Red Sage Celebration continues…

So as I mentioned, I’ll be featuring Red Sage books all week to help celebrate their 15th anniversary…

Up first is Calista Fox’s High Voltage


Passion is electrifying. We feel it in our skin, in our bellies, in that flutter of excitement when we hear our beloved’s voice murmur tender words of love. The electrical charge builds until until it breaks over our bodies at that crucial moment. No wonder we call it a climax.

Calista Fox writes electrifying stories, and not just in the sex scenes. High Voltage begins with an electrical storm on a secluded country road. The heroine, alone and terrified, manages to dodge these bolts of lightning, but then when she finds the hero, naked in the back of her truck — direct hit! And does this werewolf story crackle with energy!

On sale until June 20 for just $1.50!  Click here to purchase!

 Here’s an excerpt from High Voltage:

“You’re still cold,” he said in a low voice.

She shook her head. “Actually, I’m not.”

In fact, her sweatshirt and pants suddenly felt as confining as a heavy ski suit. The material touching her skin was smothering her. What Serena really wanted was to shed every article of clothing and bask in the warmth radiating from the fire and the man standing next to her. She felt as though she was suffocating in the thick material that covered her.

Without thinking twice about it, Serena reached for the hem of the sweatshirt and yanked it over her head. Tossing the shirt toward the chair sitting adjacent to the sofa, she let out a sigh of relief. Although she now only wore a clingy camisole with her bottoms, she felt freed of the confines that had gripped her so fiercely.

“Much better,” she mumbled.

The man next to her eyed her with a wicked glint. As though he’d just realized what that earlier shiver stemmed from. Anticipation. Exhilaration. He knew her internal, innate response to him. And clearly, he liked it.

Slowly, his hand lifted and he brushed away strands of damp hair from her face. Serena sucked in a shaky breath as his warm fingers grazed her cheek. She wasn’t one for reckless abandon, yet somehow, all caution had just been thrown to the wind. Serena couldn’t say for sure why she suddenly felt so bold and daring, but she did. Nor could she stop herself from reaching out to the beautiful man who’d literally appeared out of nowhere this evening.

As her fingertips pressed to the bare skin at his waist, just above the white towel he wore, she forgot her fear and her uncertainty. All the unanswered questions slipped from her mind, no longer holding weight or bearing significance. Serena didn’t care about the odd occurrences that had led to this moment. She didn’t even question why he was here. All that mattered was that he was, indeed, here. With her.

Gliding her fingers upward in a light, feathery movement, she reveled at the way his muscles responded to her. They tightened under her touch, quivering oh-so-slightly. Serena had never felt the surge of feminine power evoked by Garrett’s involuntary reaction to her. Her breathing quickened and her heart thumped a bit stronger in her chest.

Garrett’s eyelids dipped as her hand splayed across one well-defined pectoral muscle. That he didn’t stop her or move away told her all she needed to know. He felt the pull, too.

“I still need you to explain everything,” she whispered. Her body gravitated toward his until her skin brushed his warm flesh. One large hand skimmed her thigh before rising higher, to her waist. It then slipped around to the small of her back and he pulled her body against his, causing an internal reaction that stole Serena’s breath. Her insides clenched tightly, and that intense throbbing she’d felt earlier between her legs suddenly returned.

“I will explain,” he assured her, “I want you to understand who I am. I want you to know everything, Serena. But right now…” His head dipped and his lips brushed her temple. “All I want is you.”

Serena had never been so swept away. As Garrett’s arms tightened around her, holding her close to him, his lips moved from her temple to her cheek, then lower to her mouth. His warm lips just barely grazed hers. A whisper of a kiss that left her dying for more.

Now a special Note From Calista Fox:

Object of Desire Contests!!!

Visit my revamped website for two great contests this month!! One is a VERY SPECIAL bonus contest for my July release, OBJECT OF DESIRE! Stop by and check out all the fun!!
So much fun!!! Hope to “see” you this month!!!


 Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered to win a download of High Voltage as well as the other books featured this week…details can be found in yesterday’s post.

 And be sure to come back tomorrow when I feature:
Payback by Rose Middleton

So the above description aptly describes passion as electrifying…what other words can you use to define passion?  How do you define it?


11 Responses to Red Sage Celebration continues…

  1. For me passion is an uncontrollable desire, a need that is all consuming…

    Thanks for featuring this book, I haven’t read it.

  2. Roberta Harwell says:

    Hello Jennifer and Calista,

    Thanks for the excerpt and getting to know more about the authors at Red Sage. Have a great day.

  3. Jane says:

    Wow, that was hot. Thanks for the excerpt.

  4. Fedora says:

    Woo! Thanks, Calista! That was pretty electrifying! As for other words to define passion, I think of it as heat and heart that sweeps you away. So as Booklover1335 mentioned, there’s an element of being out of control or of the passion controlling you. Of a love, of that feeling that’s larger than oneself.

  5. Calista Fox says:

    Thanks for stopping by!! This book is one of my favorites–I just love Garrett!! I think I’ve been fantasizing about him most of my adult life!!

    Fedora and Booklover1335, I agree wholeheartedly with your ideas of passion! Thanks for sharing!

    Jane–Glad you liked the excerpt!

    Roberta–I think you’re going to have getting to know the RS authors! Fun group with some really hot stories!!

    Thanks again, Jennifer, for hosting us this week!!


  6. ann marie says:

    Hi Jennifer and Calista,
    Love the cover and the spicy excerpt. Have a great day. 🙂

  7. Calista Fox says:

    Thanks, Ann Marie! I love the cover, too! One of our very talented cover artists, Rae Monet, created this one with very little direction from me. She knew exactly what I was looking for, though!

  8. Marial says:

    It is all in the eyes. The look that passes between two people.

  9. Amy S. says:

    High Voltage sounds good!

  10. Lynda says:

    Love the excerpt! I suck at putting my feelings into words. Passion is consuming and at the same time liberating. You are swept away by it and at the same time going to new places.

    It’s like being in a storm in Arizona. Warm torrential rain whipping you in the face – exhilarating. And when you can breathe again there’s this sense of newness. Everything looks and smells better.

  11. Afshan N says:

    Great Post On Passion!
    I’m with Booklover1335…..Passion is definitely all comsuming!!! It will ignite your whole being from the inside out.

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