An interview with Beth Kery!

Today it is my pleasure to welcome author Beth Kery to the blog!

Beth’s latest release is the eBook, Flirting in Traffic, which releases March 5 from Cerridwen Press.


flirtingintraffic_msrHere’s a blurb:


She went off like a red-hot firecracker on his foyer floor, then vanished.


Esa never intended to participate in her best friend’s unorthodox dating scheme – flirting with hunky construction workers in Chicago traffic. Her thoughts changed when she saw a long, lean slice of heaven strutting around the side of the highway. For him, she would be the carefree sex kitten her borrowed car with its suggestive license plates implied she was.


Though smarting from the wounds of a recent break-up, Finn can’t resist the tempting redhead driving the come-and-get-me car, flashing him contemptuous looks with those brandy-colored eyes. The lure of taming the feisty little kitten is just too great to deny…


To purchase, click here.


And now here is my interview with Beth


Welcome to my blog.  Can you please tell us a little about Flirting in Traffic?

I’m thrilled to be here. Thank you, Jennifer. Great blog.


Flirting in Traffic is an ebook that’s coming out from Cerridwen Press on 3/5. It’s a bit of a departure for me. It’s light-hearted and humorous, includes a hot cherry red Ferrari and an even hotter hero, who’s a sweetheart to boot. It’s about a female gerontologist who’s sort of given up on the dating scene, but gets thrown into this wacky ‘flirting in traffic’ dating scheme by her sister and best friend. Of course she ends up finding great sex and romance from this unexpected source, but  misunderstandings and heart ache keep the heroine from hooking up with her hunky ‘one and only.’ 


Until the happily ever after, of course.


It’s sounds like such a fun story.  Where did the idea for the story come from?

I was on AOL once, and this headline popped out at me. “Flirting in Traffic.” It was an article about methods for traffic flirting. During that period in my life I was spending a great deal of time every day in infamous Chicago traffic–namely because of the monumental expansion of the Dan Ryan expressway. I was tickled by the article, and of course my overactive imagination took over, making it into a romance.


What is your favorite thing about the characters of the story?
I love Finn Madigan, the hero, because he’s sexy as all get out, but he truly loves and cares about his family–to the point that he even puts his own dreams as an engineer on hold in order to run the family construction business when his father dies unexpectedly. I like Esa because she’s feisty and smart, but in the beginning, she’s a bit…er…uptight. It’s fun to see her explore the wildness of her nature and let go within the sometimes anxiety-provoking stages of a new relationship. She eventually even admits that she’s insatiable not only when it comes to driving a fast, hot car…but in her relationship with Finn as well.


Would you like to tell us a little about your other books?

Well, let’s see. I have several books coming out with Berkley this year, both in the Sensation and Heat lines. All of them are erotic, but the Heat versions tend to be a bit more edgy in regard to sex scenes. Whatever line they’re in, though, my books are all essentially male/female centered and intensely romantic. I like my stories best when there’s an intense, emotional romance along with the heat. DARING TIME is an erotic time travel that comes out May 5; SWEET RESTRAINT releases July 8; and PARADISE RULES will debut in December (not sure about the exact day yet.) I also have a paranormal erotic romance coming out from Ellora’s Cave on April 29 called THROUGH HER EYES.


Sounds like you’ll be very busy.  And the books all sound so good.  So, what inspires you?

Almost anything. Conversations with people, news headlines, old movies, television shows, the lyrics from songs. I have another career in the medical field, and it’s also a rich source of ideas. History also inspires me, as does my city–Chicago. I did a lot of research in the Prairie Avenue District for DARING TIME, and read a lot about Chicago circa 1906. I’m dying to do a time travel about the Eastland disaster, which is the third most fatal maritime disaster in history, coming only after the Titanic and the Lusitania. The location of it was on the Chicago River…literally not five blocks from where I live. Most Chicagoans don’t even know about it.


What is your favorite thing about being a writer?  Least favorite?

