Our last day of secrets…

Today is the final day of the Week of Secrets and today we have Calista Fox…

object of desirePsssttt… I’ve Got a Secret, too!

Well, actually, this girl has more than one secret!

I have five.

No, wait. Six. I have six secrets.

My “secrets” started back in July 2005 with my first novella that appeared in Secrets Volume 13, titled In the Heat of the Night. That was followed by another secret. Intimate Rendezvous in Volume 17. Followed by Midnight Rendezvous in Volume 22. Then there was my sexy vampire/witch secret in Volume 23, Forever My Love. To be followed—surprise!—by the last of the Rendezvous trilogy in Volume 26, Secret Rendezvous.

Now for my biggest secret yet. I know… my July 15 single title release, Object of Desire, isn’t a big secret given its current buzz, but this is still a very exciting time for me!

So, about my sixth secret. I feel incredibly lucky to have the second single title release from Red Sage Publishing. It’s interesting, really, in that I picked up Secrets Volume 6 at a Barnes and Noble completely on a whim and that’s when I fell in love with Red Sage and erotic romance and Angela Knight. After I’d blazed through each of the wonderfully sexy novellas in the volume, my muse perked up and screamed WRITE YOUR OWN STORY, CALISTA!!

I’d literally stumbled upon a publisher that welcomed unrestricted creativity and sensuality. After my first novella was published by Red Sage, my Big Goal became writing a novel that I could pitch to Red Sage as their next single title book. I knew the characters would have to be bold and daring, and the plot would have to be fast-paced, complex and dynamic. And the romance sizzling hot!

I love the larger-than-life hero and heroine—Devon Mallory and Laurel Blackwood—and I hope readers find them to be memorable characters as well. And since I’m a perpetual student of character development, I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell me your favorite fictitious character and what earned them the distinction.

And please visit my website (www.calistafox.com) and blog (www.calistafox.blogspot.com) for more contests and fun stuff!

About Object of Desire by Calista Fox (on sale July 15!)

When treasure hunter and spy Laurel Blackwood raids Victoria Peak in Belize to recover a rare Mexican fire opal rumored to evoke dark desires and passions, she unwittingly sets off a sequence of dangerous events—and finds herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil… and lust and love. Laurel must keep the opal from falling into the hands of a deadly terrorist cell, a greedy Belizean dignitary, and one particularly hot and scandalous treasure hunter named Devon Mallory.

For ten years, Devon has had his eye on the $30 million prized opal and his heart set on winning Laurel for keeps. But her web of secrecy and now her betrayal over recovering the legendary stone without him has Devon hell-bent on stealing the opal from her and collecting on the massive payout. But Devon will have to make a choice soon, and decide which gem is his true object of desire…


 Thanks Calista and all of the authors for a great week!

Readers, today is your last chance to enter this week’s great giveaway…details can be found here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won!

13 Responses to Our last day of secrets…

  1. Mmmm, you had me at fire opal. Gemstones *and* an ultra sexy, devil may care hero? Does it get any better than that? I. Must. Have. This. Book!

  2. Armenia says:

    Congratulations on your new release. I’m on my way to your web next to check out excerpts.

    When you say larger-than-life hero, I’ve got to pick Indiana Jones. He’s intelligent, humorous, and physically able to do anything.

  3. Calista Fox says:

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Had a feeling you’d like that ginormous gem, Liane!! And, Armenia, thanks for the congrats and the input on favorite fictitious character–I’m partial to Indy myself. Smart, sexy and daring! Y-UM!!

  4. kh says:

    cognrats so hot cover story sunds very hot
    thanks for coming ladies

  5. Hey, Object of Desire sounds really good! I’m glad Red Sage is coming out with more single titles. I love the anthos, but occasionally I want something longer to read. 🙂 That they’ve chosen you for a single title release speaks volumes about your writing talent. Can’t wait to read it.

  6. BTW, love the cover too. Fabulous!

  7. Calista Fox says:

    Carol, you SOOOO made my day!!! I love the cover, too! And I also hope RS releases more single titles. They invest so much in the look and feel of the book, the editing, the promoting… I can’t tell you how wonderful this publisher is!! Thanks for being an RS fan!!!

  8. Calista Fox says:

    KH–Thanks for stopping by! The cover is hot, isn’t it?!!! I promise you, it looks even HOTTER in real life! I got my first glimpse of the book at the Literacy Signing in DC last week, and I was just blown away by how gorgeous it is!!

  9. Pat L. says:

    Love the cover. I have not read a Red Sage book yet. They sound good.

  10. Amy S. says:

    Object of Desire sounds great!

  11. cathiecaffey says:

    Hi Calista! I’ve been so excited since I heard about this one!! You know these SECRETS are keepers too. I’ve never been able to let go of one of them! I so can’t wait til I can see it up front too! You have more in the works to do single tiles for Secrets?

  12. Lynda says:

    I am so thrilled that Secrets is doing single titles as well. Secrets and Robin Schone were my intro to the hotter side of romance books. And I haven’t looked back!

  13. 🙂 Glad I could enhance your day, Calista. I’d love to be a Red Sage author one day soon.

    My thanks to Nicole North for directing me over here, and Jennifer for hosting this.

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