Special Guest…Libby Malin!

Today’s guest is the author of Fire Me…Libby Malin.


fm-coverHere’s a blurb for the book…

One day, a dysfunctional office, and a budding romance.


Anne Wyatt has finally had it with incompetent co-workers, a boss who runs hot and cold, and meaningless busywork with impossible deadlines. But the day she goes in determined to hand in her resignation, she learns that her boss is planning to let someone go. She changes course, deciding to try for the lay-off and the severance package that goes with it.


Throughout the day, she engages in hysterical antics designed to attract her boss’ negative evaluation, egged on by Ken, the handsome graphic designer in the next cubicle, who has his own ideas for liberation from the corporate grind. In the end, together Anne and Ken have to decide what is important in life, and what they need to discard without a second glance.


And now here is Libby to share the inspiration behind the book…


The Inspiration Behind Fire Me


Several years ago, I was chatting with a dear friend who was unsure about her career direction. Should she stay at her job or move on?  She was really in the throes of indecision, able to come up with excellent reasons for either choice, which only caused more mental anguish.


Joking around, I suggested she get rid of that anguish by….messing up so much at work she’d be fired! No more wrestling with the Big Decision – it would be taken entirely out of her hands.


And out of that silly suggestion came the idea for FIRE ME as I thought through what kinds of crazy stunts someone might play in order to earn their boss’ negative vibes and land the pink slip.


I thought it would be easy to come up with ideas, but soon discovered that fashioning a story around such a premise would require real thought and work. After all, why would someone TRY to get fired anyway?  Well, maybe if she knows her boss is going to lay off an employee by the end of the day and bestow on said employee a generous severance package, and, oh yes, what if she herself had planned on handing in her resignation that day anyway?


That is precisely what Fire Me’s protagonist, Anne Wyatt, does. Ready to move on to “greener pastures,” she’s about to break the news of her departure to her boss Mitch when he announces his lay-off-by-the-end-of-the-day plan.


Once the starting gun sounds, Anne is off, a woman on a mission to win the juicy check that goes with the lay-off before taking off for her next job. Little does she know that her crazy day will bring epiphanies that have her rethinking everything—past choices, future plans, love interests, and more.


Fire Me was a blast to write, but it was a challenge to think of activities for Anne to pursue that would immediately draw the attention of her boss while at the same time not pushing the envelope so far that she’d give her scheme away.


I hope Anne’s antics resonate with anyone who’s ever really wanted to say “take this job and….well, you know.”


For more information about Fire Me and my other books, check out my website at www.LibbysBooks.com


Thanks Libby!


Readers, be sure to check out Libby’s website and to pick up a copy of Fire Me!


6 Responses to Special Guest…Libby Malin!

  1. Fedora says:

    Libby and Jennifer, I read about Fire Me at Fatin’s blog and it sounds hilarious! I’m definitely looking forward to picking it up!

  2. RachieG says:

    This book looks adorable!! I’m really looking forward to reading it…and the premise is neat. I’m sure it’s gonna be funny too…just think of all the wacky stuff she could do to get fired! 😀

  3. Libby Malin says:

    Thanks for the kind words. It was a hoot to write — trying to think of things you’d do if you WANTED to get fired. What a fantasy!

  4. Maya M. says:

    This sounds so creative. Going straight to my TBB list.

  5. Lyoness2009 says:

    Doesn’t it seem like the easiest things turn out to be pretty hard? This looks fabulous though, would love to read it!

  6. Libby Malin says:

    Thanks so much for having me on this blog! I hope you enjoy the book!

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