A Few Quick Announcements…

Hi all!  Hope everyone is doing better than I am.  I caught a nasty chest cold early last week and have been coughing up what feels like both lungs for days.
Because of that I am a bit behind on a few things and am slowly catching up.


I do have a few things to announce here…




First, because of my poor health (I seem to get sick almost monthly and my migraines are getting worse) I am making a few changes here on the blog.  Basically, I am discontinuing the Random Reading Challenge as well as my list of reads for 2009.   I just can’t seem to find the time to update them and thought it best to do away with them.


I’ll still talk about books as well as have author guests so most of you probably won’t even notice this change.




Next, I have decided to start a separate blog for my book reviews…I am having a hard time fitting them in here what with the increase in guest spot requests so I have started another blog just for them.




It’s a work-in-progress, which I have fallen behind on while I have been sick.  But please be sure to keep checking on it as I have some fun things planned over there as well.




Finally, on April 18 a group of Ravenous Romance authors will kick off the Ravenous Romance Ornery Eleven Blog Tour.
They’ll be making a stop here on April 19.


Here’s the full schedule and links to both the blog stops and the author sites:


4/18 – Zhadi’s Den – Intro Stop

4/19 – Jennifer’s Random Musings – Elle Amery

4/20 – UnboundLisa Lane 

4/21 – Talk About My Favorite Authors Angela Cameron

4/22 – Kissa Starling EM Lynley

4/23 – The Countess Jamaica Layne

4/24 – PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance Sephera Giron

4/25 – Wicked Thorn and Roses Isabel Roman

4/27 – Sia’s Thoughts on… Neve Black

4/29 – Bryn Greenwood C. Margery Kempe

4/30 – BookwenchesSavannah Chase

5/1 – Neve Black Inara LaVey

5/2 – Night Owl Romances – Final Stop


Visit each stop for fun and prizes!  There will also be a fabulous grand prize so be sure to visit every stop!




That’s all for now…I think…I am sorry I haven’t been around lately.  It’s been a while since I have been this sick and it’s really sapped all my energy.


4 Responses to A Few Quick Announcements…

  1. Roberta Harwell says:

    Hope you get to feeling better. Have a great day.

  2. cheryl c. says:

    Gee, Jennifer, I don’t know how you manage to keep up with this blog at all since you have been so sick. I hope that you have been to a doctor. I can sympathize with you about migraines. Mine didn’t improve until I hit menopause! I hope that you feel better soon and find an answer to why you are getting sick so frequently.

  3. Fedora says:

    I’m so amazed at all you get done, Jennifer! I couldn’t do it even healthy! Take care, and thanks again for your hard work!

  4. Caffey says:

    I do hope you got yourself checked out Jennifer. Could be something simple or just that you need to rest to get stronger. Take care!

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