Please welcome…Terry Spear!

DestinyWolf_fullcover.inddToday I am delighted to welcome author Terry Spear back to the blog.
Terry’s latest paranormal romance, Destiny of the Wolf, released this week and today she is here to discuss…


The Thrill of Suspense!

By Terry Spear


Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Jennifer! I’m excited to be here today, sharing a little of my, ahem, words of wisdom about what I love to write. Suspense, paranormal, sizzling romances. 🙂


With guest blogging and interviews, or even with my own blogs, I’m always trying to come up with a new idea, new angle to talk about, and it’s just like writing my books. I have to come up with unique settings, unique plots, unique characters to save the day. So where do I come up with the ideas?


Often I’ll see a snippet of some news, or a comment on a blog, or something that will make me pause and think about it. It’s hooked me. So the comment made on one of my interviews was something to the effect that I must be able to write good action scenes because I was in the military.


Now, I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but it did give me some tools to use in my writing, from receiving a mini lesson in hand-to-hand combat, to learning to use a variety of weapons. Even mountain climbing, rappelling, orienteering, water survival training, all gave me some skills I’ve used in my writing journey. My son, who’s a 2nd Degree black belt in two forms of martial arts, also has helped with showing me techniques and whether certain maneuvers are possible in a life or death struggle.


But for the most part, I’ve always loved action-packed stories, thrillers, the paranormal. And for me, writing action scenes are fun. I also love listening to action-packed movie themes that help get me into the mood for writing the scenes. When I create them, I write them quickly, to set the stage and get through the action fast. But on revisions, I add more detail, add more action, add more suspense. And more twists and turns? You bet! One reviewer said she was surprised at the twist I had in Chapter 2 so early on in Destiny of the Wolf. I love to be kept guessing when I’m reading an author’s work. So I love to give my readers the same ride.    


Here’s a snippet of one scene in Destiny of the Wolf that sets up the conflict:


The familiar sound of danger, a clicking sound made when someone switched the safety off on a gun, caught her ear, and she whipped her head around. In a heartbeat, she wished she’d brought her gun in her purse. But it was hidden under the mattress until she needed it. And she was afraid she needed it now.


Tom seized her arm. “Wait,” he whispered.


Her skin prickled with fresh concern. He’d heard it, too. She’d hoped she’d been mistaken.


“Nine-millimeter,” he warned, his voice hushed.


Before they could move, a shot rang out, Tom yelled and shoved Lelandi behind him, but collapsed to his knees. “Run! Go back to the tavern!”


© Sourcebooks


So for me the key is to set up the conflict, the danger, the suspense, and then keep running with it. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The suspense and action continue. Now, if you have ever watched a movie where the action goes on and on and on, it’s just like something that you see that has no action. We have to have breathers, resting places. And so if the action is carried on for quite a while, it’s important to have a resting phase too, so the reader, and your characters, can catch their breaths. 🙂


So here’s a resting place in Destiny of the Wolf:


For a second, she worried about the damned disguise and the trail she’d left behind for the attempted murderer. Then her back struck something rock hard, unforgiving, massive. The pain shot straight up her spine, all the way to her brain, short-circuiting it.


Blackness enveloped her as her night vision and all her senses shut down.


© Sourcebooks



🙂 Okay, not so much of a resting place! But it shows how to give the character a breather while you check on what’s happening with another character in the story…and she’s still in lots of danger. 🙂


And that’s the thrill of writing suspense. To keep upping the stakes, to keep the reader reading, to share the thrill of the ride.


So do you like suspenses and if so, what hooks you to keep on reading?


Thanks again for having me, Jennifer!


Terry Spear


Thanks so much, Terry, for being my guest today.
Readers, be sure to look for Terry’s book, Destiny of the Wolf in stores now!


In the meantime, go ahead and answer her question…


16 Responses to Please welcome…Terry Spear!

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Terry
    The book sounds good I love romantic suspense something that keeps me guessing and sitting on the edge of seat love it

    Have Fun

  2. terryspear says:

    Hi, Helen! Thanks for dropping by. There’s nothing better than having a suspenseful romance, I think! 🙂 Or mystery element.

  3. Natasha A. says:

    Hi Terry!
    You are on my tbr list….
    what would you recommend I start with?

  4. terryspear says:

    Ahh, thanks so much, Natasha! Either, really. Lots have bought Destiny first, then go back and get Heart of the Wolf, or read Heart of the Wolf first and can’t wait to get Destiny of the Wolf. 🙂 Heart of the Wolf is a triangle kind of love affair and Destiny of the Wolf introduces a dream-mating theme, but shows a lupus garou pack who actually runs a town. 🙂 Both are murder mysteries, sexy, and exist in the same werewolf world. And the fun is never-ending! To Tempt the Wolf is coming September 1! Think: sexy naked male lupus garou washed up on cold Oregon beach, and human heroine who tries to revive him, but the tables are soon turned when he steps into hero mode and has to protect her. 🙂 And another werewolf tale coming in November, all about Arctic werewolves. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Natasha! Hope you love the book no matter which you start first. 🙂

  5. Hi Terry! I have to tell you that my daughter finished “Destiny” yesterday. I am sure you will be hearing from her as soon as she has the time to write. So that means I get to start it today! *happy dance*

    I have tackled several action sequences in my books, believe it or not. The first was a sword duel and I poured over other books and movie fights to try and get it right. I think I did OK! It was a wonderful challenge and I have found that I enjoy such sequences more than I anticipated.

    Great Blog!

  6. terryspear says:

    Thanks so much, Sharon! I’m so glad your daughter has finished Destiny so that you get to read it next!!! I look forward to reading your sword duel. I always love watching them in the movies, and it’s fun making them seem real as you write them in books. Whenever I come across them in stories, I love to see how the author pulls them off. I can’t wait to read your Darcy’s saga, Sharon! Thanks so much!

  7. Cheryl Brooks says:

    Haven’t gotten a copy of this one yet, but it’s on my list. Congrats on the new release!

  8. Linda Wisdom says:

    Great post, Terry!

    Your book’s on my tbr and next to read. I can’t wait!


  9. terryspear says:

    Yours also, Cheryl and Linda!!! Have a super day, ladies!

  10. Marie Force says:

    Sounds great, Terry! Looking forward to it.

  11. Blanche says:

    Hi Terry!!

    I picked up Destiny of the Wolf a week or so ago and I was so excited to find it. The cover is beautiful and I went to my blog and talked about it and knew I was doing a good thing by telling everyone about this brand new (to me anyway) author!

    I was informed by my very well read friends that this is indeed book 2. ……of course I never bothered to read on the very front of the book “author of Heart of the Wolf, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year”…….missed that completely! LOL… I’m on the hunt for Heart of the Wolf and I can’t wait to find it and read it!!

  12. Natasha A. says:

    Thanks Terry! As soon as hubby releases funds to my book buying account, I will be picking one of them up 😀 (Yes, I have a problem! lol)

  13. Terry Spear says:

    LOL, Natasha! Thanks!!! 🙂

  14. terryspear says:

    Hi Blanche! Isn’t that a beautiful cover? The art department outdid themselves! I can’t wait to see what the next one looks like!! 🙂 Hope you love Heart of the Wolf!! 🙂 Thanks again!!

  15. Cathy M says:

    Congrats on your new release, Terry. I do enjoy reading suspense stories, but they have to have a strong and sexy romance running through it to make my favorites shelf. Your stories sound like they would fit the bill.

  16. terryspear says:

    Oh, they do, they do, Cathy! Strong sexy romance, most definitely! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi!

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