She Said: An Interview with a couple of Tawny Weber’s Heroines…

So as I mentioned yesterday, today I have a very special interview with a couple of characters from the books of Tawny Weber.

 My guests today are Belle Forsham from COMING ON STRONG and Sierra Donovan from GOING DOWN HARD

goingdownhard-coverJennifer: Hello!  And welcome to my blog.  I am so glad you two could join me today.  I am going to be chatting with your fellows tomorrow, but I thought I’d talk with you two first.  So how are you doing?

Belle:  Mmm, fabulous.  I’ve been supervising a big event at Mitch’s resort and it’s going great.  I just love how the country air agrees with me.

Sierra:  Agrees with your sex life, you mean?  Do you even go outside?

Belle: Hey, we do it outside sometimes.

Sierra:  I doubt that’s what Jennifer meant.  *rolls her eyes

Belle:  Well the air must have agreed with you, too, seeing as that’s where you and Reece first…

Sierra *interrupting*: Well, that’s enough of that fresh air talk, hmm.  Jennifer, we’re both great.  Thanks for asking. 

Jennifer: *blushes* Um…that’s good to hear. Anyway, I hear that your stories have recently been published in books.  How do you two feel about that?

Belle:  I love it.  The more exposure, the better, you know?

Sierra:  Oh, I don’t know about that.  I think I was exposed a smidge more than comfortable.

Belle:  Well, yeah, that creepy jerk stalked you with pictures.  I’m so glad Reece was there to protect you. 

Sierra *with a wicked grin*:  I’m lucky for Reece for so many things.

Belle *her grin just as big, but smug*:  And you have me to thank, of course.

Sierra:  You could probably claim that about everything, you know.

Belle:  Awww.

Sierra:  *rolls her eyes again*

Jennifer:  Belle, can you tell us a little about how you met Mitch?

Belle: Which time?  The first or the one that worked?  Both?  Okay, well the first time, it was lust at first sight.  I mean, Mitch is the yummiest guy on earth, you know?  And there he was, my daddy’s newest VP.  I’d have given anything to be with him.  What he asked for, though?  Wild *shaking her head*

Sierra:  Some guys want your virtue.  Crazy Mitch, he wanted her hand in marriage.

Belle *laughs*: Well, let’s just say that didn’t quite work out.  I saw him again when he contacted me about a job.  He had this posh new resort opening, but needed an event organizer to kick off the grand opening.  My sweetie, he’s a little uptight at first, so he resisted my some of my more adventurous ideas at first.

Sierra *clarifying*: For the resort.

Belle:  Oh yeah, that too.  But I brought him around to my way of thinking.  It just took a little persuasion. 

Sierra: Is that what you call it?  Persuasion? 

Jennifer: Well, I am glad things seemed to work out for you despite the rough start.  What about you Sierra, how’d you meet Reece?

Sierra:  Well, like Belle said, it was her fault *grinning*. I met Reece the first time at her wedding rehearsal.  That’d be the one she ditched, by the way.  Six years later, with all the problems Mitch’s resort was having, he called Reece in to help out.  Reece is a security specialist.  I was there working on the resort’s grand opening with Belle and, let’s just say sparks flew whenever Reece and I were in the same room.

Belle *interrupting*:  Understatement of the year. 

Sierra *ignoring her*:  Reece and I had a few, let’s just say encounters.  Then he was supposed to go back home.  But Belle, here interfered with that. 

Belle:  Oh, like I arranged for a freaky photo stalker to obsess with you and send those pictures?

Sierra:  Hardly.  But you did arrange for a lurking sexy cowboy to guard my body.

Belle:  I’m still waiting for the thank you card.

Sierra *ignoring her*:  We had to assure our client that the stalker situation wouldn’t interfere with their event.  Hence, Reece hiring on as a bodyguard.  Things got a little… interesting after that. 

Jennifer:  Sounds like it.  So let’s talk about your guys for a little bit.  I have to say that it seems like you both have hit the jackpot with the two of them.  I take it things are going well for all of you now?

Belle:  Oh yeah, things are great.  My wedding is in two weeks.

