Final Change…Book-of-the-Month

So here is the final change…I think…


It has to do with the Book-of-the-Month…


I realized that a lot of the authors who are guests here on the blog write and that I read quite a few eBooks and as of right now the Book-of-the-Month has excluded these so I decided to change that. The criteria for the books are going to change a little and starting with February’s Book-of-the-Month, eBooks will be included in the suggestions.  

However, if an eBook is chosen as the Book-of-the-Month, I will not be giving a copy away as eBooks are nontransferable and it would be ILLEGAL for ME to do so.  If an eBook wins the poll, I will come up with something else to giveaway during that month’s giveaway.


To reflect this new change, each month’s Book-of-the-Month poll will now contain a few more suggestions giving readers more to choose from.  I haven’t decided on a specific number yet, but will do so before the next poll (which opens next week).  It will all depend on the number of suggestions that I receive.


We are also going to be starting fresh with the suggestions list each month.  Books still have to meet the criteria that can be found here, but we are going to start a new list.


In fact, I could use some suggestions for February’s Book-of-the-Month now.
Either leave the suggestions in the comments below or e-mail me.
And remember to check the criteria before making your suggestion…but the books can now be print or eBooks, new or old (as long as they are available in February).


Oh, and our rescheduled discussion of December’s book (Primal Male by Sasha White) will take place next week as will my announcement of January’s Book-of-the-Month and giveaway so be sure to come back and check it out.


10 Responses to Final Change…Book-of-the-Month

  1. azteclady says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! I’ve been reading more ebooks lately, and it’s slightly easier for me to delude myself when I get those that I’m not increasing the overwhelming amount of books TBR that flood my house…

  2. Jennifer Y says:

    I know exactly what you mean, azteclady.

  3. Greta says:

    Hey Jennifer – Here are some suggestions. I’m going with books in my TBR pile 🙂

    Dragon Actually – G.A. Aiken
    Fallen – Claire Delacroix
    Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband – Melissa Mayhue
    Dream Walk – The Sentinels – Meg Allison
    Kiss Me Again – Dee Tenorio
    Slade & Kally – AE Rought

  4. Blanche says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    Here are a few in my TBR pile……..

    I second Greata’s suggestion of Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken!

    Nightkeepers-Jessica Andersen
    Just The Sexiest Man Alive-Julie James
    Bedeviled-Maureen Child
    The Dragon Master-Allyson James

  5. Lea says:

    I just finished an amazing book, “Wicked Burn” by Beth Kery. The review is posted on my blog.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever read any of Rachel Vincent’s books before but she has two out that I know of in a series about shape shifters that are very good. The first one is called “Stray”, and the second is called “Rogue”. Very strong female protagonist in the novels.

    There is also a fabulous urban fantasy series out written by Kat Richardson, “Greywalker” is the debut novel, “Poltergeist” is the second,and “Underground” is the third. Her heroine “Harper Blaine” rocks my socks. Underground is in my TBR and I hope to review the series when I get to it. The romance is very light in Ms. Richardson’s books. It is really a pure UF series.

    All the best to you Jennifer.

  6. Helen says:

    Some suggestions
    Tempt The Devil Anna Campbell
    Dark Highland Fire Kendra Leigh Castle
    Wild Margo Maguire

    Have Fun

  7. highlandlove says:

    Okay here ya go:
    TO SIN WITH A STRANGER by Kathryn Caskie
    TOO FAR GONE by Marliss Melton
    TALL, DARK, & KILTED by Allie MacKay
    That is all my suggestions for this time


  8. Patti Fischer says:

    Hey, Jennifer, how about for February a February book…..

    TANGLED UP IN LOVE by Heidi Betts
    It comes out Feb 3rd.

  9. Liza says:

    I got an e-reader over Christmas to try and reduce the number of books in my house. My tbr pile is more like a tbr mountain. I do still buy printed books and picked up Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank this morning. I also plan on picking up Full Exposure by Tracy Wolff when I go to the bookstore tomorrow. Both are out in paperback and I believe e-book format(didn’t check yet).

  10. Jane says:

    “Maximum Exposure” by Alison Kent
    “Wicked As Sin” by Jillian Hunter

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