Guest Blogger Malena Lott…

Today I am delighted to welcome author Malena Lott!
Malena’s book, Dating da Vinci is available now!


Malena kindly wrote up a little blog to let you all know a little more about her book…


datingdavinciDating da Vinci by Malena Lott

Happy Days


Thank goodness romance readers believe in happy endings. Don’t you think with the way the world has been going – war, the economy, the election – that a few happy endings are in order?


With my new novel, Dating da Vinci, about one young widowed mother’s renaissance with the help of one hot Italian, a happy ending hangs in the balance. For my protagonist, Ramona, who teaches English to immigrants, happiness is that juicy piece of fruit hanging too high up on the tree to reach.  Now she’s finally ready to jump higher. Or does she need a lift?


For the hard-core romance readers reading this, I’d like to say that my novel is best considered mainstream with strong romantic elements. As one book blogger said, “you’ll laugh, cry and fall in love all over again,” but you’ll also get some strong sub-plots involving Ramona’s awakening, too. I added a lot of layers I hope you’ll enjoy – such as pieces of Ramona’s dissertation on the “Language of Love,” the mystery of whether or not her husband cheated with his ex-fiancee before he died, and her attempts outside her comfort zone to find peace about the past and move on to a wholly new life.


If you’re looking for an autumn read that Publishers Weekly calls “satisfying and uplifting,” with a sultry romance that blends romantic fantasy and reality, then I think you’ll be more than happy with Dating da Vinci. Be sure and visit to enter several fun contests, watch videos on my favorite recipes, learn some Italian phrases and read an excerpt of the novel and more reviews.





Thanks Malena for letting readers know more about your release.

Readers, as Malena said you can learn more about her, her books, and more at


I have a copy of Malena’s Dating da Vinci to give to one lucky commenter.  To enter, just leave a comment below and on Sunday, Nov. 16, I’ll randomly select one winner to receive a copy so be sure to come back to see if you are a winner!


So, Malena mentioned that her protagonist, Ramona, steps outside her comfort zone?  Have you ever had to step outside your comfort zone?


15 Responses to Guest Blogger Malena Lott…

  1. Ann M. says:

    Sounds interesting. I love your line of getting involved in subplots.

    Yes… although doing it enough my comfort level moves, too.

  2. ruth says:

    Thanks for featuring this delightful and unique book. It sounds captivating. I have had to go outside of my comfort zone many times in my life. It was necessary and made me more flexible and adaptable.

  3. azteclady says:

    Welcome, Malena, and best of luck!

    Jennifer, yes, I have–moving internationally as a single mom with two young kids… major major “out of my comfort zone” step. Turned out well (so far *knocking on wood*) but it was stressful as all get out.

    As Ann M says, it gets easier the more you do it–you stretch your comfort zone. However, I’m hoping not to have to do that again. Ever.


  4. Fedora says:

    Congrats on Dating da Vinci, Malena! Stepping outside one’s comfort zone is always scary, although sometimes it ends up not being nearly as painful as one fears. The good part is stretching and growing; the hard part is fearing falling on one’s face. Maybe it’s easiest to start small 😉

  5. Beth R says:

    Yes I have and I find that I grow as a person when I step outside my comfort zone

  6. Darby Lohrding says:

    Thought provoking question…when trying to think of an example to share I realized that what at one time may of been “out of my comfort zone” is now no longer, since I have tackled the unknown area. Kind of like “fear” it is only fear untill we face it.
    My answer is Yes to your question, yet those area’s are no longer out of bound’s so to speak.
    Thanks for the discussion,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  7. Helen says:

    This books sounds really good
    As for moving out of my comfort zone oh yes done that a few times feels scary when you do it but so far eveytime I have all has worked out well.

    Have Fun

  8. Liza says:

    Dating da Vinci sounds like a really fun read.

  9. RobynL says:

    Oh I like the sound of this book Malena; I’m ready to laugh, cry and fall in love all over again as it suggests will happen.

    I have stretched beyond my comfort zone many times and a few times it has been good for me.
    1) moved to unknown territory with no job in my site
    because of an imminent divorce
    2) I re-married; a man who had 3 kids(teenagers)and I
    never had any kids from my first marriage.
    3) I went back to work; this time as a Care Aide in
    a Personal Care Home and have never done that
    type of work before and best of all, I mostly
    enjoy it. The 7 pm – 7 am shifts are a bit hard
    to swallow and especially when you go on the
    4th one in a row.

  10. Lu says:

    Sounds like my kind of book – love reading about other cultures.
    I went out of my comfort zone last spring, when I attended my very first writer’s conference. For this shy wallflower, it was a big step. And hey – I survived!!


  11. Stacie Mc says:

    As a nurse, I’ve been exposed to things that would make the average person’s head spin. So, yeah, I’ve had to step WAY outside my comfort zone.

  12. Terri W. says:

    Congrats on your new book Malena!

    Yes I have had to step out of my comfort zone sometimes at work.

  13. Deidre says:

    Yes, while I like people in general and definitely kids, here at the library sometimes we have to speak and read to around a hundred kids at the time. I just get nervous as all get out.


  14. Quilt Lady says:

    Congrats on your new book!
    It doesn’t take much to get me out of my confort zone, but I have also notice the more I step out of my confort zone the wider the zone gets. So I think it is good for you to get out of that confort zone.

  15. Elizabeth M. says:

    She couldn’t have made the book sound any better if she’d tried!

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