May’s Book-of-the-Month!!!

So, I meant to post this yesterday along with my discussions of the previous Books-of-the-Months (which I am woefully behind on), but life had other plans and I have spent the weekend sick in bed.

Anyway, you all voted and the May Book-of-the-Month feature is going to be an eBook-of-the-Month…

Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight


So be sure to pick up a copy and read along as I’d love for you all to join in the discussion.  (You can learn more about the book by clicking on the cover).


Speaking of discussions…as I mentioned I had intended on posting the past discussions this weekend, but because of being ill I was unable to get it done this weekend.

So I have decided to post ALL of the discussion posts (including the one for the book above) the week of May 18-22.  There will be a different discussion posted each day.

I’ll be out of town that week so I won’t be able to actively participate in the discussions that week, but I will share my thoughts on the books and invite those who have read the books (see sidebar for the list/covers/links) to share theirs as I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts (good or bad).

I apologize for falling behind on the blog when it comes to this feature as it is something I really enjoy.  Life just seems to be throwing me curveballs these last few weeks.


ALSO, I will be getting the polls for June’s Book-of-the-Month and eBook-of-the-Month together soon so PLEASE, PLEASE give me some suggestions (either in the comments below or through e-mail).

My only criteria is that it be a romance and that it be available to purchase during the month of June…so it can be an old or new release, print or eBook, as long as it is available in stores or online.

Readers, is there a book you’d like me to read and discuss?
Authors, feel free to suggest your own book!
I’ll put together a list and the polls will be open sometime later this month.


One Response to May’s Book-of-the-Month!!!

  1. Caffey says:

    Great! I got it already! So I’ll get that in reader to read soon!

    Does anyone know if they have a list of ebooks coming? I wondered if they did. I know there will be lots there I’d want to read too. So I’ll find some and come back with those too!

    How about
    BURNING ALIVE by Shannon K. Butcher
    NIGHT’S ROSE by Annaliese Evans
    MOONLIGHT WARRIOR by Janet Chapman
    SINS OF THE WICKED DUKE by Sophie Jordan

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