Review of Destiny of the Wolf by Terry Spear

DestinyWolf_fullcover.inddIn what is one of my favorite reads so far this year, Terry Spear provides readers with a suspenseful paranormal romance that I couldn’t put down!


I was drawn into the story from the very first page as we meet Lelandi Wildhaven, a red wolf shapeshifter who has come to Silver Town to investigate the death of her triplet sister.  Despite her determination she faces some difficulties as the townspeople are reluctant to believe in her motives for being there and someone is out to stop her from discovering the truth.  Lelandi is a strong character full of grit and determination whom I instantly liked.  I especially loved the strength she demonstrates throughout the story as danger seems to stalk her at every turn.


As for the hero of the story, still blaming himself for his mate’s death, Darien Silver, the alpha pack leader of a group of grey wolf shapeshifters, is enchanted and confused by the appearance of one who looks so much like his deceased mate.  Lelandi’s appearance and the danger that seems to follow her leave Darien with questions that only Lelandi can answer, but Darien is not sure he’ll like those answers.


Unsure of who to trust and determined to prove her sister’s death was not a suicide, Lelandi discovers some interesting details that could and does endanger her own life.  And when she finds herself under Darien’s protection, she learns more about the pack leader and his role in her life.  As Lelandi and Darien work to discover the truth they face danger, but also discover a love and fate that neither can deny.


I really enjoyed the relationship and chemistry between Lelandi and Darien.  Both are very headstrong individuals, as both are alpha wolves, and butt heads time and time again as they argue over what is best.  Yet they also share a touching and sensual romance and bond.  Darien is an instinctual protector and Lelandi does not make his job easier.  In addition to Darien’s determination to keep Lelandi safe once he learns of her identity, he also must keep his own pack safe.  There are quite a few interesting characters in Darien’s pack, each with distinct personalities that really helped to make the story interesting.


The strong and interesting cast of characters as well as the suspenseful plot help to make this one highly entertaining read.  I was fascinated by this page-turner as I wondered what would happen next and I was definitely not disappointed as all of the different surprises and twists to the story led to one fabulous ending that I didn’t see coming.


Destiny of the Wolf is a wonderful read full of action, suspense, and romance that I would highly recommend you read!


3 Responses to Review of Destiny of the Wolf by Terry Spear

  1. terryspear says:

    Hi Jennifer, thanks so much!!! I’d like to post some of this with your permission and a link back to the rest of your review! Thanks so much!

  2. Jennifer Y says:

    No problem! It was a great book.

  3. hhansen88 says:

    Wow that really sounds like it would be a good read. I’m definitely going to check it out. If you liked the shapeshifters of this book you should read the psh-changeling romance series by Nalini Singh.

    Her books deal with a pack of leopards and a pack of wolves (anmial shpeshifters or known as changelings in the books) that are on the brink of war with the unfeeling psh (humans with psychological powers), and the regular humans are stuck in the middle.

    She’s written five books so far and she’s writing more. I enjoyed them so much that I had to make myself put the books down to eat and sleep. Well not really, but it was still pretty hard to put them down. You should check them out.

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