Kate Pearce Completes the Sentences…

Today I am delighted to welcome erotic romance author Kate Pearce back to the blog!


Kate’s latest release, Riding the Line, is available now!


Kate was kind (and brave) enough to complete the sentences for us today…so here’s Kate…


riding-the-lineI am: a strange mixture of immensely practical and a complete dreamer.


I like: my own company, the thrill of a good book, a good cup of tea and my family when they are all behaving themselves.


I love: having the opportunity to write romance novels, to have a family of my own and good chocolate.


I dream: the characters in my books and play out some of the scenes while I’m still half-awake.


I wish: I had someone to do the housework, driving and basic kid maintenance.


I wonder: what my kids will be like when they are all grown up and live away from us.


I pretend: I’m one of the characters in the book I’m writing-all the time.


I know: I drive my friends and kids crazy because I have been known to forget important stuff whilst immersed in booklandia.


I fear: something happening to my family.


I worry: about characters from my books like they are real people. (I worry about real people too of course 🙂 )


I appreciate: my husband for helping me pursue a stupid dream and all my writing friends who understand how hard that dream is to achieve.


I hope: people like my books and take something good away from them.


I look: like a frazzled soccer mom.


I read: all the time, I love to read more than anything else in the world!


I want: to be a success, so that I can live a life of luxury (snort)


I need: my support system and my friends.


I will: never stop making things up and writing them down even if no one pays me to do it anymore.


I can: do anything if I set my mind to it.


I think: that everyone has a million stories and characters running around their head shouting, ‘pick me, pick me!”


I have never: taken my car to be cleaned-I make Mr Kate Pearce do it.


I dance to: everything. I love music.


I wish I had thought of: J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood first or Harry Potter. LOL


I cannot live without: my family and friends and a good cup of tea.


I am happy when: everyone else is happy.


I would like to meet: J K Rowling, the Clintons and Jane Austen


I am annoyed by: people who don’t ask questions and just accept what the media has to say.


I have always wanted: to be a writer.


I encourage people to: follow their dreams.


I think it would be cool if: I got to be a New York Times Bestselling author.


I love to dance around and sing when no one is looking.


I write romance because: I believe in love in all its varied forms.


I would love to ask readers: whether they like what I do- I always love it when someone contacts me.


Thanks Kate!

Readers, you can learn more about Kate and her books at her website:


Kate has also donated a great prize today!
One lucky commenter will receive a copy of Riding the Line courtesy of Kate.
I’ll randomly draw and announce the winner tomorrow here on the blog so be sure to check back.


To enter just leave a comment or question for Kate below or answer this question…


Kate mentioned loving it when readers contact her.  Do you contact authors when you enjoy their work?


19 Responses to Kate Pearce Completes the Sentences…

  1. Fedora says:

    Hi, Kate! Thanks for visiting and for the terrific answers! As for contacting authors, I do try to make the time to e-mail if I’ve particularly enjoyed a book or if something moved me–it feels like such a gift to read something terrific, and it makes sense to me to say thank you when that happens 🙂 And sounds like Mr. Kate Pearce is a keeper–yay for both of you! 😉

  2. azteclady says:

    Welcome, Ms Pearce!

    In answer to the question, I’ll say that I didn’t use to do it. In the past year, as I’ve come to review books regularly, I do contact every author for whose books I write and post a review. Whether any one author reads reviews of her work regularly or not, at least they are forewarned, you know? 😉

    Best of luck with the new release!

  3. Luanna says:

    Hi Kate, great answers. I too love a good cup of tea. It must be Red Rose, LOL. Your cover, by the way, is fab!!


  4. Natasha A. says:

    I went to amazon and read the blurb for this book! It sounds great! Congrats on its release (you know, only 16 days late, but who’s counting!)

  5. Blanche says:

    Hi Kate!

    Great interview!!!

    I read a lot and if I find a book that I really really enjoyed I almost always take a minute to email the author! I just think it is important to let them know how much I enjoyed their work!! 🙂

  6. Danny says:

    Hi Kate,

    great answers. To answer Jennifer’s question, yeah I contact authors to let them know how much I enjoyed their works.

  7. Kate Pearce says:

    Hi guys! You know, until I starting writing myself it rarely occurred to me to contact an author and tell her how much I’d enjoyed her book. Now I do it and I’ve always found other writers to be incredibly gracious and pleased to hear from me.

