My Apologies…

For those looking for today’s scheduled Book-of-the-Month discussion I am sorry.  I have been really sick this week and haven’t had a chance to get it typed up and posted.  I hope to get both Books-of-the-Month discussions posted this weekend, but if that doesn’t happen I will be sure to let you all know the date they will be posted.

Being sick stinks!!

Anyway…I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Read any good books lately?  I am still looking for suggestions for future Book-of-the-Month and eBook-of-the-Month polls.


7 Responses to My Apologies…

  1. azteclady says:


    I hope you feel better soonest!

  2. ThatBrunette says:

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Migraine from the pollen or one of the lovely random viruses? I hope you feel better, soon. You’ve turned your personal obsession into a great blog!

  3. Liza says:

    Hope you feel better soon Jennifer. I just finished reading Casual Hex by Vicki Lewis Thompson. It was a very sexy and fun read.

  4. Helen says:

    I do hope you are feeling better very soon hugs to you.
    I have just finished reading Christie Kelley’s Every Time We Kiss fantastic book I loved it, I am reading Samantha James’s Bride Of A Wicked Scotsman at the moment and loving it

    Have Fun

  5. Caffey says:

    Jennifer, so hope you’re feeling better soon! I really do think of you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Take that comfort and rest with reading! Does wonders, doesn’t it!

    I’m reading TO SIN WITH A STRANGER by Kathryn Caskie, first in the Seven Deadly Sins (Historical) series. Absolutely love this! I don’t know how I can wait in between for the other books, LOL.

    Recently I read THE CLUB, Sharon Page’s first Dell Historical romance (MM) (she also writes for Aphrodisia). Very dark, passionate read! If you like reading characters, like a ‘tortured soul’ book of a hero and/or heroine, this is one to read! I don’t want to give anything away, but just an outstanding book with a mystery to solve within it as well as a passionate h/h.

    I too read a ebook thats been out awhile, HUNTER’S PREY by Kit Tunstall (Loose ID). Erotic vamp! Excellent too.

    So its been a great reading week for me! I love those! Next up? I’m really hooked on the historicals this week, LOL. Gonna see what others are reading here! Helen, was that Christie Kelley’s first book? I do have that, and will pull that out. I was just thinking about Samantha James series, so I must find that first book in the series you are reading in this room somewhere, LOL. Liza, I have CASUAL HEX in my Amazon Basket! I love hearing what you are all reading too! And Jennifer, love your book discussions and authors here too! You should see my Amazon basket, LOL. Rest!!

  6. Helen says:


    Every Time We Kiss is the second book by Christie the first one Every Night I Am Yours is a fantastic read as well and I would read that one first. This is a series about four or five friends and I gotta say I have really enjoyed both of them so far.

    I read Kathryn Caskies’s To Sin With A Stranger a couple of weeks ago and totally agree loved it and can’t wait till the next one.

    After I read Samantha James book I will probably read Nalini Singh’s Angels’ Blood.

    Have Fun

  7. Being sick = no fun! Especially on a Friday. Hope you feel better soon.

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