So yesterday I asked for suggestions for February’s Book-of-the-Month and a few of you offered some, but I could use some more if anyone wants to offer some below in the comments or through e-mail.

The details can be found in yesterday’s post and the poll for February will open Wednesday when I randomly select some books from the suggestion list.

And be sure to come back on Monday for the discussion of Primal Male by Sasha White and then again on Tuesday for the annoucement of February’s book and a quickie giveaway of the chosen book!


2 Responses to Suggestions?

  1. azteclady says:

    I am on a TBR-mountain range kick at present (may the authors in my “to review” list forgive me–I’m getting there, I promise) which resulted in reading a few older titles (Rachel Lee’s Nighthawk for example) which in turn lead me to re read a few older favorites.

    So aside from the aforementioned Nighthawk I would suggest Suzanne Brockmann’s Heartthrob and Nora Roberts’ Blue Smoke for print books, and Dee Tenorio’s Midnight Sonata and Denise A. Agnew’s Love from the Ashes for e-books.

  2. Brandy W says:

    Brain isn’t working currently. I think I need more coffee. I’ll try to think about it later. Have a good weekend.

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