Interview with F E Heaton…

Today’s guest is F E Heaton

Her latest release from Alinar Publishing is the paranormal romance Seventh Circle…here is a little more about it.



Dark, sensual and fast-paced, Seventh Circle is a story of forbidden love so strong that it will save the world.


Born with strange powers similar to a vampire’s, Lilith has spent her life hunting demons for Section Seven. Now, on the very same night that she watches a vampire kill her best friend, she’s faced with her worse nightmare.


A client who is not only attractive, but a vampire.


Lincoln, a powerful pure blood vampire, has a problem. The prophecy he’s caught up in is coming to pass and his only chance of survival is relying on those he hates most–vampire hunters. It has been foretold that one will save him, a female hunter, and when he meets her, the attraction he feels is both instantaneous and forbidden.


Their mutual attraction becomes difficult to deny as they work to unravel the mystery of a contract between Lincoln‘s lord and the Devil. The barriers around their hearts fall, but is there only pain ahead of them? With Lincoln‘s life on the line, can Lilith find the strength to protect him and embrace a side of herself that she wished didn’t exist? Can Lincoln overcome his fear in order to save Lilith even if it means parting from her forever? What price will they pay to be together?


You can find this book here.




Here’s an excerpt courtesy of the author…(Warning: This may be considered an adult excerpt)


Lincoln trailed his fingers across his bare chest.


“I know you want to feel it.” His senses locked onto Lilith’s heart, revelling in the staccato rhythm it had adopted. A rush of adrenaline entered her blood, sending the scent of it into the air through her overheating flesh. She was either embarrassed, or his words held some truth and she wanted to touch him. Another push. “Just reach out and touch. I can see the questions in your eyes, Lilith. Is it cool, hard? Would you feel a heartbeat? Would I feel your touch, feel pain if you scraped your nails down it… feel pleasure?”


Her cheeks blazed and her eyes widened. She went to turn away. He was beside her before she could move, his hand tight around her wrist. He couldn’t let her get away when it was just getting interesting.


Taking the mug from her other hand, he placed it down on the counter away from them, his movements slow so he didn’t draw her attention away from his eyes. He drew her towards him. Her fingers shook in his. Her breath trembled uneasily, quivering with her racing heart. Her dark gaze fell to his chest and she slowly wet her lips with the bare tip of her soft pink tongue. He stared at her mouth, mesmerised by the motion of her tongue against her lips, and then snapped himself out of it.


This game was turning dangerous for them both. It didn’t matter. He couldn’t stop now.


He had to see what would happen.


“Surrender to it,” he whispered, voice smooth and convincing.


Her fingertips barely grazed his skin and he was on fire. His eyes half closed as he absorbed the sensation of her warm caress heating his body. He hadn’t expected this. He clawed back a modicum of control, telling himself this was just a game to annoy her, to make her feel weak. It shouldn’t make him feel this way.


Her eyes were wide, her pupils dilated as she stared at her fingers where they traced patterns on his chest. She was lost. He could smell the hint of arousal, the alluring pheromones coming off her.


He breathed in a voice of temptation, “Imagine what it is like to kiss me.”


Her gaze burned him, trailing fire over his body as it rose to his mouth. He stared at hers, imagining the silky glide of her lips against his and the brush of her tongue, the warmth of her.


“Imagine what it is like to be kissed by me.” He smiled to reveal his extended fangs.




Now here’s my interview with the talented author…


– Welcome to the blog.  Can you please tell us about your book?

Seventh Circle is the story of Lincoln, Chosen Son of the Vehemens bloodline. He has a problem. Not only is he caught up in a contract between his Lord and the Devil, which if it is fulfilled will see him die, but three witches took a look at his future and told him the name of a woman who will save him. It turns out she’s a vampire hunter! Lilith was raised by Section Seven, an elite organisation of vampire hunters. She has dedicated her life to eradicating demons and, since her sister was killed by one, feels nothing but hatred towards vampires. On the same night that she watches her best friend Jackson die from a vampire attack, she’s told that she has her first paying client. Great, until it turns out that he’s not only an attractive young man but a vampire! Reluctantly working together to unravel the mystery of the contract before it comes to pass and Hell is unleashed on Earth, Lilith and Lincoln fight their feelings for different reasons. When Lilith is mortally wounded in a vampire attack, Lincoln refuses to let her die and saves her life. Lost in the haze of her blood, he utters words that place a claim on Lilith, a bond that is only possible between vampires. Lilith is drawn into Lincoln’s world when revelations about her heritage and Section Seven shatter her own. When Lincoln faces the guardians of Hell in a last attempt to save the world and Lilith, she must find the strength to face her own demons and save the man she loves… but how far is she willing to go?


Seventh Circle is part of the Vampires Realm series, but is a stand alone story. All of the stories in the series are only connected by the world they’re set in, and the occasional character cameo, so they can be read in any order. The ebook is out with Alinar Publishing and is available on Fictionwise.


-What inspired the story?

I’m never sure what inspires the stories that I write. Normally it’s a mish-mash of things, from something someone said, something I saw or music, something I read. A lot of the time it just comes from nowhere. I have a very active imagination. I know that part of the story for this one was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, with the circles of Hell, and the rest is just born of my imagination.


-What was your favorite part about writing this book?

I love writing because I get to throw the hero and heroine together, stick them in a whole heap of trouble, and then write them out of it. That’s the fun part for me. I love to give my characters hell. I feel the more trouble they get in, the better and more realistic the characters will turn out to be. You should never go too easy on your characters. It’s the conflict that make the story interesting.


-Can you tell us more about the Vampires Realm series?

