Welcome Back…Christie Kelley!

Today I am delighted to welcome back to the blog the lovely Christie Kelley!

Christie’s latest release, Every Time We Kiss is available now!


etwkHere’s a blurb:



It’s been five years since Lady Jennette Selby’s fiancé died. Each courting season since has been filled with suitors eager to win her affection. But Jennette’s guilt has prompted her to swear off marriage. For her secrets are as dark as she is beautiful, and the accidental death of her fiancé was tainted by a forbidden attraction…



Matthew Harris, the new earl of Blackburn, has been scorned by the ton for unintentionally killing Lady Jennette’s fiancé. Forced to sell his estates and abandon his tenants if he does not marry a wealthy, respectable woman, Matthew turns to Lady Jennette to help him find a suitable wife. But sharing such close quarters only re-ignites an all-consuming desire neither can resist–even as every shadow of the past threatens to tear them apart….


Now here is Christie with her blog about writing this book in a coffee shop…


First, thank you Jennifer for having me back to your awesome blog again! I love being here.


The last time I was here, I was finishing my deadline book, Every Time We Kiss. In addition, to it being the first book I ever wrote on deadline, it was the first (and hopefully last) book that I had to write in a coffee shop.


When I started Every Time We Kiss, everything was fine. I had a small office that used to be our family room. Within a month of starting the book, things changed drastically. My husband and I finalized our plans to remodel, or should I say completely renovate, our 60’s split-level home. The first month, I attempted to write with the contractors coming in and out, but soon, I had no choice but to leave. When they ripped the roof off my house, we had to move into our 12×14 living room.


At my husband’s suggestion, I tried the library first. I quickly discovered that the little children at the library hadn’t learned to use their library voices, some had not learned to use an inside voice. Then I remembered that a friend of mine always write in coffee shops and cafes. It was worth a shot.


I next tried Starbucks, only to find that you must pay to use the internet there and they don’t give free refills. Since I also work real estate part-time, I needed access to the internet in case I received a phone call. My next stop was Atlanta Bread Company. Finally, I was on to something.   


They had great coffee, wonderful muffins, free internet and best of all: Free refills! They also had heat, a welcome treat since at home we only had portable heaters.


I have to admit that writing in a coffee shop went better than I expected. For the most part, both Atlanta Bread and Panera (my alternate spot) were quiet in the mornings. The lunch group was a little boisterous but it settled down again by 1:30. But with my headphones in and the internet radio on, I wrote…and wrote. I was determined not to be late on my first deadline.


One of the hardest parts about writing in the coffee shop was writing a love scene. Even though I usually tried to sit in the back of the shop, I constantly felt like someone was looking over my shoulder. It was difficult to get in the “mood” to write a sensual scene with so many other people around. But it can be done!


Thankfully, the days of writing in coffee shops are over. I just finished my 3rd book in the Spinster Club series, which I wrote in my new office (it even has a door!). Strangely enough, there were days I thought about packing up my laptop and heading down to the coffee shop. I think I wanted the free refills. That book, which will hopefully have a title some day won’t be out until April 2010.


So for the writers here, where do you write? Have you ever had to write were you just weren’t comfortable?


For the readers, where is your favorite spot to read? I noticed many people coming into the coffee shop to read.


Thanks Christie for that interesting blog and brief glimpse at a writer’s life.


Readers, you can learn more about Christie and her books at her website:  www.christiekelley.com


Be sure to look for Every Time We Kiss in stores now!


And don’t be shy…go ahead and answer Christie’s questions…


24 Responses to Welcome Back…Christie Kelley!

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Christie

    I am so looking forward to Jennette’s story I loved your first book.

    My favourite place to read is in bed or either of the 2 compfy lounge chairs I have one in the family room and 1 in the lounge room and it is just starting to get a bit cooler here in Australia great reading weather.

    Have Fun

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Christie

    I am so looking forward to Jennette’s story I loved your first book.

    My favourite place to read is in bed or either of the 2 compfy lounge chairs I have one in the family room and 1 in the lounge room and it is just starting to get a bit cooler here in Australia great reading weather.

    Have Fun
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  3. Hi Helen! Wow, I’m your favorite blogger! I’m amazed. I really feel like I say the same thing over and over.

    I like your choice of reading areas. After the remodel, we put glass french doors on our living room. Now I can shut the doors and put on the fireplace and read on the sofa in there. It’s great on a cold winter day.

  4. Hi Christie! Hi Jennifer!

    Christie, great blog. I admire you for writing in a coffee shop. I’m not sure I could do it – although I once wrote a short story in a laundromat full of drag queens. Now that really WAS difficult to keep the concentration going. These days I’m lucky enough to have an office – isn’t it great to have a proper writing space? I spent years writing in the corner of my bedroom or on the sofa if I was writing longhand.

    Jennifer, mega cool that Tempt the Devil is your book of the month! Thank you for choosing me!

  5. OMG, Anna! A laundromat filled with drag queens! I’m so glad I didn’t have coffee in my mouth when I read that.

    I love my writing space. It’s so bright here today and the sun just went behind a cloud for a moment so I felt like I couldn’t see.

