Random Reading Challenge!

First, please see below for the announcement of Monday’s winner.


Today is February’s Random Reading Challenge Discussion Day!

For details on the Random Reading Challenge please see the sidebar.

Remember to read the end of this post to find out the mini-challenges for March!
You can join in the challenge at any time!


So, as a reminder the mini-challenges for February were:


1.  Read a book with an animal on the cover.

2.  Read a book by an author you read in last month’s challenge. (or by someone either you or I read last month)

3.  Read a friends-to-lovers story.

4.  Read a book with a color in the title.

5.  Read a book with a title that begins with the first letter of your last name. (or if you have a tough letter, any letter from your last name will do)


So here are the books I chose and my thoughts on the books and the mini-challenges…


1.  On the Whispering Wind by Nikki Benjamin

onthewhisperingwindIt might be hard to see, but there is a horse standing with a couple of kids in the background on this cover.  This book is a reissue of a book originally published in 1991.  It was reissued a couple of years ago as part of Harlequin/Silhouette’s Close to Home books, a series of reissued books that you could order and receive monthly.  I am not sure what the original cover looked like, but my copy has an animal on it so I used it for this challenge.


As for the story, it was really sweet.  A matchmaking 11-year-old tries to fix her widower father up with a widow by arranging for the woman and her son to visit the dad’s dude ranch.  This is a sweet story about healing and finding love again.


visionsofheat2.  Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh

I mentioned last month how much I enjoyed this series that I recently discovered and since I read the first book as part of last month’s challenge, I decided to use the second one for this challenge.


This was a great book.  I abosulutely adored the characters of Vaughn and Faith and loved seeing the other Changelings as well.  The whole concept of the series fascinates me and it is definitely unique.  I can’t wait to read more.


3.  Erotic Research by Mari Carr (ebook)

erotic-researchThis one had been in my eBook TBR section for a while and I finally decided to read it. Although, looking at my list of books to read, I could have used any number of them as it seems I went on a “friends-to-lovers” kick this month…of course, it is my favorite theme.


This one was really good though about a romance author whose friend and editor encourages her to write an erotic romance.  Stuck together at his secluded cabin, he offers to help her with the research, which is no chore for him as he has lusted after her for years.  I really liked this one.  I especially liked the heroine as she had a bit of a sexy innocence about her.


seeing-red4.  Seeing Red by Susan Crandall

Okay, so I started this mini-challenge thinking that I would find a book with a fun and unusual color in the title and be different…um…not so easy.  Apparently yellow, green, orange, and a host of other colors aren’t that popular when it comes to titling a romance.  But if you are looking for Red, Blue, White, and even pink you will find that the possibilities are almost endless.  I finally settled on this book as its premise appealed to me at the time.


This was my first by Crandall and I think I am going to review this one later, but I do want to say that this was a fascinating romantic suspense that had me on the edge of my seat.

youhadmeatgoodbye5. You Had me at Goodbye by Jane Blackwood

Okay, so I didn’t think this one would be that hard of a mini-challenge for me, but apparently starting romances with words that begin with “Y” isn’t very popular either (plus there aren’t that many “Y” words anyway…I feel bad for anyone with “Q,”  “X,” or “Z” last names that decided to do this challenge).  Anyway, I was searching when I suddenly remembered this book that had been sitting in my TBR and decided to go with it after much digging (and causing a couple of mini-avalanches in the TBR Mountain Range).


Anyway, this romantic comedy was a cute, funny, and touching story about a writer and a young woman who end up reluctantly sharing a cottage that had been promised to both of them.  The story had quite a few colorful characters and I really enjoyed the banter between the hero and heroine.   I always enjoy witty banter between characters. There is even a sweet secondary romance between two very interesting characters.  I could easily see this one as a cute little made-for-TV movie or something as the plot and characters were fun. 


So if you did the challenge, what books did you read?

Did you have any problems with the mini-challenges?
And regardless of whether or not you did the challenge, have any of you read any of the authors or books I used for the challenge?