Sierra:  Second wedding. 

Belle:  This one will actually happen though.

Sierra *laughs and nods*:  Yep, it will.  Which means my immediate plans include wearing my blackmail bridesmaid dress.

Belle:  I wouldn’t have dressed you in fuchsia, you know.  You didn’t have to threaten to make me wear puce in your wedding if you didn’t get to choose the color.

Sierra: When it comes to pink, I won’t take any chances. 

Jennifer *laughs*:  I can’t say I blame you.  Let’s have a little fun. Can you describe your guy using only three words?

Belle:  Talented, intense, successful.

Sierra:  Stubborn, opinionated, sexy

Jennifer: What is your favorite thing about your guy?

Belle:  His sense of humor

Sierra *laughs*:  That’s what you call it?

Belle:  Is your answer any different about Reece?

Sierra:  Hmmm, good point.  Reece does have a great sense of humor.  But I think it’s his absolute loyalty that does it for me.

Jennifer:  That’s nice.  You have to love a guy that has a great sense of humor and is loyal.  As I mentioned, I’ll be chatting with them tomorrow, is there anything I should ask them?

Sierra:  Ask then what they’re buying us for being so sweet and circumspect in this interview. 

Belle:  Oh yeah, I like that.  But that was due more to Jennifer’s blog being PG than it was to the guy’s request that we behave. 

Sierra: Good point.  I still want a present, though. 

Jennifer *laughs*:  I’ll keep that in mind.  Your guys sound like they are getting impatient, so, before I let you two go is there anything you’d like to ask my blog readers?

Belle:  Yes, I’d like to know how much say they let their bridesmaids have in their dress color.  I mean, that color determines the scheme for the rest of the wedding. 

Sierra:  Or if you’d like to ask them a real question, ask them what they think of back to back books.  Is that a plus or minus for their reading habits?  Have they ever picked up the second book in a series and gone back to read the first because they just had to know what happened?

Belle:  Nice…

comingonstrong-cover So there you have it folks…my interview with the heroines of Coming on Strong and Going Down Hard.

 Be sure to check out the books and to return tomorrow when the guys have their turn in the hot seat.

In the meantime, how about answering their questions for readers…

One lucky commenter on today’s post will receive a copy of Coming on Strong.
I’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Thursday.


25 Responses to She Said: An Interview with a couple of Tawny Weber’s Heroines…

  1. […] Jennifer’s party -Day 2. Today, Belle and Sierra, the heroines of COMING ON STRONG and GOING DOWN HARD are being interviewed… and they’re giving away a prize *g* Drop by Jennifer’s Random Musings to check it out! […]

  2. Bridesmaids should have little to no say *hehe* what’s the fun in catering to their needs 🙂 That’s why the term Bridzilla was invented. Own it with pride.

    I love back to back books. When I find a series that I love, I can’t read them fast enough, and there is nothing more frustrating then having to wait for the next one…I hate that!

  3. Sarah Tormey says:

    I’m a huge fan of series and will usually go back and read the installments I missed. Sometimes I’ll even read the full series from the beginning, including the books I’ve already read to see it I missed anything (I’m a very fast reader.)

    I did not give my bridesmaids a voice in their dress color. I knew I wanted floor length black dresses. And no objected, at least not to me;)

  4. Jane says:

    I think you should let the bridesmaid have a say in picking out the color of their dresses. I love back to back books. It’s great when you don’t have to wait long for the next installment.

  5. RachieG says:

    Great to hear from you two awesome girls!! 🙂

    Such a huge fan of series…You get to meet such great characters and hear more from them later.

  6. chey says:

    I think it should depend on the people involved who picks the bridesmaids dresses.
    I like back to back books and series. If I read a later book first, I usually look for the other books in the series.

  7. Susan says:

    If you have a bridesmaid who you know has great taste let her put in her two-cents.
    I enjoy back to back books and series. If I pick up a book that is out of order I do get the earlier ones.

  8. tawny says:

    ROFL Booklover. Bridezilla indeed *g* I love it!!

  9. tawny says:

    Oooh, Sarah, black floor length dresses sound so elegant!!

