January’s Book-of-the-Month Discussion!!!

First an announcement…the poll for March’s Book-of-the-Month will open tomorrow and things are going to be a bit different with this poll.

 Info for February’s Books-of-the-Month can be found in the sidebar.

just-the-sexiest-man-alive Now for the discussion…I delayed this a bit because I was late in announcing the chosen book, but today is the discussion of January’s Book-of-the-Month, Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James.

 As I have done with past discussions I am going to talk about different aspects of the story individually.  If you have read the story I encourage you to share your thoughts as well (either here or through e-mail if that makes you more comfortable).  Please keep in mind the discussion rules which can be found here and try to avoid any major spoilers.

My discussion will contain no spoilers (and is basically a review in an informal format), but I cannot promise that the comments won’t…so please read at your own risk!


Keep reading to see my discussion…





My thoughts/summary:

This is a fun romantic comedy that I enjoyed a great deal.  Well-known and popular actor Jason Andrews needs to prepare for an upcoming role in a legal thriller and despite her busy schedule lawyer Taylor Donovan is forced by her bosses to help him.  Sparks fly between the two from the very first meeting in what is a great story.


The entire book reminded me of some of my favorite romantic comedy films and I could easily see this one as a movie (Heck, I’d love to see it as a movie).  It has an interesting premise, great conflict and sexual tension between the leads, and fabulous characters.  I really enjoyed this one.


Hero:  Jason Andrews

He is an interesting character with some trust issues.  He is used to people using him to get publicity or what they want and he finds Taylor’s complete disinterest fascinating and refreshing.  He is also used to having everything he wants handed to him and sees Taylor’s attitude toward him as a challenge.  He has finally met the one woman who doesn’t fawn all over him and seems very unsure of himself and of how to handle it as he is very attracted to her.


Heroine:  Taylor Donovan

Having grown up tough, she is a very career-focused woman who doesn’t have time for what she initially sees as a publicity-hungry actor (even if he is hot) or for the emotions that he stirs in her.   She is attracted to Jason, but sees him as a distraction that she doesn’t need as she works on a very important case.


Secondary characters:

Characters such as Jason’s publicist Marty, his fellow actor and rival Scott Casey, and his best friend Jeremy provide great support for the leads and their actions lead to some interesting situations for the main couple.  I kind of wish Jeremy would get a story of his own…I loved him.


Favorite thing about the book:

The book just seems to flow and kept my interest throughout.  I really enjoyed the conflict and banter between Jason and Taylor.  They have a great chemistry and sexual tension and the climax of the story had me smiling. 


Least favorite thing:

Hmmm…let’s see…well, there were a couple of times where we get the POV of the secondary characters and while these scenes definitely helped to move the action along and provide us with the motivation for these characters as we get a glimpse at their true intentions and character, I kind of wish the focus hadn’t been taken off of the main characters.  But I can understand why the author added these scenes.


Would I recommend the book?

If you like romantic comedies, then yes I would definitely recommend this book.


Final thought:

This was a great debut for Ms. James and I look forward to reading more by her.  She created fun characters and an entertaining story full of sexual tension and humor.  She brought the story to life and I could easily imagine the events as they took place…as I mentioned this one would make a great film.


10 Responses to January’s Book-of-the-Month Discussion!!!

  1. mslizalou says:

    I loved this book and would recommend it to those people who like romantic comedies too. I’ve already posted my review on my blog(finally posted it on Friday night). I loved both Jason and Taylor and I also liked that you saw the friendship between Taylor and her best friends. It showed she had a fun side, although she is normally focused on work.

    Just the Sexiest Man Alive was a fun and fast-paced read(I almost finished it on my plane ride between Nashville and Houston). I can’t wait to read more books my Ms. James in the future.

  2. Julie James says:

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for choosing Just the Sexiest Man for this month’s book discussion! You know, it’s funny that you can see it as a movie… JTSMA was originally written as a screenplay. The screenplay was optioned by a Hollywood producer and there were some really exciting weeks where we talked about what actors and actresses could play Jason and Taylor, but then, ultimately the movie didn’t get made. (Happens all the time, unfortunately…) So my film agent suggested I turn the script into a book instead. This being my first book, it’s nice to see that maybe I didn’t totally screw it up. : ) And as for Jeremy, I’ve gotten several requests for his story! I really may have to consider that.

    Liza– thanks for your wonderful review as well! I saw it over the weekend and posted a comment saying hello.

  3. Helen says:

    The book sounds really good although it is not the type of book I normally read I have added it to the must get list I am sure I will enjoy it.

    Have Fun

  4. Kendra says:

    This book sounds like a lot of fun! I noticed it was nominated in All About Romance’s reader poll in several categories. The hero must be hot! Congratulations on such a great debut, Julie. I liked hearing a little background on how the book came to be.

  5. Buffie says:

    This IS one fabulous book! Julie has done a wonderful job creating a story that reads like a movie. I reviewed it for Romance Novel TV and gave a rave review. Plus Julie is such a sweetheart.

    Helen, this is not my normal type of book either (I’m a historical gal at heart), but I do belive you will truly enjoy Taylor and Jason’s story!

  6. Maureen says:

    I agree that this would make a great movie. I loved the fact that Taylor is ambitous and driven and not sorry for it.

  7. Jennifer Y says:

    How funny Julie! Too bad it didn’t get made into a film, but lucky for us I guess since we get to read it anyway. I am glad you decided to write the book.

  8. Blanche says:

    I have this book in my TBR and I really want to read it!! 🙂

  9. Julie James says:

    Sorry, Jennifer– I posted a link to your discussion on my blog and somehow it turned up as a comment here. Don’t know how that happened… I’m so new to this blogging stuff… ; )

  10. Rowena says:

    I really enjoyed this book as well, it’s one of those books that makes you smile and glad that you read romance. I certainly hope that Julie decides to write Jeremy’s book because I’m a big Jeremy fan! =) It really sucks that this movie never got picked up because it would have made a great romantic comedy.

    Julie, who were your cast choices for Jason and Taylor?

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