Red Sage Celebration comes to a close…here

So today is the last day of the Red Sage celebration here on my blog…and my final feature for the week is: Catherine Berlin’s The Doctor Next Door

Doctor Next Door“Fantasy”

Even an innovative company must never forget its roots. Red Sage stories may be erotic romance, but they were borne from romance novels. Romance, at its core, is about emotion and fantasy. Shy librarians, bored dukes, and exotic foreigners tap into those universal fantasies that explore different bits of our romantic selves.

Catherine Berlin takes this to a whole new level in her popular story, The Doctor Next Door. Brandon is the boy next door, sweetly appealing. And he’s the doctor, in command of his world. But best of all, he’s a man who will do anything to appeal to the woman he loves, including dressing up as her favorite romance hero, a Scottish warrior, and enacting a scene of seduction!

On sale until June 20 for just $1.50!  Click here to purchase!

 Now a Special Note from Catherine Berlin:

Where did my story come from?

THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR came from a dream, as most of my stories do. The basic plot emerges, and as I fall asleep, I play out the story in my head– it just sort of continues through the night.

I knew when I started writing The Doctor Next Door that it would be a novella, rather than a full-length novel, and since it is pretty steamy, I had my fingers crossed that Red Sage would like it enough to buy it. I was introduced to Secrets by Leigh Wyndfield, and have been hooked ever since. I love the tight writing, the gorgeous heroes, and of course the happy endings (pun intended, haha).

I named my heroine Gen after my grandmother, Genevieve. She’s always been very supportive of my writing and brags to all her pals about my books. It’s only fair that I tossed her name into one.

Parts of The Doctor Next Door were inspired by real life, as parts of any story usually are. Like Gen, I have a group of writer friends, known as the Bats, who would all rally on-line for a critique or a brainstorming session without any hesitation. I think quite a few Bats will see themselves in the members of the critique group, and I think they’ll laugh their heads off about it! The Bats are a great group of people– you couldn’t ask for better– but don’t tell them that!

As to the fact that Gen writes Scottish historicals, well, I love Scottish historicals. Have even written a few. And for those of you who’ve been hearing about the infamous “kilt scene,” I’ve gotta share: my husband gave me a teddy bear for Valentines Day this year- dressed in a Highlander outfit complete with a kilt! He does know me!

I love the concept of finding the perfect person for you right under your nose. I like to think it’s more reality than fantasy. Whether it’s best friends who click or finally meeting that stranger you pass every day, the idea of finding true love in a world constantly getting bigger, is incredible to me. We have far too many choices, and too many mistakes to make. How wonderful that someone could be lurking this close, waiting to fulfill our dreams.

My shy heroine Gen is living out her fantasies on the page too– only her real fantasy is right next door!

Catherine Berlin

 Doesn’t this book sound good?  Remember, today’s the last day to leave a comment to win a download of this book as well as the others featured this week…details can be found in Monday’s post.

 I want to thank Red Sage for allowing me to help them celebrate their anniversary.  While the celebration may be over here, it’s going on all month for Red Sage so be sure to check out their website and blog for more.

So my last question of the week is…have you ever had a fantasy come true?  And what is the sweetest or craziest thing someone has ever done to win you over (or that you have done)?


7 Responses to Red Sage Celebration comes to a close…here

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    This week has been so much fun and The Doctor Next Door sounds fantastic. Highland romances are one of my fav types of reads.

    And no I have not had a fantasy come true, that’s why they are fantasies 🙂

  2. Fedora says:

    Thanks for posting today, Catherine! Gen sounds like a very special heroine; I love that she’s your grandmother’s namesake! And while I haven’t had any of the doctor-next-door kind of fantasies come true, I’ve had a few dreams come true in pretty terrific ways–I’d always wanted to be a wife and mother, and I’m truly blessed to have a fantastic family in answer to that dream. (That doesn’t preclude the fact that there are moments when they drive me completely up the wall, but that’s reality intruding ;)) Something sweet or crazy done to win me over? I think that the ones I’ve appreciated the most haven’t always been the grandest gestures, but the ones that reveal that the giver is truly thinking of the recipient–for instance, I remember years ago that I’d been irritated that someone had stolen the Honda logo off the back of my car. After listening to me gripe, a friend bought me a new one and surprised me with it not too long after–it wasn’t a big, expensive thing, but a thoughtful one that I remember even now 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    “The Doctor Next Door” sounds awesome. No fantasies come true for me. I do have some wild ones. I would love to be whisked off to Tahiti and spend the week lounging on the beach.

  4. Marial says:

    Yes, I have had a fantasy come true. When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Disneyworld but my parents never took us. So one day my BF suprised me and bought us tickets and we had a wonderful vacation.

  5. Lynda says:

    The book sounds awesome! Probably the sweetest thing a guy did will sound silly. You had to know him and his friends to understand. He went out with some friends and got very drunk. We were all living in the dorms at the time. On their way home he made his buddies stop at this long row of rose bushes. He made them all help him find the most perfect, best smelling rose in the middle of the night. They were all teasing him but he wouldn’t accept anything but the most perfect one. So he knocks on my door in that trying to be quite but not coming close way that a only a drunk guy can do and hands me this crumpled up mess. Not knowing the story behind it, I wasn’t impressed. The next day, his buddies told me about how he tormented them for like half an hour looking for this rose and then he was too drunk to keep it perfect looking. It was obvious he had put up with an awful lot of sh*t. I still eventually broke up with the guy.

  6. Afshan N says:

    Thanks Jennifer for introducing me to some of Red Sage’s authors, I look forward to reading some of their stories.
    Now it may not seem like a fantasy come true, but

  7. Afshan N says:

    Thanks Jennifer for introducing me to some of Red Sage’s authors, I look forward to reading some of their stories.
    Now it may not seem like a fantasy come true, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO READ!! I’m sure I’m not alone in that, whenever I have free time you can catch me reading a book or on my laptop reading, Now I’ve seen and heard about all of the e-book readers out there and could only be envious of all the people who have them. Well this year on my birthday I got the biggest surprise at midnight my Boyfriend comes in with this huge box and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, so here I’am thinking what in the world could he have gotten me that’s so big… well as I opened the box I found another slightly smaller box inside….then a smaller one in that one…. untill after 5 or 6 boxes a ton of bubblewrap I get this small sony bag….and me I’m still confused as to what it could be LOL. Well if you haven’t guessed it was a Sony E-reader YAY!!!! It was the last thing I would have thought especially since it’s so much money. But he said I’m always reading and that now I could read anywhere I want to.
    That was just the most amazing thing, I had only just fantasized about one and now it’s mine!!!!
    Now I’ve definitely got to make one of his fantasies come true ;-D

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