  10. tawny says:

    Jane, I totally agree that a short wait between books is a good thing!! I’m so impatient, I’ll admit, sometime I’ll buy the series books as they come out but wait to read them until I have the last one LOL.

  11. tawny says:

    RachieG, aren’t Belle and Sierra fun *g* And they’re the type that just keep showing up LOL.

  12. tawny says:

    Chey, you are so diplomatic 🙂 It really does depend, doesn’t it?

  13. tawny says:

    Hi Susan 🙂 GOOD call! A lot does depend on that taste. I’d guess that Sierra has excellent taste, but she’s definitely anti-pink which is Belle’s favorite color *g*

  14. limecello says:

    lol I loved the interview! Very entertaining, ladies – thanks! I really like finite series – they’re probably my favorite because you get to visit with “old friends,” essentially. Also, depending on the role the character had, it’s nice to have closure and read their happy ending.

  15. tawny says:

    😉 Thanks, Limecello! Like you,I’m a fan of knowing when a series will end. For me, I’m big on knowing ahead of time how emotionally invested to get *g*

  16. Brandy W says:

    I let my bridesmaid pick her dress but then I had a nice small wedding at my parent’s house with only maybe 20 people.

    Now for Sierra’s question…Love Love Love back to back books. I get to know what happens next a whole lot earlier and I don’t forget that I need to get the next book. I will look for the previous in the series if I pick out of order. For that I love being able to get ebooks.

  17. tawny says:

    Hey Brandy 🙂 Now you’re a sweet bride!!! I think Sierra would definitely say so, too LOL.

    I’m with you on the ease of being able to pick the books up in eformat. I know I’ve been able to sell a LOT more books thanks to Harlequin making that available. And I’ve picked up quite a few, too 🙂

  18. Lynda says:

    I love back to back books!

    I let my bridesmaid (all one) choose everything about her dress including color. My wedding was put together quickly and she was getting married later in the year. She chose a dress she was able to wear for one of her parties. Everything worked out like a dream!

  19. Fedora says:

    LOL! Great interview, ladies! Well, on the bridesmaid dress question, I’d say it depends a bit on what kind of taste the bridesmaids in question have… I trusted mine with that, but if you love your friends but not their taste, you might want to have more of a say, in a nice way, of course!

    And back to back books? LOVE them. Especially because I’m not waiting for months on end for the next one! And yep, I’ve picked up a later book and had to go back for the earlier ones! That’s part of the fun of related books–to get to know a whole group/community of characters, not just two 🙂

    BTW, Tawny, it seems you’ve mostly been doing duos–any thoughts for a longer series? 😉

  20. tawny says:

    Hey Lynda, what a great re-using of the bridesmaid’s dress story!!! That is wonderful that she could use it again, and it sounds like you were really happy with the dress 🙂

  21. tawny says:

    Hey Fedora 🙂 LOL!!! It can be scary if a friend has taste that is… well, lets say unfortunate, huh? Or with a bigger wedding party, bridesmaids with different tastes – ugh!!

    Wow, btw, on that observation that I do duos. I mean, I knew I did, but it hadn’t really clicked in my head that I did… hmmm. Interesting. Interesting, too, that I just signed a contract for another one LOL. I apparently think in pairs. I actually intended the Dare stories to have more -I wanted to write the Wicked Chick’s stories, and Dante’s boss’s story.

    Okay – my new mental project… come up with a longer series *g* Thanks, Fedora!!!

  22. kh says:

    they should have some say
    congrats on the books love blazes

  23. tawny says:

    😉 Thanks Kim!!!

  24. Crystal B. says:

    great interview. I think that bridesmaids should be consulted about the style of dress they want to wear but the color should be the bride’s choice.
    I love back to back books.

  25. Afshan N says:

    Great Interview Girls!!! I’ve never been married or a bridesmaid….but if and when it happens I’d like to have a little say in my dress,and Let my brides maids have some say in there’s..I like to keep the peace.

    And I love a second book, I hate if I miss a first book in a series, I have to go back right after I finish the second book to see what happened in the first one. LOL

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