Special Guest Robin Kaye…

First I have a couple of winners to announce…
The winner of a copy of Coming on Strong is:  Afshan N
The winner of a copy of Going Down Hard is:  Susan
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 Now for our main attraction…

Today I am delighted to welcome author Robin Kaye to my blog.
Robin’s latest release Too Hot to Handle is in stores now.

Here’s Robin to tell you about her meeting with a very special person…

THTH_coverHi, I’m Robin Kaye, the author of Too Hot to Handle. Annabelle Ronaldi is the one of the heroines of the Domestic Gods series and I thought it would be fun to talk with Rose, her nosy, slightly zany, and possibly psychic aunt. I made an appointment to meet Aunt Rose at her favorite place—the bench by the duck pond in the middle of Greenwood Cemetery. Granted it’s an odd place to meet, but since I used to play there as a child and my aunt and uncle got engaged on that very bench, it didn’t seem odd to me until I began writing up the interview.

As walked over to meet Aunt Rose, I realized she hadn’t notice my arrival so announced myself. I didn’t want to startle an old lady in a cemetery. “Aunt Rose? Is that you?”

Aunt Rose looked up from the newspaper she was reading, “Of course it’s me. You were expecting one of the residents? My husband, Vito, is right over there.” She pointed toward the graves over her left shoulder.

I tried not to laugh as I sat beside her. She took her time folding the paper and placed it in her humongous black pocketbook. “So how are you?”

“Fine, fine. Why did you want to meet with me? You need more material for those books you write?”

“No, I’m writing a blog and thought you’d be an interesting interview.”

She waved her hand. “An old lady? Interesting? You don’t get out much, eh?” She rummaged through her bag and pulled out a thermos. “Demitasse?”

“You have cups?”

She nodded. “Sure, you think I’m a gonna drink out’a the cap? What do I look like? A bum?”

“If you have enough, I’d love a demitasse.”

She poured the steaming liquid into insulated cups and handed me what looked like a homemade biscotti. Just before I took a sip of the coffee, she held up a small silver flask. “Zoom Zoom?”

For those of you who don’t know, Zoom Zoom is usually liqueur, like sambuca. I smiled, “Please.” With that she poured a shot in, just enough to have a kick and add sweetness. I took a bite of biscotti and was in heaven. “Thank you.” I washed it down with some incredible demitasse and waited for her to finish chewing. “Tell me about Annabelle and Mike.”

“Those two, they got a lot of things to work out. Annabelle, she just wasn’t right in the head for the last couple of years. She thinks she hid everything so well.” Aunt Rose tapped her temple. “But I know what I know, and I saw she needed to get past the death of that old boyfriend of hers.”

“Chip, right?”

“What kind of name is that? Chip, it’s a break in a cup, that’sa no name for a man. Not that he was much of one. Better that she ended up with someone who can appreciate her, like her Michael. He’s such a nice boy, and a good doctor too. Annabelle, she needs someone who will take care of her and believe in her. She’s a nice girl, my Annabelle.

“You knew about Chip and didn’t tell the rest of the family?”

“Why? I knew it was a passing phase. It was going to end soon enough. Death can’t be avoided.” She crossed herself. “My Annabelle takes after her mama, she don’t like dealing with the hard things in life. She tried to pretend it never happened. But that don’t work. It took meeting Mike to get her to mind straight again.”

I nodded, not sure what to say to that. “Everyone wants to know if you’re psychic.”

“Me? I’m a’ no gypsy. I just know things. I don’t know how I know, I just do.”

“You’re very close to your nieces and your nephew. How does that affect your relationship with your sister?”

“Me and Maria, we don’t talk about it. She don’t like it so she acts like one of those animals who sticks her head in the sand.”

“An ostrich?”

“Si.” Rose took a sip of her demitasse. “She tries to do right by her children, but she don’t know what they need. Just you wait until she finds she’sa not the only woman in Richie’s life.”

“Oh!” I sat straighter on the bench. News! “Then Richie and Gina will work things out?”

