Series Spotlight on Linda Wisdom’s Witch Series…

Today’s series spotlight is on a series I have talked about quite a bit here on the blog as the author has been my guest several times…Linda Wisdom’s paranormal series about a group of banished witches.50-ways-to-hex-your-lover


This series is a fun and quirky paranormal series with great characters and stories that leave you smiling and laughing as you wonder what will happen next.


Here is the order of the books (so far…as I believe the author has more in store for us):


50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

Hex Appeal

Wicked by Any Other Name


Hex Appeal REV 2I have reviewed the first two books in the series here on the blog already (read those reviews here and here) and they both feature the fabulous witch Jazz and her vampire boyfriend, Nick.  However, the latest book features Jazz’s friend and fellow witch, Stasi, whom we met in previous books.  I thought that since I had already reviewed the others, I’d go ahead and post a brief review of Wicked By Any Other Name here today with my spotlight.


So here is my take on the latest…


Wicked.inddA fabulous installment in Linda Wisdom’s entertaining series, Wicked By Any Other Name had all the quirkiness, humor, and colorful characters that I have come to expect from the books in this series. 


In the story, calm, cool, and collected Stasi suddenly finds her world turned upside down when a disgruntled human customer decides to take her to wizard court to sue and hires attractive wizard attorney Trevor Barnes.  Sparks fly almost from the moment Stasi and Trev meet, but it seems that Cupid has other plans for the witch and wizard and they find themselves unexpectedly drawn to one another.  But unknown magical forces are threatening the town of Moonstone Lake and turning the townsfolk against the witches who call it home.  Stasi must team up with her friends, including Jazz and Nick from the first two books in the series, to figure out what is going on before it is too late.


With fun little twists, unexpected turns, and a touching romance this was a great read.  The unusual cast of characters definitely made things interesting throughout the story.  From a talking cat clock to a talking gargoyle to ghosts, I never knew what to expect.  The author has created a fascinating world in which witches, wizards, vampires, weres, humans, and more seem to coexist.  However, in this book that coexistence is threatened in what are some emotional scenes demonstrating the prejudice and mob mentality that people are susceptible to.  So while this is definitely a fun and somewhat lighthearted read, it does have its serious moments as well…but the fun parts definitely outshine everything else.


Overall, I felt that Wicked by Any Other Name was a wonderful read that I would definitely recommend!  This series is fast becoming one of my favorites!



So there’s my review…be sure to look for all of the books in stores now!


8 Responses to Series Spotlight on Linda Wisdom’s Witch Series…

  1. Caffey says:

    I heard so many great things about these books!! I read this too on a blog from the author ( that her books are going either to a movie or TV series!! Isn’t that way neat!! I must get the new one!

  2. Brandy W says:

    Like Caffey I heard a lot of great things about this series so I went to Amazon and ordered them. I just got the first three this week but since hubby is home for one last time before his deployment he kinda takes precedence.

    I’m sure I’ll be reading and totally enjoying soon.

  3. Liza says:

    I have the first book in my tbr pile. I’ve heard really great things about the series from so many people.

  4. Jory Strong says:

    These are such great covers. Between them and your revews, I’m sold on giving this series a try.

  5. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thank you so much!

    Hex in High Heels comes out in October and two books are scheduled for next year. It’s thanks to the readers that will keep the witches coming. And I have to admit I love writing them.


  6. TerryS says:

    Any hope of ebook versions on the horizon? (Fingers crossed.)

    The covers are great and they look like fun reads.

  7. Linda Wisdom says:

    All three books are offered as ebooks, Terry S. I believe it’s And 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is available in Kindle, with the other two coming available later on.


  8. Linda Wisdom says:

    I also have a series teaser up on YouTube!


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