Special Week of Series Spotlights…

So all this week I am going to be spotlighting a few book series that I enjoy.  Considering the poll for next month’s Books-of-the-Month involve books in a series and I am doing a challenge involving the first book in a series, I thought it was an appropriate time and would be fun.

While I do enjoy standalone books, I love series as they provide readers with a chance to revisit favorite characters and to see favorite secondary characters get their happily endings.  I do prefer that a book in a series be able to stand alone as I have been known to read a series out of order, but a continuing story arc can be interesting as well (as long as I know about it before starting the books).

There are quite a few series out there in all subgenres of romance…in fact it almost seems like it is impossible to pick up a book without it being part of a series.

And it got me to wondering about some things…

1) Do you like series? Why or why not?

2) Do you read books in a series out of order?

3) How many books are too many for a series?

4) What are some of your favorite series?  (I already have my books planned for this week, but you never know when I might choose to do this series spotlight again so I look forward to your responses).


6 Responses to Special Week of Series Spotlights…

  1. Helen says:

    Yes I love books in a series for the same reasons you do Jennifer love seeing other characters in the books get their Hea.

    I try very hard not read them out of order although I have done it a couple of times unknowingly.

    For me as long as I am still enjoying the books I don’t mind

    I loved Victoria Alexander’s Effingtons, Stephanie Laurens Cynsters and The Bastion Club series, Nalini Singh’s Psy Changeling series, Jacquie D’Alessandro’s Mayhem in Mayfair series Leigh Greenwood’s Seven Brides series, Ana Leigh’s Mackenzie series these are just some that come to mind at the moment.

    Have Fun

  2. Lois says:

    1) Heck yeah — mostly, because then you know what is coming next, who might be coming next, and you get to revisit the people you just read that you loved!

    2) Only if I get it out of order. If it’s a new author, I want to know if I like it to get the others past or future, I’ll read it out of order. Otherwise, I’m quite anal and read in order. I do not read any author that writes books that you absolutely must read in a certain order, but I’m nuts that way. 😉 And I always reread in order too. 😉

    3) I really haven’t hit a series where I thought, oh geez, end it already. . . most are usually two, three books, but like the Bridgertons, that is 8. . . in the end, as long as I really like it, I’m not going to think it’s too long. The wait in between of when the books come out, there, yes could be a problem, especially if it’s one book out a year and it’s a 10 book series or something.

    4) JQ’s Bridgertons, LK’s Wallflowers and Hathaways, Marianne Stillings’s characters, Lauren Willig’s Pink books. . . and I know I have more, it’s just too early in the morning to think! LOL


  3. Liza says:

    I love reading books in a series. I like that you get to see a more about each of the characters in the future books.

    I really try not to read books out of order that are in a series, but have done it before without knowing(or for your bookclub).

    I have so many series that I love, it’s hard to list them all. JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, LK’s Wallflowers, Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalkers, JD Robb’s In Death and so many more. So far I haven’t wanted any of my favorites to end.

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    You all are naming some of my fave series!

  5. Fedora says:

    1) Ooh, yes, I definitely love a series. Other commenters have hit on some of the reasons why–I love revisiting a world/community I’ve grown to love; I love seeing past the HEA for some of the couples; I love seeing secondary characters get their own HEAs… Obviously these all work only if I enjoy book one 😉 I tend to prefer a series where each book focuses on a different couple, and I tend to prefer closure in each case. If not, I have a hard time with an open-ended series, where the end isn’t in sight… I like to have all the books/ducks lined up ahead of time 🙂

    2) I don’t tend to read out of order assuming that I know a book is part of a series. An exception is if I don’t know much about it and only have a later book–I might read some/all of it to see if I want to commit to collecting the entire series. (Tracking down an old series can be a challenge at times, and sometimes I have to know if it’s worth the trouble ;))

    3) As long as the plots/characters are relatively fresh and I still love the writing, any number is not too many. On the other hand, I really like know where a series is headed, so I don’t really like it when an author has too much going on for too long and I don’t have any idea how/when any of the threads are going to wrap up. For instance, a friend recommended Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series to me–I couldn’t bring myself to even start them because each book is incredibly complex and apparently the plotlines continue from book to book. Aaack! Too much for my little brain to handle 😀

    4) Some of my favorite series have already been mentioned–JQ’S Bridgertons and Kleypas’ Wallflowers; Monica McCarty’s Highland books (I loved her original trilogy and am collecting her current one); Beth Ciotta’s Friends and Lovers trilogy; Sylvia Day’s Georgians; Sarah Mayberry’s Daytime Divas; Kate Angell’s Boys of Summer; Stacey Kayne’s Wild trilogy; Loretta Chase’s Carsingtons; Marilyn Pappano’s Bethlehem books; Rhonda Nelson’s Men Out of Uniform; Leslie Kelly’s Santoris; Susan Kay Law’s Bright sisters; all of Nora Roberts’ families–Quinns, MacGregors, Calhouns, Stanislaskis, O’Hurleys…; Elizabeth Hoyt’s Princes; Lisa Wingate’s Tending Roses series; Tamera Alexander’s Fountain Creek trilogy; Alison Kent’s SG-5… I could on and on 😉

  6. Caffey says:

    1) Do you like series? Why or why not?
    ***Love them! Its so easy to get addicted to them!

    2) Do you read books in a series out of order?
    ***I read in order 99% of the time. I say that because recently I’ve discovered series with so many books that I want to be current with the discussions so what I do is read the first book and sometimes too the second book, then I jump in to the new book. This I do when there are LOTS like the J. D. Robb books. Otherwise I don’t, I read in exact order.

    3) How many books are too many for a series?
    ***If the books let you jump in anywhere, its ok, but some are really really long and I honestly have avoided them because they seem to be books I would want to read in order and with so many I’m afraid I’d get burned out trying to catch up. I love those that have like 5 or less when I start them and its not too bad catching up. Like recently I read about 5 or 6 Jillian Hunter’s Bocastle series books (historicals). And they were great and I read them over like 3 months and just need to get the recent one WICKED AS SIN. And I’m still looking forward to them!

    4) What are some of your favorite series?
    ***Many! So I’ll just mention a few that I’ve recently been reading and those I plan to get back into to catch up: J. R. Ward’s BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD, Lisa Kleypas’s WALLFLOWERS, Shauna Abe’s DRAKON, Mary Balogh’s HUXABLES, Cynthia Eden’s MIDNIGHT, Kate Hill’s ANCIENT BLOOD, Robin D. Owens’s CELTA HEART MATES, Emma Wildes’s BROTHERS OF THE ABSINTHE CLUB, Bianca D’Arc’s DRAGON KNIGHTS, Jo Beverly COMPANY OF ROGUES, Larissa’s Ione’s DEMONICAS and Sydney Crofts ARCO’s series. Whew, there are so many, its great!

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