Tell me below or on your own blog (be sure to give us the link either in the comments or by clicking here).




And now for March’s Mini-Challenges


1.  Re-Read a favorite book.

2.  Read a book you’ve owned longer than a year.

3.  Read a category/series romance (a Harlequin/Silhouette/Mills&Boon book)

4.  Read a book involving time travel.

5.  Read a book with a woman’s name in the title.


My discussion and list will be posted March 31 along with April’s challenges, but feel free to post your discussions/lists on your own blog at any time.

Again if you need any recommendations, let me know!

Happy Reading and Good Luck!


14 Responses to Random Reading Challenge!

  1. highlandlove says:

    Okay do I post this to my blog if I take your mini-challenge?

    Great post!!!

  2. Jennifer Y. says:

    WendyK: You can if you’d like to or you can come back here on March 31 to share your picks and thoughts. I have created a little graphic (I am techno-challenged so it isn’t much) if you’d like to post on your own blog.

    This is my first time trying anything like this on my own so I am a bit disorganized. I am already working on a way to improve it next year.

  3. Helen says:

    Jennifer I have only read 3 books so far this month I am onto my 4th now I have had such a busy month I have just come back from Melborne where the ARRC 09 was held and it was fantastic.
    I have read this month
    Like No Other Lover Julie Ann Long
    Surreneder Pamela Clare
    Untamed Pamela Clare
    The last two books are fantastic I highly recommend them
    I am reading a catergory Desire romance by Paula Roe at the moment Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir and loving it.
    I agree with you about Nalini Singh’s books I have read them all and loved everyone of them. Nalini has a new book due out about now called Angel’s Blood it is the start of a new series for her and looks very interesting.

    Have Fun

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    Helen: I haven’t read those Clare books so I’ll have to look for them. As for Nalini Singh’s new series, I was just reading about it last night and it sounds really good. I think (and this is an exclusive for those of you who read the comments) that I am going to include it in April’s Book-of-the-Month poll.

  5. Helen says:

    At the conference I got the first 3 chapters of Angels’ Blood I haven’t read it yet I came home with 35 books my TBR is getting heaps bigger I really need to retire so as I can read them all.

    There were so many wonderful authors at the convention Sherilyn Kennyon Mary Janice Davidson Dianna Love Liz Maverick Susan Grant Michele Ann Young Anna Campbell Stephanie Laurens Sara Bennett not to mention a lot of the Harliquinn Mills and Boon authors Annie West Amy Andrews Paula Roe so many I haven’t listed them all.

    If you ever get a chance to go to a readers convention go Jennifer this was my first and I gotta say it was awesome I can’t wait for the next one in 2 years.

    Have Fun

  6. Jennifer Y says:

    Helen: Oh, that’s great! I met several of those authors at the RWA convention in San Francisco. And going to a reader convention is on my list of things to do someday (my “bucket list” I guess you could say).

  7. MarthaE says:

    This is very interesting and I may just try it for March!!

  8. highlandlove says:

    Okay Jennifer, where is the graphic?


  9. highlandlove says:

    Never mind I found it. Had a duh moment

  10. Jennifer Y says:

    If you look over in the sidebar, the plain white graphic with the blue writing that says “Random Reading Challenge 2009” is the one I created for this challenge. Just right click, save picture as…and you should be able to post it on your blog if you want to.

  11. Jennifer Y says:

    Oh, and all of the details for the Random Reading Challenge can be found over in the sidebar toward the top.

  12. limecello says:

    Hm – I can do parts of the challenge; no promises on all 😛 Also… time travel… >.<
    And also – hi! I haven’t been able to stop by in a while.

  13. Jennifer Y says:

    limecello: Hi!! No pressure to do all the challenges…do whatever you are comfortable with.

  14. Cynthya says:

    The only one I’ve read is Visions of Heat, which I thought was excellent. I love that whole series. Seeing Red and Erotic Research both sound good, though, I will have to put them on my wish list.

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