A special character interview…

blood_and_sex__michaelSo today I have something special for you all.  I recently had the chance to interview Michael and Jonas from Angela Cameron’s Blood & Sex series just after their return from Venice. Having read the series, I was a little uneasy with meeting the guys anywhere unfamiliar, so they agreed to meet me at the local IHOP. I arrived early, asked for the booth closest to the door so that I could see them coming, and ordered a cup of coffee while I waited. They were, of course, late.


Watching them walk into the place was surreal. They were both awkwardly pale and obviously not regular pancake patrons. Michael did at least make an attempt at being human in a dark suit, but he was so abnormally handsome that everyone around me noticed him immediately. Jonas was intimidating with his white hair pulled back in a low ponytail and the tattoos that I’d only seen in my imagination while reading the book. He looked like the muscle of the two and was impossible to ignore. It didn’t help that when the hostess greeted them, Jonas shot her a look that had her backing into the wall.


I waved them over, though they seemed to know exactly who I was.


Jennifer: Hi. Thanks for coming.

Michael: Good evening. (He sits and scoots toward the window. Jonas eyes him for a long moment, then slides in beside him. There’s some tension between them, though they offer no explanation.)

Jen: Can I get you anything?

Jonas: You could, but I don’t think they’ll let us do that here. (He laughs, and his voice is exactly as fascinating as Angela wrote. I can’t stop the shiver up my spine.)

M: Stop it, J. We don’t have long. (His eyes cut to me.) We have a situation that I need to attend to. Angela said you’d understand.

J: Blane can deal with his woman.

Jen: Blane has a woman?

M: (He glares at Jonas.) Can we continue?

Jen: (I suddenly have the overwhelming need to hurry, and I do wonder if Michael is doing something to me mentally. My fingers begin to flip through the tiny notebook I’d brought.) Yes, of course. I read the books Angela wrote about your lives. Have you read them?

M: Yes.

J: I’m working on it.

blood_and_sexjonasJen: How do you feel about having your lives put out there?

J: It’s a little unnerving to have the truth on display, but I don’t think anyone will believe it. (Michael just nods.)

Jen: What about the girls? How do they feel about being in the books?

M: Victoria thinks it’s amusing. Well…everything but the women who come to the club looking for us.

J: Did you see me drag Elena off that girl last week? (He’s positively beaming.)

M: I saw. She’s going to have to learn to control that new temper.

J: Like Tori needs to?

Jen: (There’s long silence and the hairs on my arm stand straight.) So, is there anything that you’d like my blog readers to know about you that’s not in the books?

M: Yes. It’s not a good idea to start searching for our kind.

J: I don’t mind if they want to donate. (Michael starts shaking his head and rolls his eyes.) Elena won’t mind as long as they keep their clothes on, and it’s just blood.

M: Then gentlemen are welcome to visit Elena at the club as well. (Jonas becomes completely still and a low rumble starts in his chest. Michael smirks.) Go on, Jennifer.

Jen: Is there anything the readers would be surprised to know about you two?

J: He cried watching The Notebook.

M: (Glares at him.) Shall I tell her what Elena told Torie happened when you watched P.S. I Love You together? Or that you watch Sponge Bob?

(Jonas flips Michael off.)

Jen: So you both like romances?

M & J: (Almost simultaneously.) No.

Jen: Alright. Well. What can we expect to be in Angela’s next story? What’s happened lately?

M: I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with Angela much lately.

Jen: I guess you’ve been busy with the new position. (Michael nods and looks, for the first time, old.)

J: I think Ang told me that she was working on Blane’s story next.

M: (Glances under the table at what I assume is a cell phone, then smiles a brilliant smile.) We must be going.

Jen: Wait. Before you go, is there anything you’d like to ask my blog readers?

J: Yeah. (He slides out of the booth and towers over me.) What’s their blood type? Where do they live?

M: As if Elena wouldn’t defang you. (Michael slides out to stand beside him.) I would like to know what the readers think of Tori’s requests to join us. She thinks that I’m being controlling and demands that I consider bringing her over.

J: Change her.

M: Would you have done it if you didn’t have to? (Jonas starts toward the door while Michael offers me his hand. I shake it, feeling the slight chill of his skin.) It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Jennifer.

Jen: Thank you. Can we talk in the future?

M: (He’s already moving toward the door.) Perhaps.

He leaves, and I watch the two walk to a dark SUV that I recognize from Angela’s story. As they pull away, I glance back to my notes. Flipping the notebook closed, I notice a white business card with Jonas’s club information on the front. When I flip it over, in an old-fashioned scrawl is the message: Feel free to stop by for a drink. After all the talk about blood and donating, I think I’ll pass.

(A special thanks to author Angela Cameron for helping me “arrange” the interview and for the added special touches.  Be sure to check out her website:  www.Angela-Cameron.com and to check out the Blood & Sex series)

So readers, would you want to be changed into a vampire?


7 Responses to A special character interview…

  1. Brandy W says:

    Yes. I do think I’d like to be changed into a vampire.

  2. Carolyn Jean says:

    Oh, wow, what a fun interview. Nice job. This sounds like a very cool series!!

  3. Caffey says:

    Ah, I wished I was in your place Jen being there with Michael and Jonas. I’m devouring Michael’s right now, both the book and his visit here 🙂 You did a fab interview with them Jen!

    If it was to mean that I would stay with my mate for life, I sure would ant to change to a vamp. Then too I’ll get to meet Michael and Jonas.

    You all got to read this one! A terrific absorbing read!

  4. angiecameron says:

    Brandy–I have to agree. I think that I’d jump at the chance to be turned. Although, I did dream that I had a very heated argument with Edward because he turned me into “the sparkly kind”. So, I might not opt into just any type of vampire life.

    Carolyn-I thought it was a great interview, too. Jennifer did a great job of holding her own with the guys.

    Caffey-I’m wondering if Jennifer isn’t having second thoughts about ever seeing the guys again. (And thank you for the compliment on the book!)

  5. Inara/Dana says:

    If I couldn’t drink wine and enjoy it, I would NOT want to be a vampire. Especially not the sparkly kind. 🙂

  6. Ah ha. Well, Dana, I have a surprise in book three: Mixed drinks for vampires. Yum!

  7. Lynda says:

    Usually I think I’d like to be a vampire. I already have the awkwardly pale skin covered! On the other hand, I’d hate giving up my favorite foods.

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