The Celebration Continues…

We are still celebrating Red Sage’s 15th Anniversary and today I am featuring another fascinating story…Kitsune by Lila Dubois.


There’s a special kind of magic in being swept away by passion. Time hangs suspended as every nerve ending, every pulse of our hearts, every indrawn breath becomes supercharged with erotic and emotional nuance. For fifteen years, Red Sage has been recreating that magic between the covers of its books.

But there’s a second kind of magic in Kitsune. As paranormal romance stormed the reading scene, Kitsune delivered a magical, mythical heroine. She’s part fox and part immortal, and she alone can help the hero cope with his own dual identity. And her power to fill suitcases with designer clothes just with the wave of her magical hand? That’s a happy bonus.

On sale here!

 And here’s an exclusive excerpt…Keep Reading if you are 18 and over only please!

Sakura perched on the ledge of the roof, vibrating with excite­ment. It was her first time on this side of the gate, and her mission was a great one, and an honorable one. Her excitement weakened her control and around her short bursts of fire popped, a physical manifestation of her excitement.

Throwing her arms wide she leaped, falling, falling, before taking the form of mist, rising and swirling in the air. She could feel the human. The spirits had touched him, and the spirits’ signa­ture guided her forward through the air to swirl against one of the seemingly endless panes of glass.

There were no cracks or breaks. She couldn’t get in. Panic rose, but Inari reached out, like a father gently showing a child how to slide open a door, and urged her on. She became one with the glass to pass through and re-form as mist on the other side.

Inari’s touch left her, and she was alone once more. Curious, she looked around, identifying it as a bedroom. She wasn’t entirely ignorant of the ways of this side of the torii gate. Like the others of her kind, she’d watched them in the reflecting pools and learned their history. Learned the aching sadness and great pride of the humans.

It was night, when the humans slept, and if this was a bedroom he would be in the bed. Sakura reformed her human body. On bare feet she padded to the bed, which looked soft and squishy with mounds of dark fabric.

She crept closer and, gasping in delight, saw him for the first time. He was young and very beautiful. His lay on his side so she could only see half his face, but his slanted jaw, high cheekbones and thin lids were the epitome of male beauty. She stood over him, filled with pleasure at having been sent to serve one so beautiful.

Inari said once she saw him she would know how to help him, how to restore him.

Sakura knew exactly how she wanted to help him. She grabbed the blanket and tugged, pulling it down and off. He turned and his eyes opened for a moment. Sakura squeaked in alarm and passed her hand over his face, sending him deep into sleep.

She threw the heavy comforter off the end of the bed. In his sleep he shivered and Sakura cocked her head, examining the air temperature in the room. It was cool, and when she looked down, her nipples were drawn tight. She lifted her hand to her lips and blew across her skin. A small fire crackled to life in her palm. She tipped her hand and let the fire spill to the floor, where it hovered an inch above the wood. The fire grew in long lines, spreading like a spider’s web, bringing heat and light to the room. He stopped shivering.

He was cold so she warmed him. Already she was taking good care of him. Sakura smiled.

By the light of the fire lines, she could see him better, and she took her time pursuing his form. He was slender but muscled, his hairless chest smooth and golden with small, taut, brown nipples. His torso tapered from wide shoulders to a narrow waist. A small garment like tiny pants covered his hips. Sakura briefly touched his sleeping mind, pulling the definition for the article of clothing from his memory. In this way, Sakura learned that the top stretched.

Delighted with the newest development she poked at the waist­band, running her fingers over the fabric casing, feeling for the stretchy thing within. Elastic. She slipped one fingertip under the edge and tugged, feeling the resistance. She pulled and let go, yelp­ing as it snapped back against his belly and caused him to jerk even in the deep magic-sleep.

Sakura curled her fingertips under the waistband once more and started pulling it down. Because it was caught under him, Sakura couldn’t easily slide them off, and brief glimpses of curling dark hair seemed to taunt her.

Slipping her hands to his hips, Sakura gave one good tug and pulled the garment to his knees. Excited, she worked the, um, box­ers down over his calves, ankles, and then pulled them free, drop­ping them over the edge of the bed with the comforter.

Sakura danced around to the other side of the bed and climbed on, prowling across the surface until she knelt by his hip, her thigh length hair spilling around her and onto the ivory sheets.

Now the powerful line of shoulder to waist was unbroken and flowed down to his hip and thigh. His cock lay still and soft amid tight dark curls. She reached out to touch but pulled back, knowing she should not fondle without permission.

Sakura raised her hand, palm to the ceiling, and then curled her fingers, dousing the fire. The bright orange light faded, and the room was once more lit by the white glow of the city’s lights. She scooted away from him to the center of the bed and knelt upright, long locks of hair slithering forward to cover her breasts and pool down over her thighs.

He’d turned away from the world of the kami, closed one side of his heart so that the other side began to whither and die. This prob­ably meant that he wouldn’t accept that the rice god Inari had sent one of the creatures of the kami, a servant of the gods, to aid him.

Sakura reached into his mind and smoothed it, subduing, if only for the night, the logic he used as weapon and shield. Her heart ached as she touched the loneliness in the center of his belly. She chanted silently, her lips moving but no sound escaping, as she worked her influence over him.

His brow furrowed, and then smoothed once more, as she com­pleted the enchantment.

“Wake now.”

 Wow!  Readers, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win this ebook as well as the other’s featured this week…details can be found in Monday’s post.

And check back tomorrow for our final Red Sage feature this week:
The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin

So have you felt the magic of being swept away by passion…either in real life or when you read?  And what about that second kind of magic mentioned above…do you enjoy magical stories?


8 Responses to The Celebration Continues…

  1. Fedora says:

    Wow, that was quite an excerpt, Lila!! Thanks!

    And to answer your question, it definitely is magic to be swept away by passion either in real life or in stories! It’s definitely a transcendent feeling, a bit of a “this is bigger than me!” feeling. And yes, I do enjoy reading about the other kind of magic, too–it’s fun to explore what your five senses may or may not be able to sense!

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for the great excerpt. I have been swept away by passion when reading and I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced it in real life.

  3. Marial says:

    Thank you for posting the excerpt. As an aside I love foxes. They do have an elsuive and magical quality.

  4. Danette says:

    Sakura sounds like an intense heroine.I’d like to read more about her shifting.


  5. Amy S. says:

    Excerpt was great!

  6. Caffey says:

    Oh I missed this one of Lia’s!! Definitely want to read this one! Thanks for the peek!

  7. Lynda says:

    So cool! A heroine that’s part fox! This sounds so good.

    Yes, I have been swept away by the magic of passion. I love reading paranormals. I love the magic of paranormals.

  8. Afshan N says:

    Great Excerpt!!!
    I have been swept away in real life and in books!
    When Passion takes over in real life it’s all consuming. If a book is well written it’s hard not to be swept away by it.
    I like magic in stories, it adds a little something extra.

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