Special Guest A.E. Rought!

Today’s guest is the author of our eBook-of-the-Month…A.E. Rought!


First here is a blurb for the book…


slade-and-kallySlade and Kally: Letting Go of The Reins, book 1

Weeks before Thanksgiving, Kally Jensen leaves her life in Michigan and her abusive fiancé behind. With her sister’s money, a teddy bear and bruises she cannot hide, she tries to disappear. She almost does—permanently—when icy roads force her car into a ditch, leaving her stranded and injured on a cattle ranch in Hulett, Wyoming.

Fate answers ex-police officer Slade Carlson’s unspoken need for change by delivering a hypothermic girl into his arms. Kally is like no call he’s worked before; her abuse-related injuries and unconscious cries for mercy pierce his lonely heart. Nursing Kally back to health and helping her see life beyond the pain gives Slade the purpose he’s been looking for.

Holding back his feelings until she can work through her own emotional pain will be the hardest thing he’s ever done. Yet new love blossoms like a Christmas Lily in the Wyoming winter.

Still, Slade’s love may not be enough to protect Kally when the shadows rise from her past…

And now, here’s A.E. Rought to share a bit more about the book…

Slade and Kally has been a helluva ride. From the start, the first scene that came to mind, I knew I had something special. There was something very ‘real’ in the story, the characters and their relationships for me.


When I told my friends and editors I was writing a western themed romance, they all thought I was nuts. I mean, I live in a little town in Michigan. There are horses in the rural areas, but I’d never curried one, or cared for cattle. Slade and Kally meant a lot of research–Google and I became fast friends! After I had a bit of Chapter Three written, I sent it to my editor, a teasing bit at a time, and she was very interested, which was phenomenal encouragement! Slade and Kally is my first completely contemporary romance–normally I’m a fantasy/paranormal girl–so, in a way, writing about normal people was a departure from the norm for me. Snort


I had not intended on having life lessons in this story, but as with my first story Nuermar’s Last Witch, those lessons crept in regardless. Healing, Love and Forgiveness. The video on YouTube says it all. You have to heal the wounds of the past to truly love, and you have to truly love to forgive those who hurt you.


So far, the reviews have been very good. I brought at least one reviewer to tears! Woot The attention from All Romance eBooks was so much more than expected, and such a boon to my author spirit; the online interview was a blast to do, too.


Just to give you a little insight that other haven’t seen, this is an unpublished Behind The Scenes article my editor Bethany Morgan wrote:


One of my first introductions to Slade and Kally was an IM message from AE:
AE:  What’s cowboy for ‘hurry up, horse!’?
After explaining the context of the question, I fell in love with her idea for Slade and Kally. Over the next several months I was fed little snippets of scenes, questioned about life on a farm (I grew up on one) and answered some incredibly funny IM messages that I saved and giggle at now and then. I was treated to a stuffed cowboy boot ornament w/lace (Kally’s of course) and a cow ornament at Christmas.  Both hung from my monitor while the manuscript was submitted, accepted, edited and finalized.  They sit on the shelf next to my computer now, and I see them everyday.
Working with AE was fun and silly at times.  Arguing over the color of Slade’s horse was memorable as was the mapquest discussions on whether routes and directions really worked and if Slade needed 4 hours or 2 hours to drive to a certain place.
Behind the scenes, I verified the continuity, plausibility and factual details of the story, in addition to basic editing.  But the best part—I got to read Slade and Kally first!
I’ll let you in on a little secret, but don’t tell AE I told…  She’s working on a sequel!


And maybe her revelation is a good place to end this bit of rambling. Well, not completely… There is a contest over on my blog! The link is below:


Readers as A.E. mentioned, she is holding a great contest on her blog so check it out here:  http://aerought.blogspot.com

And be sure to visit A.E.’s website:

And you can find her on MySpace at: www.myspace.com/aerought

You can listen to an interview that A.E. recently did here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Whats-Hot-In-Romance



A.E. also mentioned a video for Slade and Kally and I thought I’d post it here:




Do any of you have any questions for A.E.?


6 Responses to Special Guest A.E. Rought!

  1. It’s a shame there are so many women who get duped into relationships that they can’t get out of.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Blanche says:

    Hi A.E. and Jennifer!!

    I LOVED this story!! Slade is so “the man” and I loved how he took such good care of her! Kally was so strong and you just could really feel her emotions througout the book!! I am so thrilled there will be more books!! 🙂

  3. AE Rought says:

    Morgan~ I completely agree about women getting stuck–that’s why I wrote a story about a woman finding her way out. I know a couple women who were abused and fought their way free.

    Blanche~ Howdy! I’m SO glad you read Slade and Kally and liked it. :o) Slade was a pure joy to write–there’s so much of my hubby in him, right down to the hair washing scene. The Fourth Moon has many many potential stories on it’s sprawling acres.

  4. Liza says:

    AE, Slade and Kally sounds like an amazing story.

  5. azteclady says:

    Hello, Ms Rought!

    The blurb and your comments are very very interesting, I am now adding your novel to my wish list. Thank you!

    (And thank you, Jennifer, for introducing me to Ms Rought’s work)

  6. Pam P says:

    Hi AE, this looks to be a very good, emotional story, with a special man to help her find her way back.

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