Favorite: finishing a book. There’s nothing like it.
Least favorite: Starting a book. Every time, I worry a little that all the other times were flukes. What if I can’t do it again?


What do you like to read?

Really everything, except for political books. I love fiction in all categories, excerpt hard core sci-fi–although there are exceptions to that. My favorites are Sandra Brown, Neil Gaiman, Mary Stewart and Jane Austen. Oh, and J.K. Rowling. (Yeah, I love YA, too.)


Describe yourself with three words.

Intellectual. Sensual. Paradox.


What is next for you?

At the moment, I’m working on an untitled book for the Heat line.  It’s a love story between two people that have always been kept apart by circumstances in the past, but fate throws them together one night during a Chicago snowstorm. It’s got murder, suspense, betrayal. I’m loving it so far. Here’s the teaser:


Three people share a night of impulsive pleasure that ends in regret and betrayal. Now two remain, and both of them think the other is guilty of murder.


Look for it from Berkley Heat February 2010.


Oh, that sounds really good.  I can’t wait.  Is there anything you’d like to ask my readers?

What are your favorite types of heroes and heroines? Does your hero always have to be an alpha? I know I like both quiet, contained heroines with inner strength, and also demonstrative, sassy heroines. I’m more particular about requirements for my guys in a romance, while I like different ‘types’ for a heroine. Just curious what you guys think!


Thanks so much for having me, Jennifer! Wonderful questions.




Thank YOU, Beth, I loved having you here.


Readers, you can learn more about Beth and her books by visiting:


Go ahead and answer Beth’s questions below in the comments.

She has kindly donated an eBook copy of Flirting in Traffic to one lucky commenter.
I’ll randomly select the winner and announce it Sunday, Mar. 8 so be sure to return to see if you won.


16 Responses to An interview with Beth Kery!

  1. Lisa W. says:

    Hi Beth,

    This sounds like a fun sexy read. Have you ever flirted in traffic?

  2. Lea says:

    Hey Beth:

    Great to see you at Jennifer’s blog! I’m really looking forward to reading, “Flirting in Traffic”. 🙂

    As to your question, no the hero’s in the books I read do not always have to be “alpha” per se. I like variety I think, sometimes a conflicted hero who is strong but requires some encouragement in the romance from a stronger female heroine.

    I love when there is “verbal sparring”, between a heroine and hero, essentially they are matched intellectually and in strength, so the sexual tension builds and builds.

    I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of the characters in your stories.

    Excellent questions and interview Jennifer.

    All the best.

  3. Beth Kery says:

    Hi Lisa! You asked the million dollar question. We were telling traffic flirting stories over at my blog recently. Actually, the truth is, I havne’t ever flirted in traffic. I know, boring. lol. But I can say that I’ve dreamed up several book plots while sitting in Dan Ryan traffic and listening to my stereo really loud. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    Lea–you are amazing! You’re everywhere! I like what you said about the hero needing something from the heroine. I like to think of a yin/yang thing when I’m writing. It’s nice when as a reader, you can actually see that the hero ‘needs’ something about the heroine, and vice versa. Of course they don’t see it, and they verbally spar, resist the pull, doubt, etc. But we readers…we KNOW they need each other. LOL.
    Thanks, Lea!

  4. Natasha A. says:

    My hero’s don’t have to be Alpha…but I do need someone strong. I don’t like weak. I also dislike stupid heroines.

  5. Val Pearson says:

    Naaa, I don’t thing my hero has to be an alpha but since I am reading to get away from reality, it helps that he is. Great interview by the way!

  6. Blanche says:

    Hi Beth!!

    Great interview!

    I like strong heros but they don’t necessarily have to be “alpha”…..I’ve read some great books with quiet but strong heros.

  7. Brandy W says:

    I agree with the ladies here. I need the hero to be strong. He can be a quiet strong or the aggressive strong that’s fine by me. I don’t like a heroine that is overly strong though. I don’t like her wearing the pants ALL of the time only sometimes.