Aunt Rose gave me one of her you’re-too-stupid-to-live looks. “Richie needs a woman who will love him in spite of himself. Gina, she’sa not that woman. But then Richie’s not the man for her, either. You’ll see. It’sa gonna be an interesting fall. You mark my words.”

“That’s all you’re going to tell me?”

“What? You want me to write your next book for you? No, you’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out. Somebody is gonna turn Richie’s life up’a-side-down. He’sa not gonna know what hit him.” Aunt Rose took the last bite of her biscotti and drained her demitasse. “It’sa been nice talking to you, Robin. You come back and visit sometime soon. Maybe after you write Richie’s book, eh?”

I didn’t want to let her go, but she was obviously finished talking to me. She was halfway to the Cemetery gate before I could say, “yes, thanks for meeting me.”

Aunt Rose held her hand up as if to say, “No a’need to thank.” The gesture left me with more questions than when the interview began.

So what do you think? Is Rich going to end up with Gina, or is there really another woman? Who is she?

Thanks Robin! 

Readers, be sure to look for Too Hot to Handle and to check out Robin’s website:  http://robinkayewrites.com/

We have a special giveaway today…one lucky winner will receive a copy of Too Hot to Handle.
Just leave a comment to be entered (US and Canada only…sorry).

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow (Friday) so be sure to return to see if you won!


15 Responses to Special Guest Robin Kaye…

  1. Hi Robin,
    You are a new to me author. I just recently read great reviews for Romeo, Romeo so I picked it up and it is going to be my next read.

    Would love to win your new book Too Hot to Handle, and can’t wait to read Rich’s story. If Aunt Rose is always right, then Gina is not the right woman for him, will be interesting to see what happens 🙂

  2. Crystal B. says:

    Hi Robin. Great interview. Too Hot To Handle sounds wonderful. Love the cover.

  3. Kara says:

    I soooo want to get this book. Have read such great reviews for this and Romeo, Romeo – congrats on such success!!

  4. Liza says:

    Too Hot to Handle sounds like a fun and sexy read! Congrats on your newest release.

  5. Teresa W says:

    I’ve been hearing alot about this one, sounds great!

  6. Pat L. says:

    I really enjoyed Romeo, Romeo and look forward to more of the same books.

    Thanks for the interview.

  7. Lois says:

    I love Aunt Rose, not to mention I’m a little hungry after reading the interview. LOL 🙂 I’m guessing that it’s a great big no to Gina, but there is a reason why I never take bets. . . and good thing I won’t lose anything on it if I am wrong! LOL 🙂 Happy Thursday and hope to read the book soon!


  8. Natasha A. says:

    I have been seeing this book around and the more I read about it the more I need to…well…read it!! Definitely adding to my list!

  9. ann marie says:

    Hi Robin,
    Congrats on the new book. I’m liking Aunt Rose, she reminded me of my grandma, give’s just alittle bit of info and then changes the subject or just leaves. You have me hooked on this book, will you give us a little hint into the next book? Have a great week. 🙂

  10. Lori Ann says:

    Wonderful post! Aunt Rose sounds like a great character. BTW, I absolutely love the cover for Too Hot To Handle.

  11. Helen says:

    I have Romeo Romeo on the TBR I should move it up so as I can be ready to read the new one I will be buying it sounds great

    Have Fun

  12. Fedora says:

    Hi, Robin! Looking forward to this new one! Like Helen, I’d better zip Romeo up the TBR so I can enjoy your latest installment 🙂

    And congrats Afshan and Susan–you’re going to love Tawny’s books!

  13. RobynL says:

    well now, is that towel coming off or just going on? Please let me find out by entering. I’ve heard about this book before also.

  14. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    I have to agree, Tawny’s books are great and I’m looking forward to reading the latest–if I can find it–which has been difficult. Rats

    Robin, I like the sound of your book. I’ll have to check it out.

  15. Robin Kaye says:

    Hi everyone~

    I’m so glad you liked Aunt Rose, she’s just a joy to write and always ends up stealing every scene she’s in.

    I hope you enjoy Too Hot to Handle and be sure to look for Breakfast in Bed in December or January.


    Robin 🙂

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