Devyn Quinn Spreads the Word about eBooks…

cover-planetToday my guest is author Devyn Quinn.

Devyn is an ambassador for the Go Green/Read e campaign (you might have noticed the image in the sidebar) and today she is here to spread the word about eBooks…


Now here’s Devyn…


eBook Readers: Choosing the best one!


Before we get to today’s blog topic, I’d like to thank the Jennifer  for allowing me the chance to join her today. As some of you might know, All Romance eBooks is sponsoring a Go Green/Read an eBook campaign.  As one of their ambassadors, I am here to spread the word about eBooks and how fabulous they are.


As an author who has been in on the eBook revolution since it began in the early 90’s, I found myself fascinated by the idea of books in a portable, paperless format. I’m all for eBooks, and anything that gets people back to reading for entertainment.


There’s only one problem I’ve found and, for me, it’s been a big one. What is the best way to read an eBook? I have to admit that the idea of using my work computer is unattractive. After all, I sit behind the computer all day working on my own projects. When it comes time for pleasure reading, the last thing I want to do is look at the monitor some more! I could print the book—except that some eBooks disable the print function. Printing the book also defeats the purpose of eBooks. It wastes expensive ink and paper, something I’m not inclined to do in the first place. I purchased the book because of its portable format. It’s supposed to be easy and convenient to read. But it’s not! My problem is that I have yet to find the perfect eBook reader.


Therefore I am asking readers this question: What eBook reader do you use, and why? Leave a comment telling us about your favorite method for reading ebooks. Share your knowledge, the ups and downs and how you finally found the perfect e-reader.


Give us the specs and tell us how the device you’ve chosen is the perfect one for reading eBooks. In other words, convince me this is the reader for me!


And since this is an eBook campaign, I’ll be giving away free PDF copies of my gothic novel, The Keeper of Eternity, to any reader who emails me, saying they saw this article at Jennifer’s Random Musings! Send your request to:



Devyn Quinn is a romance author and avid eBook reader, blogging this month for All Romance eBooks’ Go Green/Read e Campaign. Find out more about the Go Green/Read e Campaign at  To learn more about Devyn, visit her website at You can find Devyn’s eBooks and thousands of other eBooks on-line at


Thanks Devyn!


Readers, do you have an eBook reader?  If so, tell us about it.  If not, is there one you’ve had your eye on?


10 Responses to Devyn Quinn Spreads the Word about eBooks…

  1. Kara says:

    I have two devices I read eBooks on besides my computer. One is my Palm TX – which I love because it is always with me since it is my PDA – I never have to remember to pack it because it is always in my purse. I can read PDFs, mobipocket, and eReader software on it – without having to convert anything (all this software can be used on the computer too and is free). Yes, the screen is kind of small – but you can increase the font size. Downloading eBooks is a breeze.

    The other device I use is eBookwise reader. I love it because it has a backlight and I can read it at night with the lights off and not disturb anyone. It is kind of hard to read PDFs because you have to convert them to the eBookwise format – but I found a nice software program that wasn’t too expensive ($15) that converts the files. The other thing I have a small complaint with – is its size. It doesn’t weigh more than a paperback – but it is kind of bulky in design. Very easy to use though and downloading eBooks to it is very simple.

    I am investigating the Kindle vs. the Sony reader in the hopes that one day the price will come down and I’ll be able to afford one.

    As you can tell, I absolutely love eBooks and promote them as much as I can with friends and family.

  2. Becky Ward says:

    I read my e-books on my pc right now. I have been trying to decide between the Kindle and Sony Reader. Hopefully the price will drop or I will come up with enough money to buy one of them.

  3. Liza says:

    I have the newest Sony Reader. I picked Sony because I could still read pdf docs on my reader. At the time, the original Kindle didn’t allow pdf docs. I really enjoy reading books on my Reader, but I also admit that I still buy regular books too. Pricing for ebooks is sometimes more than for a regular book, but I haven’t run into that problem with all my books.

  4. devyn quinn says:

    Thanks for sharing the stories about your favorite ebook readers!

  5. Fedora says:

    Hi, Devyn! I don’t have an e-book reader yet, so I’m limited to reading on the computer. Obviously this cancels out any portability pluses 😉 On the other hand, it still means fewer books on the literal TBR, which is a plus for my DH, who isn’t crazy about the growing stacks as it is! I hope to get an e-reader someday, so I’m reading the other comments with interest!

  6. Jennifer Y says:

    I’ll go ahead and add my thoughts…

    I had an ebookwise and agree with Kara’s comments on it. I love the backlight and feel it’s easy to use (I did purchase the ebook library software separately though so I could easily upload books…haven’t tried it without the software). It has its negatives as well (have to convert PDFs, bulky, hard to read outside in sunlight…but that may just be me).

    I also recently won a Sony Reader PRS-505 and I LOVE it…so far. It’s easy to use (comes with ebook library software so you can transfer books from computer or other drives), can read PDFs without conversion (most of my ebooks are PDFs) as well as several other file types, has adjustable print size, is very light weight (compared to the ebookwise), etc. I do have a couple of minor complaints such as the no backlight thing (can’t read in dark, but you can use a booklight as you would with a print book and I believe they sell something you can also use) and unlike with the ebookwise, you can’t read on the Sony while charging (and unless you buy a separate charger, you can only charge it through the computer).

    And although I haven’t tried it yet, the Sony apparently lets you listen to music as well. You can also view pictures on it…I have used my SD card from my digital camera and was able to see my pics in black and white on the SONY (it has no color)…a SD card can also be used to save ebooks to expand your library as cana PRODuo card.

  7. Caffey says:

    I loved this book Devyn!!! So don’t put me in the contest.

    But I wanted to tell you about the ebook reader I use. I use the EBookWise reader that’s over on (part of FictionWise). I think its perfect for the small publisher books! I can read any of them by getting the books in HTML or if other formats to just convert to a doc or HTML. I love the size of it, bigger than a mass market one and so much easier to see! (I used a PDA before but it was so hard on my eyes, but some love it because its small and I think can read any books on it!). One big disadvantage to my EBookWise reader is that I can’t read secure ebooks on it. EBookWise has some secure books I can put on it, but so many they don’t have. Like the Aphrodisia or Avon books, etc. So even those up on FictionWise in secure books I can’t read. So I do get those in print to read. But too so many from the smaller pubs that I would of missed reading if I didn’t read ebooks!

  8. Lynda says:

    I don’t have an ebook reader but would like to get one. I’ve been a little hesitant mainly because of the cost. I’ve debated buying a small laptop instead. That way I’d have a little versatility for the same cost.

  9. TerryS says:

    I read either on my PDA or my netbook (love that rotating screen which makes it feel like holding a hard cover book). After trying many formats, I now exclusively read Ereader format. I’m not even tempted to venture into a dedicated reader until it reads the Ereader format because, yes, I do reread favorites. The new Plastic Logic dedicated reader scheduled to be released next year looks promising!

  10. hendro says:

    very helpfuly friend thanks

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