He Said: Tawny Weber’s Heroes Have Their Say…

So yesterday I chatted with the heroines so I thought it was only fair that the heroes get their turn (plus it gave me an excuse to chat with two very good-looking guys…but don’t tell Sierra, Belle, or Tawny that. 🙂 )

 Today I am interviewing Mitch Carter from Coming On Strong and Reece Carter from Going Down Hard!

comingonstrong-coverJennifer:  Hi guys!  I am glad you agreed to chat with me.  I talked with your girls yesterday and I must say I wasn’t sure you’d show.

Reece *grumbling and crossing one foot over his knee*: I didn’t want to.  But Mitch kept nagging about publicity and crap.  Kept on me until I caved.

Mitch *laughing*:  Right, cuz.  You go ahead and pitch that hard to get angle.  *leaning forward and nodding to Jennifer* Really?  All it took was Sierra saying she’d appreciate him being here and he had his shoes on and keys in hand.

Reece:  Oh, and you didn’t jump when Belle mentioned it?

Mitch:  Of course I did.  But I’m not the macho cowboy here.

Jennifer:  Well, whatever reason you agreed, I am glad to have you here so let’s get started.  First, how are you two doing?

Mitch:  Doing great, thanks for asking.  Life is good. 

Reece:  Yeah, it’s all good. 

Jennifer:  Great!  I asked the women this so I’ll ask you as well.  How do you feel about your stories being published?


Jennifer *a little worried*:  Um, guys…

Mitch:  Well, you know, the publicity for Lakeside, my resort, is great and all.  But I think a brochure or ad would have done just as well and wouldn’t have been so…

Reece: Nosy?  Invasive?  Annoying?

Mitch:  Hey, don’t say that about Tawny.

Reece *clamping jaw shut and crossing his arms over his chest, just nods*

Jennifer: Mitch, Belle said that is was “lust at first sight” when she first met you?  Was it the same for you?  How did you feel about her at first?

Mitch:  Belle and I had a… rocky start.

Reece:  Rocky?  That’s like saying sex is a pleasant pastime, Cuz.

Mitch *snorts*:  Okay, so we had a lousy start.  I mean, I was crazy about her from the first second I saw her.  But, there’s this code.  You know?  A guy doesn’t go chasing his new boss’s only daughter for wild sexy times.   I did the right thing.  Or tried to.

Reece:  He means he wouldn’t give it up unless she made an honest man of her.  Backfired , though. 

Mitch:  Temporarily.  But in the end, I have exactly what I want.  The most gorgeous woman in the world as my bride-to be.

Jennifer:  Reece, what about you?  How’d you feel about Sierra when you first met her?  Anything interesting happen?

Reece: Sierra is the sexiest woman on the planet.  I saw her, I wanted her.

Mitch:  He blew it with her.

Reece *shrugging*:  Only because you blew it with Belle.  Sierra’s got this stubborn kind of loyalty going on.  She wouldn’t date me after Belle had ditched Mitch, here, at the altar.

Jennifer:  I take it from talking with the girls that things are going quite well for all of you now.  Would you agree?  And remember, the ladies will probably see this interview.

Mitch and Reece *together*:  Things are perfect.

Jennifer:  The ladies mentioned the upcoming wedding.  How are the wedding plans going, Mitch?

Mitch:  Huh?  Oh man, no clue.  That’s totally Belle’s territory.  Mine is to make sure the lawn is mowed, the flowers are blooming and that my bride stays for the vows. 

Jennifer:  That’s probably wise.  So I asked the ladies to describe you each with three words.  So now it is your turn…describe your mate with three words.

Mitch:  Sweet, sexy, seductive.

Reece:  Stubborn, intense, vulnerable

Jennifer:  What is your favorite thing about your mate?

Mitch:  Her sense of humor.  She has the cutest way of mangling phrases.

Reece:  Favorite?  That’s tough.  I guess I’d have to say Sierra’s loyalty.  She’s a 100% kind of gal. 

Jennifer:  How funny!  The ladies said basically the same thing when I asked them this question…sense of humor and loyalty.  Sounds like you are perfect for each other.  Is there anything we’d be surprised to learn about them?

Mitch:  Belle looks like cotton candy, all sweet and sexy and gorgeous.  But she’s one tough negotiator.  She’s got a brilliant business mind.

