Hmm…the DABWAHA tourney

Well, I am one poll away from winning the reader tourney of DABWAHA.  I need the fabulous book, The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne to win the championship and I’ll win a Sony eBook Reader.  Nothing against Iron Kissed (its opponent) as I am sure it is a great book (I haven’t read it or its author).   It should be a tough one.

If I don’t win (even though I really want to…who wouldn’t?), at least I have had fun participating and have discovered some authors and books I need to check out.

Anyway, the finals are tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post a link here along with the times for you to vote for whatever book you’d like to see win(although if you happened to pick The Spymaster’s Lady, I wouldn’t complain…LOL).

Also, check out Joanna Bourne’s blog before or after you vote.  She apparently has something “exciting” planned.

A side note:  I am still working with my new computer trying to figure it out and figure out what I need on it and what I need to do (I hate losing computers) so I am still behind on things.   I should have the scheduled posts up later this week, however, without a problem.  *knock on wood*


One Response to Hmm…the DABWAHA tourney

  1. kh says:

    i want to win too lol

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