Q&A with Jamaica Layne!

Today my guest is author Jamaica Layne.
Jamaica has several books out right now and I invited her here to answer a few questions for readers…

market-for-loveWelcome.  Can you please tell us a little about your books?
Hi there, thanks for having me on the blog today.  I’m Jamaica Layne, an up-and-coming rising star knightmoveson the erotica market.  Right now I write erotica for Virgin Black Lace, Virgin Cheek, and Ravenous Romance.  I have several books out now and several more to come.  My current release in print is MARKET FOR LOVE (Virgin Cheek, 2008), an vital-signserotic romance set in Chicago’s financial industry in the midst of a stock-market meltdown (timely, eh?).  I have several books capitolaffaircurrently out with the new erotica epublisher Ravenous Romance , including the bestselling time-travel/paranormal erotica KNIGHT MOVES, my VITAL SIGNS series of erotic medical romance/soap opera books (think of them as Grey’s Anatomy with the sex left in), and A CAPITOL AFFAIR, a scorching-hot kinky/BDSM erotica set in Washington DC’s sexual underworld. 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?
My favorite part of being a writer is the fact that whenever I write novel, I am creating my own little world over which I am an all-powerful goddess, making all the decisions about that world, what happens in it, and who lives there. 

My least favorite part of being a writer is all the incessant waiting we writers have to do, and all the frustration that goes with it.  Waiting to get our big break.  Waiting to hear back from agents/editors.  And now that I’m published, waiting to get paid.  (It often takes forever to get paid, especially when you’re writing for the print markets.

Describe yourself in three words.
Stubborn.  Sexy.  Busy.

Who has inspired you as a writer?
I’m inspired by the great erotica pioneer authors—-writers like Anais Nin, D.H. Lawrence, Erica Jong, Henry Miller, Nancy Friday.  Also the great romantic storytellers, like Jane Austen.  My favorite contemporary erotica authors include Zane, Lora Leigh, and Erin McCarthy.

What do you like to read?
I read just about everything I can get my hands on—from the daily newspaper to Harlequin category romance to high literature. I enjoy it all. 

What’s next for you?
Later this year I will have a short story in the upcoming Black Lace anthology SEXY LITTLE NUMBERS, which is cool since I’ll be in the same anthology with one of my favorite erotica authors, Portia Da Costa.  I’m also working on some how-to nonfiction and an erotic memoir.

Anything you’d you like to ask my blog readers?
What would you like to see in contemporary erotic writing that you aren’t currently seeing?  What don’t you  like?

 Thanks Jamaica.Readers, be sure to look for Jamaica’s smokin’ hot books and to visit her website:  http://www.jamaicalayne.com/

In the meantime, how about answering Jamaica’s question for readers…


8 Responses to Q&A with Jamaica Layne!

  1. Sometimes I like my romances to be more true to real life (no millionaries, no paranormal). Just your average Joe, who is with a woman that isn’t described as having a body of a centerfold.
    One type of story that would intrigue, would be to have a story about a man that cheated on his wife, how that affects their relationship, then what he does to win his wife back, and/or what she does to spice up her marriage to win her husband back. All of the emotions, and the making up :), I think would make a great read, especially to those that this has happened to. It would be great to read how a marriage has a HEA even through adultery (and no this has not happened to me thankfully). I know this has affected a lot of women, and could speak to alot of people.


  2. Thanks for the fascinating interview! I enjoyed it. As a writer I understand your favorite and least favorite aspects of the job. All the best!

  3. RachieG says:

    More humor! 🙂 I love contemporaries but most of them are always so serious with such huge problems for them to overcome! Sometimes it’s just too sad…but if the problem is done well, it can be good. I’m kind of all over the place, but you know what I mean? 🙂

  4. Jane says:

    I agree with Booklover1335 about reality. Sometimes it just seems that there’s not plausible way the hero and heroine would get together. Can’t wait to read your books, Jamaica.

  5. Mari says:

    I too would like to read a few books with “average joe” heroes (but who have heroic qualities). I would also like to read books where the heroine or hero is a virgin or has never been in love before.

  6. Caffey says:

    Hi Jamaica. Nice to meet you and hear about your books!
    I’m really flexible. I really like alot of themes. I do like those heroes that are with like construction and those day to day heroes too! I love bodyguards! Cowboys!

  7. Thanks for all the great feedback, readers!!

  8. ThatBrunette says:

    I agree, I would occasionally like more realistic lead characters. Although, I don’t want that to be the focus. Feel free to do a physical description but it doesn’t need to be the focus of the story. Let the plot carry the story. I also like humor. Sex is kinda funny.

    I loved seeing Nin and Friday in your list of influences. Nin was a pioneer and led an interesting life.

    Waiting is the worst part of many jobs…and daily life. 🙂

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