A special guest completes the sentences…

Today my guest is Matt Cartwright, the hero from A Cowboy’s Promise by Marin Thomas, a Harlequin American Romance that is available this month!


cowboypromise1Matt Cartwright is one of the top tie-down ropers on the rodeo circuit but looking to retire from rodeo and start up his own horse-breeding business.  He’s the eldest biological son of Dominick Cartwright, Oklahoma‘s famous oil baron.  His step-brother, Duke Dalton, appeared in The Cowboy and the Angel (Nov 08).


Here are Matt’s responses to my infamous “Complete the Sentences”…

I am a sucker for women who struggle with bad luck and bad times.  Women who don’t have their act together.  Women who need my help but not me.  I’m a sucker for Amy.


I like tall, slim, dark-haired women–that is until I met Amy.  Then my preference changed to short, busty with bouncy blond curls.


I love the feel of Amy’s soft curly hair against my face when we kiss.


I dream of starting up my own cutting-horse operation.  My old man wants me to follow in his footsteps and enter the oil business, but I prefer the smell of a rank barn to crude any day. 


I wish I could take back that night in Pocatello, Idaho when I met up with Amy’s husband.


I wonder if I should take my chances or pack up my mares and leave the Broken Wheel Ranch before I can no longer keep my hands off Amy. 


I pretend to know what I’m doing but I haven’t got a clue how to babysit a toddler and a first-grader. 


I know one thing for sure–if Amy thinks I’m going to walk away and not collect on her husband’s debt, then she hasn’t yet met a determined man.


I fear rats.  Hated the furry things since I was kid and got bit by one. And I’m going to put a stop to Amy’s daughter befriending the rodent in the barn.


I worry about my strong instinct to protect Amy and her girls.  It’ll just make leaving them all the more difficult.  


I hope to hell I can prove Son of Sunshine didn’t attack Amy’s husband.  If I can’t, the stallion won’t be worth the glue they make out of him at the factory.


I want only what’s owed me–to breed my mares to the famous Son of Sunshine.


I need help corralling two pint-sized females and I’m hoping the soft fencing and walkie talkies I purchased at the feed store are just the ticket to keep the little fillies out of trouble while I work with Son if Sunshine.


I will do everything in my power to make sure Amy hangs onto her Idaho horse farm.  It’s the least I can do after conning her husband into a card game I knew he couldn’t win.    


I dance to These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra.  My dad wore that song out after my mother left us when I was nothing but a tyke.


I never knew what Silly Nilly’s were until I volunteered my services as a cowboy nanny.


I Hate bankers, like Payton Scott, who threaten young widows trying to keep a roof over her little girls’ heads.


Thanks Matt (and Marin for getting my questions to Matt).


Readers, you can learn more about Marin Thomas and her books by visiting: http://www.marinthomas.com/


And be sure to look for A Cowboy’s Promise in stores now!


Marin Thomas has donated 2 copies of A Cowboy’s Promise to two lucky commenters.  I’ll randomly draw winners from all that leave a comment here today and announce them on Saturday (April 18) so be sure to return to see if you won!


22 Responses to A special guest completes the sentences…

  1. Helen says:


    I love your answers and this books sounds so good I love cowboys

    Have Fun

  2. Tamsyn says:

    Hey, I’m new here and I love the way you conduct the character interview! A hero afraid of rats? If I release one, I wonder if he will jump into my arms?:o) Tamsyn

  3. Penney says:

    I love it, thanks for being here today I enjoyed reading this.

  4. Marin Thomas says:

    Hi Tamsyn & Penney

    Thanksfor commenting!

    Poor Matt, I gave him my fear of rats in this book. I’ll never forget the one that almost bit me when I worked at the animal sciences center at the University of Arizona one summer during college. The rat got out its cage and I had to catch it–ugh!


  5. Lee McKenzie says:

    Marin, what a great introduction to a to-die-for hero! I’m already a little bit in love!

  6. Crystal B. says:

    I loved Matt’s answers. Sounds like a great book. Nice cover.

  7. Marin Thomas says:

    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for commenting!

    My first post didn’t go through so I apologize if it shows up later and I’m repeating myself 🙂

    I gave Matt one of my real-life fears–rats. I have hated rats since one escaped its cage and I almost got bit trying to catch it. I worked at the University of Arizona animal sciences center one summer during college–cleaning rats cages!


  8. Mel K. says:

    “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra is
    one of my favorite songs! And I used to party in Pocatello, Idaho. I’ve got to read this book!
    Hi, Marin! I adopted a kitty last July and I feel Damian sent him to me.

  9. Great blog post! Love the hero and can’t wait to read more-

  10. Emma says:

    I have enjoy reading all of your books. Your books are all wonderful.Their is a short story called In A Cowboy’s Arm on Harlequin Anerican Romance site.You can read an excerpt of A Cowboy’s Promise on this site too.On the April books.If you have not read one of Marin’s books you are missing out on a wonderful story.

  11. Teresa W says:

    Enjoyed the hero, looking forward to the read!

  12. Pat L. says:

    Sounds like a good book. I love cowboy stories.

  13. cheryl c. says:

    I love a good cowboy story, both contemporary and historical. There’s just something so sexy about a cowboy! 😉

  14. Susan says:

    What a fun post! I have one question.. how did you get a cowboy to talk so much about himself? 🙂 This sounds like a terrific book.

  15. Minna says:

    Great post!

  16. Quilt Lady says:

    Oh a cowboy, I love them! I will bet this is one good book and I would love to read it.

  17. Marin Thomas says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Let’s see if this post shows up in real time…
    Thanks for all your fun comments!

    Susan, lol, this is a romance–the only place real cowboys are willing to “Talk”.

    Emma, thanks for the kind words about my books. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them! Emma’s right– hop over to http://www.eharlequin.com and check out their “Free Reads” Library. You’ll find my short story In A Cowboy’s Arms there.

    Mel, it sounds like you and the new kitty have really bonded. Damien would be happy for you!


  18. Sara says:

    Very interesting…and I think Marin creates really neat cowboys…


  19. Joy says:

    Matt had some great answers. Looks like a really good read.

  20. Hi Marin!

    Cute blog. And another wonderful cover. Wishing you great sales!

  21. RobynL says:

    I love me some cowboy and rodeos, trail rides, wide open spaces, brandings, etc. I’m in Heaven with this type of story. Please enter me.

  22. Lynda says:

    I love cowboys. And I love when books tie in with each other. Thanks for a great interview.

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