December’s Book-of-the-Month Discussion…

primalmalesmallFinally, it is time for December’s Book-of-the-Month discussion.  I apologize for the delay but with the holidays and some unexpected illnesses I fell behind on things.


Today we are talking about Primal Male by Sasha White.

As with the last discussion I am going to focus on different aspects of the story.
My discussion will contain no spoilers (and is basically a review in a different format…with a few rambling moments 😀 ), but I cannot promise that the comments won’t…so please read at your own risk!


– My general thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book.  It had a little of everything…strong characters, fascinating plotline, steamy romance (VERY steamy), action, emotion, and more.  Empath Drake Wheeler has come to the small town of Chadwick looking for a shapeshifter that could help his friend and finds more than he expected when he meets Melissa Montrose.  This was an interesting story that intrigued me from the first.  Drake and Melissa made for an interesting couple and I enjoyed their interactions with one another as well as with those around them.  There were also a few surprises that I didn’t see coming which made for an exciting story.


This is a sequel to Sasha White’s Sexy Devil and unfortunately I have yet to read it.  We do meet characters from the other book and a little bit of back story is given to help set up the current book’s plot but I feel that this one stands alone quite well.  I will admit that it probably would have been good to have a little more background on the Drake and the agency he works for (which was probably more detailed in the first book…maybe), but I didn’t feel like I missed much…but I hope to get Sexy Devil soon and read it as the characters and premise of the stories intrigued me.


– Hero:

Drake Wheeler

Drake is an empath and I can’t imagine what he goes through as he experiences the feelings of those around him.  I don’t even like experiencing my own emotions at times yet alone those of others!  Because of his ability he shuts himself off from those around him and you can’t help but feel for the guy as it can’t be easy trying to isolate yourself while surrounded by people who care about you.


With Drake, Ms. White has created a sympathetic, yet tough hero that you can’t help but fall in love with.  He’s intelligent, caring, and a bit overprotective, but that’s understandable considering what he has seen and experienced.  His abilities as an empath also make him very understanding and basically a human lie detector…that is if he can sense your emotions.  I felt for the big guy because I am sure life hasn’t been easy for him.


– Heroine:

Melissa Montrose

Melissa is a shapeshifter who has tried to keep her abilities secret while living in a small town.  Melissa is a strong-willed heroine who is a great match for Drake as she definitely keeps him on his toes.  She’s used to being independent and looking out for herself, which causes some friction between her and Drake.  At times I could understand her frustration as she wished Drake would open up to her and be honest.


– Secondary characters:

This book had fabulous secondary characters.  As I mentioned above, characters from the first book reappear in this one:  Jewel, Devil, Gina, and Caleb.  While I hadn’t read their stories yet, I was intrigued by what I learned about these characters and I definitely want to read that book.    They really add to the story and plot and help move the story along.


We also meet Nadya, another character from Sexy Devil.  Her brief appearance and tough attitude fascinated me and I certainly hope she will get a book of her own in the future.


– Favorite things about the book:

This would be hard to narrow down, but there are probably three things that I liked the most:

1) The characters:  I felt the book had strong main and secondary characters that I really came to like.  They were the type of people I’d like to know.

2) This one probably goes along with the first, but the premise…the idea of the agency and the various psychic or shapeshifting abilities.  While not a unique concept for paranormal romances, I enjoyed Ms. White’s take on it and almost wish she had elaborated more on it all.

3) The emotion:  This book had some moments where it really touched me and made me feel for these characters and what they have gone (and are going) through.  Even though I couldn’t exactly relate to them and their abilities, I could relate what they experienced to my own feelings and life.  I love books that can touch me with either their characters or plot and this one definitely did with both.


– Least favorite things:

I can’t really say more without spoiling it, but things seemed to get wrapped up a bit too quickly at the end for my tastes as the different pieces fell into place, but other than that the story was really good.  Oh, and as I mentioned, I wish I had read the first book so I could have had a little more background on the secondary characters and perhaps the agency that Drake works for.


– Would I recommend the book?

Definitely…it is a good paranormal romance with great characters and emotion.


– Final thought:

Overall, I thought this was a good story and I would have loved to have seen even more of these characters.  I wish the book had lasted longer as I was sad to see it end.


What about you?  Did you read the book?  Have any thoughts you’d like to share?  Remember all opinions are welcome and please check the discussion rules before commenting!


Check back tomorrow for January’s pick and a quick contest!


5 Responses to December’s Book-of-the-Month Discussion…

  1. Liza says:

    I really liked Primale Male too. I’m not big on reading books out of order, but this one did stand alone pretty well(liked that we were given backstory to other characters). I’ll try and go back and read the first book in the series(once the tbr is a little more under control). I did miss the note on the back cover that said how steamy the book would be, so I was a bit surprised at first, but thoght the steamy moments went well with Melissa’s and Drake’s characters.

  2. Helen says:

    Great review Jennifer unfortunatley I didn’t get to read it but it has been added to my must get list.

    Have Fun

  3. Stefanie D says:

    I haven’t read Primale male yet. But it sounds very interesting (oh man, my TBB list just keeps growing!)

    I’m really looking forward to the other comments.

  4. I actually haven’t gotten a chance to read this book yet (haven’t even bought it yet either) but I will! 🙂

  5. ann marie says:

    I just picked up this book and I’m looking forward to reading it, and thanks for the heads up I will read Sexy Devil first.

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