Vampires Realm didn’t start out as a series. I’m sure many writers have experienced this and some of its story will be familiar to others. I had an idea for a story but I couldn’t drop everything and write it there and then. I had other writing commitments to work through first and I knew that this story was going to be very long. This meant that the story, which is now the Prophecy Trilogy, had to sit at the back of my mind while I attended to these commitments. Of course, it wouldn’t leave me alone, so I found myself writing notes for the Prophecy stories whilst working on other projects. Almost a year passed before I could finally focus on Prophecy and her story. When I read over my notes, I realised that I had been doing a lot of world building for just one story. A little voice at the back of my mind said I couldn’t just use this world once and then discard, so I sat down and thought about it a little harder and more ideas for this world came to me. By the time I had finished building the world, I had ideas for around five novels, one of which was the Prophecy Trilogy. Thus, Vampires Realm was born, and I haven’t looked back since.


What I love most about the series are the vampires. The series follows the seven pure bloodlines of Europe – Aurorea, Caelestis, Nocens, Tenebrae, Validus, Vehemens and Venia. These are dark vampires who have no qualms about killing humans, but who also have societal structure and laws that they abide. They are a society within our society, unseen by us but there all the same. Although they are fairly merciless when it comes to humans, they still feel things as keenly as we do – they love, laugh, cry and hurt. They have power and strength incomparable to normal vampires, who they call Weaklings, and most vampire hunters don’t stand a chance against them, including most of Section Seven, an organisation of hunters.


Exploring a darker type of character has added another level to the series. I wanted to give readers a vampire who was more like those we were used to reading about or seeing in movies before the time when they began to become humanised. You won’t find a vampire in my series wishing they were human again and staving off human blood. They’re comfortable with how sexy, dangerous, deadly and dark they are. In their eyes, they’re the superior species and we had better watch out. Of course, there are varying levels of darkness in my vampires. Some are more compassionate towards humans, but others won’t even acknowledge them unless it’s time to feed. I like to sprinkle in the occasional nicer vampire, such as Prophecy, to balance out the darkness a touch. It’s been thrilling to see how well received my vampires are by both readers and reviewers. It gives me hope that paranormal romance might again move away from the safe, non-bloodsucking vampire who just wants to be redeemed, and go back to the darker, grittier and sexier kind.


-What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Writing and telling a story, and then having that story mean something to readers. I love the connection I can have with readers through my stories. It’s wonderful when people come back to me and say that they enjoyed the story and it meant something to them. I really write because I love writing, anything else is a bonus.


-Who has inspired you as a writer?

I’m not inspired by other authors or people like that. My husband inspires me with his support and his love, and the fact that he’s understanding about this all-consuming passion of mine. My readers inspire me with their love of my stories.


-What do you like to read?

I like to read classical romance such as Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austen. I don’t really have much time to read though as I’m always writing. I also love to read Manga. I read that quite a lot!


-What would you like to ask my blog readers?

What is it you look for in a story, and in a paranormal romance?


Thanks F E!

Readers, you can learn more about F E and her books at:


So go ahead and answer her questions…


6 Responses to Interview with F E Heaton…

  1. Liza says:

    Seventh Circle sounds wonderful, FE! I love paranormal romances, and vampires are my favorites. Is is hard to come up with your stories?

  2. Lea says:

    Good Morning FE:

    Your book sounds unique and exciting. I’ve always been drawn to vampire paranormal stories. I don’t know what it is about that particular supernatural character, maybe its the dark persona and the sensuality and experience that goes along with centuries of existence? I look for well developed characters, who are strong and determined, but also possess a vulnerability that makes them attractive. The type of conflict described in the synopsis of your novel is interesting too. I like to see plot twists and turns that leaves a reader wondering if the H&H are actually going to have their HEA until the last chapter.

    Wonderful, comprehensive interview.
    All the best for the festive season. 🙂

  3. ThatBrunette says:

    Thank you for not doing an ‘angsty’ vampire. 🙂 Refreshing.

    I was hoping that the book was able to be read as a stand-alone. I am curious about a ‘full blood’ vampire. It is nice to see different takes on the vampire myth.

    Thanks for the interview and the excerpt.

  4. F E Heaton says:

    Hi Liza! Thanks for stopping by. I don’t find it particularly difficult to come up with the stories. I do find it hard to rein myself in because I always want to just leap into writing them rather than taking the time out to think about them and get the plot right. I am a compulsive planner and I do find that stories come out best when I’ve planned them out quite thoroughly. As for getting inspiration or where the story comes from, well, the muse is responsible for that end of the deal. I never seem to be short of stories to write. When I get rid of one, another two or three come along. I’m always in a constant rush to write them all!


  5. F E Heaton says:

    Hi Lea, oh yes, there has to be plenty of conflict and plot twists. That’s what I love most about writing a long novel like this. I can get all those wonderful twists in there that really leave the reader gasping. I’m also a sucker for never giving the hero and heroine an easy ride. I like to make them work for that HEA! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  6. F E Heaton says:

    Hi ThatBrunette!

    I’m so not into the angsty vampire, or at least not the typical “woe is me, I’m a vampire, how can I face eternity” one. I like a tragic hero now and then, one fated by a destiny he wishes he didn’t have, but they’re always comfortable with what they are.

    Yes, the story can be read as a stand alone. The series is purely a setting and the rules of their world. While you’ll meet characters from other books, such as the Prophecy Trilogy, there’s no need to have read that book. I try to cover all the important details in each of my stories so people can just jump in with both feet.

    Obviously the Prophecy Trilogy is longer and you meet more of the pure bloodlines of Europe in it so there’s a stronger feel for the world, but I haven’t skimped in Seventh Circle. I do feel you can read it without having read the others and you won’t miss out.

    thanks for dropping in,


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