Review of Fringe Benefits by Shelley Munro…

fringbenefits200x300In this short and hot read, Marie Wright finds herself facing a dilemma as she falls for her two flatmates, Shane and Kelvin.  Suddenly their friends-with-benefits relationship isn’t quite enough.  As she struggles with her feelings for the two sexy men, she wonders how she will let them know that she wants a permanent relationship with both of them, but worries that it will destroy their friendship if they don’t want the same thing.


Not only was this quick read hot, but it also had heart and emotion as we watched Marie struggle with the possibility of losing the two men she loves more than anything.  Shane and Kelvin also have some of their own feelings to work out so they don’t lose Marie or ruin their own friendship. 


This was a great read full of passion, romance, and emotion.


3 Responses to Review of Fringe Benefits by Shelley Munro…

  1. Lea says:

    “Fringe Benefits”, does sound like a good read Jennifer. Thank you for the review. I enjoy the “Quickie” books from time to time and will add this one to my list.


  2. Thanks so much, Jennifer. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Fringe Benefits!

  3. ThatBrunette says:

    If they really wanted to make the cover funny, they could have used his nipple to dot the ‘i’ in Quickies! 🙂

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