Review of Megan’s Choice by Ellie Marvel

megans-choiceMegan’s Choice is a fascinating story with a very unique concept where the reader gets to choose the outcome of the story by choosing between two options at the end of each section.  As a fan of the “Choose-Your-Own Adventure” stories as a child, I was eager to read this one and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  With so many different paths you can take it is like having multiple stories in one.  I read through it a few times making different choices each time and I am not sure I even covered all the possibilities, but I enjoyed each journey that Megan took.


This futuristic story focuses on the heroine of the story, Megan Malone, an overworked zip ship pilot who wants nothing more than a vacation.  But she finds her plans changed with the government requests Megan for a diplomatic mission…a mission that includes her ex-lover Yusef Gunnen.  The story takes many unexpected and interesting turns as you get to make Megan’s decisions.  I really liked Megan and enjoyed her adventures and hope to read more in the future as a few of the paths she took left me feeling like more was to come.


Overall, this was a fascinating and intriguing story with interesting characters and several different intriguing threads.  In addition to enjoying the story, I truly enjoyed the power that reading this story gives the reader and hope to read more romances featuring this concept.


You can purchase this story here.


2 Responses to Review of Megan’s Choice by Ellie Marvel

  1. Jody W. says:

    Thanks again for our week of Secrets, Jennifer, and for taking the time to talk about Megan’s Choice!

  2. Helen says:

    This one sounds different I have never read a book where you choose the ending I have heard of them but not tried one I do love learning about new authors and books

    Have Fun

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