eBook-of-the-Month Discussion…Redemption by E. Jamie

Finally, today I am posting my discussion of Redemption by E. Jamie (the eBook of the Month from March).


As I have done with previous discussions, I will talk about different aspects of the story individually.  I encourage you to share your thoughts if you have read this story (either here or through e-mail if that makes you more comfortable).  Please keep the discussion rules in mind, however.  These rules can be found here.

My discussion will contain no spoilers (and is basically a informal review in a different format), but I cannot promise that the comments won’t…so please read at your own risk!

 Keep reading to see my discussion and be sure to check back tomorrow for another discussion post.


– My general (and random) thoughts on the story:
I am a big fan of the western romance genre and I really enjoyed this tale about a young woman whose husband she thought was dead suddenly reappears in her life and settles into their home.

The story was quite interesting and I enjoyed watching the two adjust to life together as it was something they never expected to have with one another.  They also have to deal with the dangers that come with Ben being a reformed outlaw as well as threats from Katie’s unscrupulous uncle.

– Hero:
Ben Cready
An outlaw who was scheduled to hang (and married Katie minutes after meeting her in order to give her a home and protection, Ben is an intriguing character.  We don’t really get his point of view, but he comes across as a bit crude and rough around the edges compared to Katie.  They definitely make an interesting combo.  Ben also has a jealous side that he has to deal with as he and Katie try to make a go of their marriage.

– Heroine:
Katie Beaumont
She married Ben the day before he was supposed to hang and believes him to be dead for six months.  She has settled into life alone in Ben’s small home when suddenly he reappears.  This is a lot for her to adjust to, but she handles it quite well.  She’s an interesting match for Ben as she helps bring some innocence and gentleness into his life.

– Secondary characters:
The secondary characters only make a brief appearance, but definitely play some vital roles in helping Ben and Katie further their relationship and overcome various obstacles.

– Favorite thing about the book:
The relationship between Ben and Katie…I loved watching the bond develop between them.  Even though their time together before Ben’s disappearance was brief, they still never forgot one another and grow to care for one another.

– Least favorite thing:
While I did enjoy the shock value of the opening, I kind of wish there had been a prologue or something showing Ben and Katie’s first meeting and quickie wedding rather than the brief flashbacks we get.  I also would have loved to know what Ben was thinking as we don’t get his POV.

– Would I recommend the book?
For fans of the western romance genre, yes.

– Final thought:
Overall, I felt this was a very quick and enjoyable read about two people from different worlds offering one another love, protection, and acceptance.


2 Responses to eBook-of-the-Month Discussion…Redemption by E. Jamie

  1. Caffey says:

    I’m just starting with your book club, but I shall plan to get this one! I love a western historical!

  2. E. Jamie says:

    Thanks very much for your review! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it and hope your blog readers do as well.

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