Reece:  And for all that Sierra looks like the badass of the two women, she’s the most sensitive.  She’s just… sweet.  Just so sweet. 

Jennifer:  Aww…Now, I asked the ladies if there was anything that I should ask you during the interview and surprisingly, much to my dismay, nothing embarrassing was revealed.  Sierra just wanted to know what you were buying them for being sweet and circumspect in the interview.  So, you guys gonna get them something special?

Mitch *grinning wickedly*:  Oh yeah, I’ve got something very special in mind for Belle.

Reece *rolling his eyes*:  This is a family-friendly blog, Cuz.  Have some class.

Mitch:  I meant diamonds.  I have this gorgeous pair of  teardrop diamond earrings in mind for Belle.  Because, you know, she didn’t share anything that’ll come back and bite me in the ass.

Reece:  Hmmm, good idea.  *looks at Jennifer*  What he said. 

Jennifer:  Belle and Sierra are two very lucky ladies.  Thanks guys for being here and answering my questions.  Sounds like you have some shopping to do, so before you go is there anything you’d like to ask my blog readers?

Mitch and Reece:  Check out the books! 

goingdownhard-coverYou heard them folks!  Be sure to check out Coming on Strong and Going Down Hard…both by Tawny Weber.

 And be sure to check out Tawny’s website for more info about her and her books.

A Big Thanks goes out to Tawny and her characters for being my guests these last few days.

Today one lucky commenter will win a copy of Going Down Hard.
I’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Thursday.


19 Responses to He Said: Tawny Weber’s Heroes Have Their Say…

  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for this fun way to introduce these stories to us. I loved them both!

  2. […] My heroes are being interviewed over at Jennifer’s Random Musings. And they sound kinda cute, if I do say so myself LOL Check ‘em out!!! […]

  3. Liza says:

    Such smart and sexy men! Must add these books to my tbb list now!

  4. Sarah Tormey says:

    Having read both books, I loved hearing a bit more from the characters “in their own words.” Great idea for the blog series!

    Happy sales!

  5. Crystal B. says:

    Great interview. Love sexy heroes. 🙂

  6. Brandy W says:

    Great interview yet again. The guys really have their stuff together to not get into trouble. Cannot wait for Going Down Hard. I’m so ready for this book now.

  7. chey says:

    Great interview,
    It’s nice to meet the characters, makes me want to read the book.

  8. Petro says:

    *sigh* Not fair Tawny, now I miss them more . . .
    Two of the most amazingly,sexy, *sigh* awesome books ! Great interview :)!

  9. Teresa W says:

    Enjoyed the interview, the characters sound great!

  10. Susan says:

    How did you get the guys to say more than three words?! Terrific interview.

    These books have been added to my list of must buys.

  11. JOYE says:

    Boy, this book sounds good. I have added this one to my TBR list for the summer. That list is getting so long, I am going to have to take a longer vacation, or read less. And that’s not going to happen.

  12. delitealex says:

    Great interview what a fun way to get to know the characters. I can’t wait to read the books.

  13. Jane says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait to read these two books.

  14. Afshan N says:

    How lucky is Jennifer, she gets to sit down and interview two hot guys, too bad their taken.
    Both books sound great I’m putting them on my TBR list for sure!!

  15. tawny says:

    Awww, you all rock!!! Thanks so much. It was so cool to see the heroes interview and to hear how well it went! Thanks tons for checking it out and hopefully for peeking at the books, too (and for those who’ve read them, smooches and thanks!!!).

    Jennifer, thank you for hostessing such an amazingly fun party!!! You are the best 😉

  16. Bekah VA says:

    What an entertaining way to introduce these books! Plus, I am fan of cowboys so I am loving the cover of Going Down Hard. Looks like if I don’t win I will have to go out and buy some new reading material!

  17. Fedora says:

    Jennifer, Mitch, and Reece, thanks for the interview! Loved Mitch’s story and am very much looking forward to reading Reece’s!

    And Tawny, no pressure for a longer series–just know that if you write it, we’ll be impatiently waiting for each and every book of it! 🙂

  18. kh says:

    very hot congrats boys on your women

  19. tawny says:

    Woot, Bekah 😉 I hope you enjoy them!!

    And Fedora, I love the idea *g* Thank you and THANK YOU!!!!

    Kim, thanks too 😉

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