Kate Pearce tells us about her new release…

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Today my guest is author Kate Pearce.

Kate chose to do the “Complete the Sentences – Book Version” to tell us a little about her new release.

simplyshamelessMy book is titled:  Simply Shameless

It got that title because:  it is part of a series of Simply something books and it fits the heroine down to a ‘t’

My book is about:  Madame Helene Delornay who runs a very exclusive pleasure house in Regency London and Mr. Philip Ross, a gentleman from her past who reappears in her life with very interesting consequences.

The idea for my book came from:  Madame Helene being a secondary character in the first two books, Simply Sexual and Simply Sinful. I wanted to write about this interesting woman from the beginning and was glad to get the opportunity.

I think readers will like the hero because:  He is one of the only men in the world who is smart and sexy enough to deal with Helene and offer her the kind of love she really needs.

I think readers will like the heroine because:  she is a strong woman who has been through terrible suffering but has refused to let herself be dragged down and has triumphed in life on her own particular terms.

If I had to describe the hero and heroine’s relationship with one word, that word would be:  combustible! -is that a word?

My favorite character in the book is:  Helene

I like this character because:  she is not ashamed to own her sexuality and run her own business in a time when women were often treated like chattels. And she’s made mistakes but she is trying her best to redeem them.

My book is set in:  Regency England

I chose this setting because:  I love this time period above all others.

While writing this book, I:  found myself really loving how Philip handled Helene, his honesty, his humor and the fact that he ends up respecting and loving her, which is no more than she deserves.

The thing I enjoyed most about writing this book was:  the snappy dialogue, and the scorching sex scenes.

What surprised me most while writing this book is:  how hard it was to end it and let them be happily ever after. I could’ve gone on writing about them for at least another book 🙂

Readers can find my books:  every where-in stores, on Amazon and all listed on my website at http://www.katepearce.com

Thanks Kate!

Readers, be sure to check out Kate’s books as well as her website!

Kate kindly donated a copy of Simply Shameless to one lucky winner.  I’ll randomly select and announce the winner tomorrow so be sure to check back to see if you won!
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20 Responses to Kate Pearce tells us about her new release…

  1. Cheryl McInnis says:

    Hi Kate!
    I have to ask what made you decide to set your “Simply” books in the Regency period? Although I love reading Historicals, I haven’t read many set in that era- other than Johanna Lindsey of course! I never really thought of it as a particularly sexy time in history, so I guess I’ll have to check out your books and found out how wrong I am, LOL.

    Have a great day!

  2. Roberta Harwell says:

    Hello Kate,

    This book sounds fascinating. I enjoy strong female characters. Have a great day.

  3. Crystal B. says:

    Hi Kate. Great answers to the questions. Simply Shameless sounds good.

  4. Kate Pearce says:

    Hey Cheryl!
    For me the Regency is the ultimate sexy time period in history 🙂 They have war, civil unrest, gorgeous fashion, more sexual freedom than the Victorians-and guys who dressed like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I think I was influenced first by Jane Austen and then by devouring Georgette Heyer’s wonderful books, so for me it felt like a totally natural fit 🙂

  5. Teresa W says:

    Glad you could be here today, enjoyed the post!

  6. Hi Kate,
    I have heard a lot of good things about your books, but sadly have not read any. I think I am going to have to rectify that pronto! I too love the regency period, but a lot of historical romances don’t appear to be quite as sexy as what you described here. Helene sounds like a great heroine. I love it when a character has overcome adversity, but eventually finds a HEA. Those are the best!


  7. Jane says:

    Hi Kate,
    Congrats on the new release. Should the Simply books be read in order or are they stand alones?

  8. Maureen says:

    Helene sounds like an unusual and interesting heroine.

  9. Kate Pearce says:

    Hey guys and thanks for commenting 🙂

    Jane, yes the Simply books go like this , Simply Sexual. Simply Sinful, Simply Shameless.
    If you check out my website there ate excerpts and blurbs on all 3 of them and on the next one ‘Simply Wicked’ which comes out in October.

  10. Helen says:

    I love books set in the regency era and this one sounds really good.
    I will be adding this one to my must get list

    Have Fun

  11. RobynL says:

    Simply Shameless sounds like an awesome read to me. I haven’t read any of your books yet either so now is my chance. Thanks for letting me into your writing world today.

  12. Pat L. says:

    I love the cover. The story sounds very good.

  13. JOYE says:

    Enjoyed reading the comments. The book sounds so good and I have added it to my TBR list.

  14. Cathy M says:

    Hi Kate, my favorite stories are erotic romances with great dialogue with a bit of humor. Love the excerpt for Simply Shameless, sound please count me in.

  15. Fedora says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on your latest, Kate! Thanks much for the interview, and please don’t include me in the drawing (I went and bought my own copy earlier–mmm!)

  16. Amy S. says:

    Hi Kate! Great interview! Simply Shameless sounds great!

  17. Lori T says:

    Hi Kate. Simply Shameless sounds really good and I love the cover. Great interview.

  18. Caffey says:

    Hi Kate! So love the first book in this series and I have more to catch up with! Love your cowboys too! Regency reads have so much of a comfort read for me in that I’m so able to escape within these books that I love those days reading them!

  19. Rachie2004 says:

    Love it that you had a hard time saying goodbye to your characters…that’d be the hardest part for me I think!

    🙂 Looks fun!

    rachie2004 AT yahoo.com

  20. Lyoness2009 says:

    🙂 Howdy Kate! The book looks great and loved the interview!

    How hot is that cover?? Woo!

    lyoness2009 @ hotmail.com

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