  6. tawny says:

    *waving* Hey Christie, Hi Jennifer!!

    Oh man, I admire your ability to write with other people around. I’m so not good at that. I write with headphones on in my family room and distractions drive me batty. If you’d asked me a month ago if I could write in a coffee shop, I’d have laughed. But then I ended up doing a group writing thing with some pals and realized that other writers around kind of pushed me to not screw off so much. So I’m starting to wonder…

    I have to say, a laundrimat with drag queens would definitely distract me, though *g*

    I love how awesome your book sounds, Christie. Can you tell us a little about where you got the idea for it?

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Christie,
    Congrats on the new release. I love to read at home on the sofa. I’ve never really liked to hang out at Starbucks to read or surf the net. Will you write Sophie’s story next?

  8. Cassondra Murray says:

    Hi Christie!

    I am a coffee shop writer. Well…right now that’s not going so well, but I blame Panera. Their fireplace is not working. I have to have a really specific set of conditions to get into the zone. I can sometimes create those conditions at home, but most of the time it’s too solitary. When I’m at a coffee shop I can sort of zone out with people all around me and it’s strange, but I kinda feed off of the group’s energy I think. That said, since Panera’s fireplace has been out of order, I haven’t written a word. Something about that cushy chair and that fire works magic for me.

    Starbucks is too loud. They keep the music up to high, and often they’ll put on something really modern and angsty-whiney and about three minutes in I’m so distracted I can’t hear myself think. Plus, like you said, internet isn’t free there.

    There’s a small coffee shop on the square in my town–it has free wifi and great food, and is very eclectic–old brick walls, etc. I can write there once I get settled in.

    The one negative to writing out like that is that I meet people, then everyone I’ve met wants to come over and say Hi. Some days it’s constant. I’ll often switch coffee shops to try to hide.

  9. Cassondra Murray says:

    OH, reading… I like to read in bed or at a quieter coffee shop as well. Most of my reading is in bed.

  10. Liza says:

    Hi Christie! Congrats on the new release, it sounds really great. I’ll have to look for it on my next bookstore visit. I like to read either in bed or under blankets on my sofa(my living room is always cold).

  11. Hi Tawny! You should know that you do what you have to do in order to meet that deadline. I did have a few neighbors that offered their houses but that felt weird to me so it was off to the coffee shop for me.

    As far as where the idea came from…I have no idea. I started this story four different ways (no kidding!). Nothing was working and the characters felt forced. Finally, I had one of those “What If” moments. I started asking myself what would happen if…and I can’t say what if I was talking about because it will give away some of the plot 🙂

  12. Hi Jane! I’m sorry to say, Sophie isn’t next. It’s funny how everyone keeps asking me that question. She will get her story, I promise.

  13. Hi Cassondra! I have to ask…what do you do in the summer when Panera’s fireplace isn’t on? 🙂

    I really liked what you said about feeding off on people’s energy. I think that’s why my friend likes coffee shop writing so much too. For me, there is always someone around my house. My husband works from home, the cat is always with me, and then the kids are around when not in school. So I don’t feel the need for any other energy. Thanks for coming by!

  14. Hi Liza, thanks for popping in. My living room (and entire house) is always cold too. My son bought me a Snuggie for Christmas and I have to say, I love it. It’s really warm but light.

  15. Beth R says:

    Anywhere I can read, I have books in my car in case I’m stuck somewhere. I’ve gotten my daughter addicited to reading now 🙂

  16. Nancy Northcott says:

    Hi, Christie–I envy your ability to focus in coffeeshops. I have trouble even reading in there. No way could I write a love scene there.

    I really love this book. It’s a tangle of honor and secrets and desire and guilt thaqt kept me reading. Great job!

  17. Beth, yay for you getting your daughter into reading. My 16 yr old has always been a reader but not my 11 yr old. Finally, my 11 yr old has found a series he loves. Last night he was up until 10pm reading (bedtime is 9:30).

    I used to read in my car too, especially when waiting for my kids. Then I discovered Sudoku.

  18. Nancy, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I really fretted over this book. And writing a love scene at the coffee shop was really hard (no pun intended).

  19. Christie, this story sounds great. And I’ve been known to write at Panera. Something about the heavenly smell of all that bread. 🙂

  20. Hi Trish, for me it’s the smell of coffee. Yum.

  21. Hi Christie! I write in coffee shops and in the IHOP. I like the noise because I can tune it out. And I love coffee. Hahah! I can read anywhere, though. LIke Cassondra said, I like the people energy. For me, it’s that I get the energy w/o actually having to talk to them – a HUGE temptation for an extrovert like me. I go where I don’t know the baristas or the servers so I can actually work. Ha!

  22. Pam P says:

    Hi Christie, looking forward to reading your new release.

    I can read anywhere, can tune everything out to faint background noise when I’m really into a book, I just get my Dunkin Donuts to go.

  23. Hi Jeanne, don’t get me started about the iHop. They tore ours down and it was my favorite place for pancakes.

  24. Hi Pam, I used to be able tune things out better than I can now. Thanks for stopping by.

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