Book-of-the-Month Discussion…Tempt the Devil by Anna Campbell

Today’s Book-of-the-Month of discussion will be about Tempt the Devil by Anna Campbell.

 As always I will talk about different aspects of the story individually.  I encourage you to share your thoughts if you have read this story (either here or through e-mail).  Please keep the discussion rules in mind, however.

My discussion will contain no spoilers (and is basically a review in a different format), but I cannot promise that the comments won’t…so please read at your own risk!

Keep reading for my discussion…

– My general thoughts on the story:
This was a great historical romance about two headstrong characters discovering an unexpected love.

I was really impressed with the characters and the plot.  I enjoyed the battle of wills and banter between the two leads as each of them were determined to make the other surrender.

– Hero:
Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith
Julian has come to London for his daughters wedding and to attempt to reconcile with his children…children who were raised by their aunt following the death of Julian’s beloved wife.  Julian is haunted by his first love, but is taken with his new conquest, Olivia.  She is not quite what he expected and is unlike other courtesans and lovers from his past. He worries that despite his affection for her their differences and her lifestyle will be too much to overcome.

– Heroine:
Olivia Raines
A famous and much sought-after courtesan, Olivia guards her heart and her past.  Forced into her current lifestyle after a horrible incident from her past, she has made the most of what life has handed her and gone on to much success as a courtesan, yet she has never experienced love or passion.  She is growing tired of her current lifestyle and wishes for a new start in life.  When she meets Julian, her walls are firmly in place, but he threatens those walls as he is determined to make her reveal all and surrender to his passion and seduction.

– Secondary characters:
There were a few secondary characters, but their appearances are quite brief, yet are still important to the story.

– Favorite thing about the book:
The banter and battle of wills between the leads…they are such strong characters that it was interesting to see them try to find ways to make the other surrender.  I enjoyed watching their bond develop.

– Least favorite thing:
Julian does a few things (which I don’t wish to spoil) that kind of irk me in regards to Olivia’s role in his life, but I guess were understandable and appropriate for the time period.  Olivia also irked me occasionally with her determination to run from situations and love rather than be honest, but it fits her guarded character.

– Would I recommend the book?
For fans of well-written historicals with strong characters, yes. 

– Final thought:
This book was a bit unlike other books I have read in the genre set in the same time period and I found it to be very entertaining.  The hero and heroine drive this story and are definitely what kept me reading as I wondered who would give into whom first.


4 Responses to Book-of-the-Month Discussion…Tempt the Devil by Anna Campbell

  1. Helen says:


    Well done I loved this book and just about read it in one sitting Julian and Olivia are very strong and tortured and I was enthralled from start to finish another Anna Campbell masterpiece. I have loved everyone of Anna’s books and Anna is one of my all time favourite authors. For me Anna has a magical historical writers voice and her books are hard to put down.

    Have Fun

  2. Liza says:

    I have this book in my TBR pile, but still haven’t gotten to it yet. Looks like I need to move it up in the pile after hearing such good things about the book. I’ve just gotten back into reading historical romances, and love well-writen ones with strong characters. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Cheryl McInnis says:

    What I respected most about this story is that since Olivia was a courtesan, Olivia wasn’t an innocent. She wasn’t portrayed as a virgin who was only pretending to have sex with men for money and protection. So many times in historicals the author tries to sugarcoat the truth in order to have the heroine be “pure” for her hero. Anna Campbell gives us the whole , gritty truth, and I appreciated that.

  4. Roberta Harwell says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I’m currently reading this book and have fallen in love with Julian and Olivia. I’m almost to the half way point and have a hard time putting it down to do anything else. I agree with everything you have said about this book and am looking forward seeing how things end. Have a great day.

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