend some time with you today!

 Thanks Leigh!
Readers, as Leigh mentioned leave a comment to be entered to win a fabulous prize.  Details can be found

 Check back tomorrow for more “secrets” with Nicole North.

Everything that can go wrong…will…and a winner

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry to disappear again, but the Internet has been down for the last week or so…

Anyway, the winner of the Red Sage giveaway is:  Booklover1335

Please e-mail me to claim your prize!


My apologies to everyone who checks the blog and who I had scheduled over the last week…I cannot not apologize enough.
This has been a rough few months for me healthwise and computerwise and I appreciate your patience.

I hope you can understand.

I am hopeful that things will improve soon…and I’ll get caught up with everything.

Hope everyone has had a great week!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry this is getting posted late today…had a rough day.


I am a bit late in announcing the winners of June’s Book-of-the-Month and eBook-of-the-Month, but savvy readers may have seen the results in the sidebar…

The June Book-of-the-Month is:
In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell
in over her head

And the June eBook-of-the-Month is:
It’s Raining Men by Crystal Jordan
it's raining men

I am not sure yet what dates I’ll be discussing them, but I’ll be sure to let you know and update the sidebar with the details soon.

Also, look for more info on July’s selections soon.


I also have a winner to announce.  Before I left for my trip and disappeared on y’all, I asked for book suggestions and offered a surprise prize to one lucky person…

And the winner is:  Caffey

Please e-mail me to claim your prize!


Also, starting tomorrow authors from Red Sage will be here all week to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Red Sage…more details will be posted tomorrow…be sure to come back…there is a great giveaway!

Sorry to be MIA…

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hi All!

Sorry to disappear like that, but while on my trip I became very ill and it has been a long recovery for me.  I haven’t even been near a computer until now so I wasn’t able to check e-mails or to post anything (so if you e-mailed me, I am not ignoring you…I have just been very sick).  I am feeling a bit better now and hope to get back to my normal routine.

I apologize to the readers and to the authors that I had scheduled on my blog.  I hope to get to my e-mails tomorrow and work on rescheduling things and replying to e-mails.

Thank you all for your concern!

I will post more tomorrow (including a few announcements and a winner announcement that I didn’t get posted as planned).

Again BIG apologies to the authors…I cannot apologize enough. 

And my apologies for not checking in or keeping the blog updated.

Hope everyone has had a better few weeks than me!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a quick announcement of yesterday’s winner…

The winner of the Karen Ranney giveaway is:

Please e-mail me to claim your prize!

Check below for today’s regularly-scheduled post.

A Few Quick Announcements…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi all!  Hope everyone is doing better than I am.  I caught a nasty chest cold early last week and have been coughing up what feels like both lungs for days.
Because of that I am a bit behind on a few things and am slowly catching up.


I do have a few things to announce here…




First, because of my poor health (I seem to get sick almost monthly and my migraines are getting worse) I am making a few changes here on the blog.  Basically, I am discontinuing the Random Reading Challenge as well as my list of reads for 2009.   I just can’t seem to find the time to update them and thought it best to do away with them.


I’ll still talk about books as well as have author guests so most of you probably won’t even notice this change.




Next, I have decided to start a separate blog for my book reviews…I am having a hard time fitting them in here what with the increase in guest spot requests so I have started another blog just for them.


It’s a work-in-progress, which I have fallen behind on while I have been sick.  But please be sure to keep checking on it as I have some fun things planned over there as well.




Finally, on April 18 a group of Ravenous Romance authors will kick off the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Blog Tour.
They’ll be making a stop here on April 19.


Here’s the full schedule and links to both the blog stops and the author sites:


4/18 – Zhadi’s Den – Intro Stop

4/19 – Jennifer’s Random Musings – Elle Amery

4/20 – UnboundLisa Lane 

4/21 – Talk About My Favorite Authors Angela Cameron

4/22 – Kissa Starling EM Lynley

4/23 – The Countess Jamaica Layne

4/24 – PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance Sephera Giron

4/25 – Wicked Thorn and Roses Isabel Roman

4/27 – Sia’s Thoughts on… Neve Black

4/29 – Bryn Greenwood C. Margery Kempe

4/30 – BookwenchesSavannah Chase

5/1 – Neve Black Inara LaVey

5/2 – Night Owl Romances – Final Stop


Visit each stop for fun and prizes!  There will also be a fabulous grand prize so be sure to visit every stop!




That’s all for now…I think…I am sorry I haven’t been around lately.  It’s been a while since I have been this sick and it’s really sapped all my energy.