    For example, I’m a big Robin Schone fan but I hadn’t contacted her because I thought I’d come across as some stupid fangirl/potential stalker LOL. But when the latest Kensington catalog came out, our books were featured opposite each other so I finally emailed her and mentioned this and told her how amazing I thought her books were. And she emailed back and was so nice!

  8. Hi Kate and Jennifer and all. I always enjoy an interview with Kate because she, like the authors she contacts, is incredibly gracious.

    As a fellow member of the now defunct blog ‘Lustbites,’ I got to hang out with Kate, at least virtually, a lot.
    Now I have to come looking for her. Here she is, promoting her latest novel. Congratulations Kate and good luck with it, I hope it enjoys the same success as your other books.

    I do email authors whose books I’ve enjoyed, unless it’s impossible to find an email address for them. This hints that they don’t wish to be emailed, don’t you think? I also email Canadian producers when I like their work. I write scripts as well but I’m up front about that, or else I don’t mention it at all.
    Usually I hear back from the person, which is always terrific.

  9. Carly Carson says:

    Hi Kate,

    I love your cover. It is nice to see a hairy chest. He looks like a real man! lol

    My hubby is the only one who takes my car to be cleaned. Of course, no one dares to mess up his car! But mine drives him crazy. (It’s really not that messy, but a few water bottles put him over the edge.)

    Good luck with the new release.


  10. Kate Pearce says:

    Hey Madeline! Nice to see your pixels 🙂

    Carly-my hubby and I have been playing the car wash game for 20 years-and I always win because he just can’t bear to see my car get so dirty he always cracks first LOL

  11. Jennifer Y. says:

    Hi all!

    Kate, I can totally relate to the whole fear of coming across as a fangirl/stalker. I am often nervous about what to say when I contact an author.

    I admit that having this blog and interacting with authors has made it a whole lot easier for me to contact them…or at least I feel more comfortable doing so even if it is just to tell them that I enjoy their books.

  12. Kate Pearce says:

    I know what you mean, Jennifer, it’s easy to forget that in most cases, most authors are just like everyone else, have jobs and kids and stuff going on-well most of us do 🙂 And thanks for having me on the blog 🙂

  13. Jennifer Y says:

    I love having you on the blog Kate…you are welcome any time!

    And you are right, it is easy for people, especially readers, to forget that authors are just like us. I think it is because the words of an author and the story they create has such an impact on us (or at least it does in my case). You provide us with hours of entertainment and enjoyment and an escape from our daily lives with the worlds you create. I am in awe of an author’s ability and creativity…and patience…LOL. For most of us we only know you through your books so it is easy to forget that you are people too (okay, that probably sounds bad…LOL).

    I was in SF for RWA and easily was awestruck…you all are my rock stars so it was a thrill. But I had several great conversations with authors and quickly forgot my nerves and felt at ease as I got to know the people behind the books I love.

    That is one reason I love this type of interview so much…it gives us a glimpse at the life and thoughts of an author beyond their books.

  14. Minx Malone says:

    I’ve definitely contacted a few authors to tell them how much I love their books. I think everyone can use a little positive feedback!


  15. Kate Pearce says:

    Minx, that is so true, most of us sit and stare at a wall or a computer screen for days on end and don’t get out much. A bit of validation is always welcome 🙂

  16. Cheri says:

    As always Kate, you are such an inspiration to read, whether in the pages of fiction or learning more about you. Thank you for sharing from the bottom of your heart and the from the depths of a writer’s soul. I miss you Kate. (isn’t that a movie?)

  17. Amy S. says:

    Hi Kate and Jennifer! Great post! Is there a genre you haven’t written in but would like to?

  18. sara hurt says:

    Hi kate. This was a very fun post, I really enjoyed reading it. To answer your ? yes i contact authors that I like. I especially enjoy finding new authors on blogs and reading all about them, I like reading about them and finding out that they are real down to earth people. Thanks for the post. Your book looks great hope to get to read it soon.

  19. Kate Pearce says:

    Hi Cheri! Love you too 🙂

    Hey Amy S! Hmm…I’ve written futuristic, Regency and contemporary. I’ve also dabbled in paranormal, medieval and Dark ages Britain in my spare time LOL. There’s not much I wouldn’t attempt-whether it would be any good is another matter!

    Hi Sara! Glad to hear you have no worries about contacting authors, you are braver than me 🙂

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