Review of Secrets Volume 25

secrets-25Secrets Volume 25 is a fabulous anthology featuring four very different and erotic stories that you won’t want to miss.  One thing I really enjoy about these anthologies is that the stories are all so different from one another and can cover a variety of romance genres.  There’s something for every reader and as a fan of all genres of romance, I really enjoy the variety they provide.


As for this particular volume it starts off with Cynthia Eden’s “Blood Hunt,” a steamy story featuring Slade Brion, a bounty hunter whose latest assignment turns out to be more than he expected when he learns his prey, Nema Alexander, is a vampiress.  The couple soon finds themselves on the run for their life in this fast-paced and fascinating paranormal romance.  The characters of the story were great and I really enjoyed the interesting twist of the plot in this wonderful story.


Up next is “Scandalous Behavior” by Anne Rainey, an entertaining story in which Tess Marley, who has lusted after and fantasized about her boss, Kevin Haines, for five long years finally decides to do something about it.  Soon the couple finds themselves mixing business with pleasure in several steamy encounters.  I really enjoyed the relationship between these two characters and they begin to explore what could be between them.  I really liked Tess and could relate to her insecurities and doubts as she longed for love in what is truly a great story.


In Sedonia Guillone’s futuristic romance “Enter the Hero,”  longtime friends, Kass and Lian find themselves sentenced to sexual servitude as prisoners of the Confederation, the new government.  Forced to make love for an audience, the two are determined to escape and find freedom away from the Confederation in Paradise in this action-packed story that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Kass and Lian’s story is a very touching one and I enjoyed the friendship and love that exists between them in this enjoyable read.


Sparks fly in the final story of the anthology, “Up to No Good” by Natasha Moore when Allie Chandler, a young writer tracks down her idol, former writer Simon “Mac” Mackenzie at a bar.  Determined to get an interview, Allie is persistent, but finds more than she bargained for as she learns more about the mysterious “Mac.”  I loved the chemistry and the banter between Mac and Allie as their relationship grew.  They were perfect for one another and I enjoyed the ups-and-downs of their relationship as they dealt with issues of trust and the past.


Overall, this was a wonderful anthology featuring four stellar stories that definitely heat things up.  Each story shines with its sensuality and chemistry and no one story is stronger than the other.  All four are strong stories with great characters and I recommend you get this one if you like variety in your romance.


3 Responses to Review of Secrets Volume 25

  1. Helen says:

    I love the idea of reading 4 new to me authors and different genres as well

    Have Fun

  2. Anne Rainey says:

    Thanks for a lovely review, Jennifer!! This has made my day! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great review, Jennifer. So glad you enjoyed Vol 25!


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