  8. Beth Kery says:

    Hi Natasha! Yeah, a stupid heroine is a sure way to get me to close the book and never open it again. lol. I love Jane Austen, but the heroine from Northanger Abby always makes me grit my teeth a bit. I know she was that way for a reason, but still…

    Hi Val and Blance! Glad you stopped by–you guys are awesome. Yeah, I don’t think ‘strong’ has to mean gun-toting and monosyllabic types. lol. Interesting that you don’t feel your heros have to be alphas.

    Hi Brandy! I agree that it’s nice to have a contrast with the hero and heroine. The difference is what makes the chemistry, right?

    Thanks for the insightful answers. I’m always curious if readers are dissapointed if a hero isn’t ‘standard’ alpha.

  9. Cathy M says:

    I like to mix it up a bit with my heroes. Sometimes I am in the mood for strong, sexy, commanding, and a bit bossy, and sometimes a beta hero who is more reserved, intense, a calm surface with hidden depths, just waiting for the right woman to want to get to know him, is just what I am looking for. Both of course, have to have a sense of humor, and be passionately in love with the heroine.

  10. Beth R says:

    Beth, the book sounds like a great read! My hero doesn’t always have to be alpha, I do have to admit I like the bad boys who are faithful after they meet their heroine.

  11. Helen says:

    This book and the next one sound great

    My hero dosen’t have to be alpha but I do love an alpha I do love a hero with a great sense of honour and humour

    Have Fun

  12. Jane says:

    Hi Beth,
    Congrats on the upcoming release of “Flirting In Traffic.” I love the premise of the story. Alpha heroes are definitely my favorite, but I like betas, too, depending on my mood. I do agree that a sense of humor on both alphas and betas is a must. My favorite kind of heroine is intelligent, resourceful and not afraid to speak her mind.

  13. Allison says:

    Hi Beth, thanks for visiting. As for heroes, there are certain times/situations when the alpha mode is all good and great. But for me the heroine always has to be strong (in a quiet/inner way… or not!) – I think an even matching ultimately is what I enjoy reading the most. When I think of eg. Vicki Lewis Thompson (HQ titles), the heroes were often more “beta” (is that the correct term?) and I loved reading that too. Nora Roberts has very strong heroines (or at least they find that inner strength by the end of the story). In the end, as long as they’re good for each other!

  14. Fedora says:

    Hi, Beth! Nice to see you here, too! I think that as far as heroes and heroines go, I like a variety–I tend to prefer less flashy heroines (maybe I can relate more easily?) but enjoy both alpha and more beta type heroes–I think that as long as they have a certain level of toughness/willingness to stand up for what’s right and ideally a sense of humor, they don’t all have to be out of one mold. In fact, mixing it up a little keeps it exciting! 🙂 Congrats again on Flirting in Traffic! Finn sounds like a yummy hero!

  15. Lynda says:

    I also am more particular about the hero. I just don’t care about the heroine unless she’s TSTL. I prefer the alpha type but to me an alpha can be the ones with a quiet exterior and inner strength.

    Beth – I’ve recently started following your blog and have been enjoying myself! The book sounds great!

  16. Beth Kery says:

    Lynda–I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, as well. I love a quiet, intense alpha myself. 🙂

    Fedora–Yeah, we don’t want a cookie cutter alpha, right? lol. It’s been nice seeing you around, Fedora.

    Allison–I agree. It’s the chemistry between that’s important, and that comes with a lot of different combinations.

    Great points there, Jane. I think the emergence of the beta male in romance novels is interesting, and certainly reflects women’s changing needs and desires.

    Helen–I like what you said about ‘honor.’ That’s one that is so crucial for my heroes.Glad you are looking forward to both Flirting in Traffic and Daring Time!

    Beth–bad boys who become faithful are so wonderful. I recently read Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James, and Jason fits that description to a T.

    Cathy–well said. It’s nice to know there is a variety out there.

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