Spotlight on…Going Down Hard by Tawny Weber

Here’s today’s second spotlight.

This time I am spotlighting Going Down Hard by Tawny Weber (a May Harlequin Blaze)…be sure to check below for the spotlight on Tawny’s current release.



Tawny Weber

ISBN: 978-0-373-79472-0

May 2009


Her satisfaction is guaranteed…

Sierra Donovan is flying high on her company’s rising success. Her bonus?  Another sexy one-night-stand with cowboy Reece Carter–also known as the best sex she’s ever had.

But when sick blackmail photos start to show up, fiercely self-reliant Sierra suddenly finds herself needing a 24-hour bodyguard.  Who better than cowboy turned security specialist Reece Carter?

Reece is tall, dark and dangerous…and he’s getting in Sierra’s take-charge way.  But, oh god, can he make every single nerve ending on her body sizzle.

Sierra soon realizes that coming home to great sex each night has its benefits.  That is, as long as her bodyguard can keep her alive long enough to enjoy it…

Now here’s a brief excerpt from Going Down Hard…

 “Sure, the police wrote a report,” Sierra said.  “But that was just for form, you know?  Poor taste and tacky sex fetishes aren’t a crime, as I’m sure you know.”

            Reece’s blue eyes sparkled in wicked delight at her dig.  Sierra’s lips twitched, but she kept her expression smooth.  No point letting him know she was tickled that he’d understood her humor. 

            “They asked you for a list of suspects?”

            “Of course.”  At his pointed look she rolled her eyes and shrugged.  “I have no suspects.  If I had a clue who was doing this I’d go beat them over the head with their own computer.”

            “Ex-boyfriends, old lovers, new lovers.  Guys you’ve jilted, guys you’ve scorned, guys you’ve shot down?”

             “Oh yeah, the list was pages long,” Sierra said with a wide-eyed look as she pursed her lips in a way she knew would get his attention.  “I was with four different guys last week, but since the Galaxy Soccer team is on the road, they figured it wasn’t them.”

            So it was all bullshit.  She wasn’t going to discuss her sex life with Reece.  Duh.  She obviously wasn’t doing a soccer team.  And she wasn’t about to admit she hadn’t had sex or anything approaching a relationship since she’d slipped up and given in to lust two months ago.  In her attempt to distract him from discovering Belle sneaking around Mitch’s office, she’d lost control of her argument with Reece and they’d ended up doing the nasty. 

            Just another reason to stay away from him.  She never triumphed in their little verbal skirmishes.  Even when she won. 

            The memory of their against-the-wall encounter made her squirm, her silk panties growing uncomfortably warm..  Needing to cool off, she grabbed her margarita and drained the deliciously icy concoction in one gulp. 

            Letting the sugar-laden tequila calm her, she met Reece’s eyes with a raised-brow look of her own. 

            No.  He didn’t need any encouragement.  After all, she knew firsthand how little stroking his… ego needed to expand to mammoth proportions. 

Don’t both of these books sound so good?

Be sure to look for them in stores and online.  And to learn more about Tawny Weber and her books check out her site:


7 Responses to Spotlight on…Going Down Hard by Tawny Weber

  1. Carolyn Jean says:

    Quite the hot little excerpt! This book sounds fun, and I love the title. I’m always up for a cowboy/bodyguard romance.

  2. kim h says:

    another hot one thanks
    great reviews congrats

  3. Brandy W says:

    I have Coming on Strong upstairs waiting for me. Definitely have to get this one too. Thanks Jen.

  4. Helen says:

    I am looking forward to Reece and Sierras story can’t wait
    Have Fun

  5. Caffey says:

    I love Tawny’s books that I had read. I’m behind on her recent ones so it was great to read about these today here.

    Thanks for posting all this on Tawny’s books Jen!

  6. Fedora says:

    Just finished Coming on Strong, and it was fabulous! Definitely looking forward to Going Down Hard!

  7. tawny says:

    Hey everyone *waving*

    Jennifer, thanks so much for sharing my books 🙂 You rock. And thanks for all the warm fuzzies – I hope if you do read them, you let me know what think. Sierra and Belle were so fun to write and I’d love to think readers will have as much fun reading their stories *g*

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