Interview with Robin Kaye…

Today’s guest is author Robin Kaye, whose fabulous release Romeo, Romeo is available now!


romeoWelcome.  I really appreciate you being my guest.  Can you please tell us about your book?

Thanks so much for inviting me. It’s great to be here.


Romeo, Romeo is about an independent businesswoman, Rosalie Ronaldi, whose life would be perfect if she could just figure out how to keep her nosy, pushy, Italian family from trying to marry her off.


Nick Romeo, Brooklyn’s Donald Trump without the comb over, thinks independent women are an urban myth, until he meets Rosalie and realizes they’re no myth, just a pain in the ass. He’s finally met a woman who’s looking for the same thing he is, a commitment free relationship, and is shocked to discover that all he wants to do is take care of her. Before too long, he’s moved in, cleaned her apartment, stocked her refrigerator, and adopted her dog.


What inspired the story?

I was taking an on-line writing class on point of view and the first assignment was to write a scene in first person.


I had just made a 20-quart pot of spaghetti sauce, dumped my meatballs in, and had ten minutes until I could stir the pot. I hate waiting those ten minutes. They always seem to last an eternity, so wearing my “The trouble with eating Italian food is 3 days later, you’re hungry again” apron, I ran into my office and wrote a scene with an Italian family around the Sunday dinner table. It was the scene in which my heroine, Rosalie Ronaldi, realized that there was an expiration date on uncommitted relationships. The scene was cut from the final manuscript, but I fell in love with Rosalie and her family, and I knew I had to write her story. It almost killed me to cut that scene, because it was so funny, but it wasn’t wasted. I used it in my blog. That made me feel much better.


Can you tell us a little more about the hero and heroine?  What do you like most about them?

Rosalie is a snarky, independent, stubborn, successful businesswoman with an overbearing Italian family. She never wants to get married and she means it. She’s happy with herself and her life. I love that about her. She’s also the anti-Martha Stewart. She doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, and lives in fear of her mother’s visits.


Nick is great. He’s a lot of fun but he’s stubborn as all get out. He’s an alpha male with a sensitive side and he’s not quite sure how to handle it. He takes care of the people he loves without even realizing it. He’s a self made man, but his money and success haven’t changed him. He’s still hanging around with the same friends he grew up with.


What was your favorite part of writing this book?

It was a fun book to write. It was one of those books that just flowed. Sitting down to write it every day was a joy.


What is your favorite part of being a writer? Least favorite?

I love playing god with my characters. I get to live other people’s lives in a way, and it’s so much fun.


My least favorite part of being a writer is revisions. You have this movie in your head and then you have to change it. It’s really difficult for me.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Stubborn, funny, and unpredictable.


Who are some of your favorite authors?  Or who do you like to read?

Favorite romance authors – Jane Austen, Suzanne Brockmann, Nora Roberts, Maureen Child, Rachel Gibson, Susan Mallery, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Roxanne St. Claire, Patti Berg… the list is a very long one.


My absolute favorite kind of book is one that takes me on a mini-vacation, one that makes me a laugh out loud and makes my day brighter. I love reading a story that keeps me on the edge of my seat and has me rooting for the hero and heroine, even though in the back of my mind, I know there’s going to be a happy ending. Those are the books I love to read and the kind of books I try to write.


If you had a time capsule to be opened 50 years in the future, what would you put in it?

A copy of Romeo, Romeo, an iPod with my 10,000 songs on it, a note containing a description of a typical day in the life of an author, and a list of things I would love to see happen in the future.


What is next for you?

The second of my Domestic Gods series is due out in the spring of 2009. I’m writing the third book of the series now. With any luck, that one will be out in the fall of 2009.


Is there anything you’d like to ask my blog readers?

Sure! What is your definition of a domestic god, and do you have one of your own?


Thanks Robin for the fabulous interview!

Readers, you can find Romeo, Romeo online and in stores now.
You can learn more about Robin and her books by visiting:


I have a copy of Romeo, Romeo to give away to one lucky winner.  I’ll randomly draw the winner from the comments and announce it Sunday, Nov. 16 so be sure to check back to see if you won!


So go ahead and answer Robin’s question…


20 Responses to Interview with Robin Kaye…

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Robin,
    Congrats on your debut release. My definition of a domestic god is a man who doesn’t leave his dirty laundry all over the place. He also cooks and has his pantry and refrigerator stocked.

  2. Helen says:

    Great interview Ladies
    This book sounds wonderful and I am really looking forward to reading it I was extremely lucky and have already won a copy lucky me.

    My idea of a domestic God is a guy who cleans up after himself and knows how to look after me LOL

    Have Fun

  3. Deidre says:

    Well, my husband has been pretty domestic lately due to drawing unemployment and slow work at the mobile home factory. He’s been pretty good about doing things around the house, though there is room for improvement. LOL

    I love the look of this book, a hunky man to bring you breakfast in bed….now, that’s something to wake up to.


  4. Crystal B. says:

    For me, it is when a guy will cook, clean, and fix things just because he loves you.

  5. Teresa W says:

    Mine would be a guy who would wait on me hand and foot, still looking for him!

  6. anne says:

    Congratulations on this unique book. Love that cover. A guy who brings you tea every morning and listens to you each day.

  7. Beth R says:

    My husband cooks and cleans up he is a good father also, but, I wouldn’t call him a domestic God. I like the story idea of Romeo Romeo sound different.

  8. azteclady says:

    A domestic god? The man who won’t grumble and bitch over simple things, like oh taking the trash out or walking the dog 😀

  9. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on your new book. I think a domestic god is a man who is willing to wander around IKEA every time you ask him to.

  10. RobynL says:

    oh I like the sounds of this book very much; congrats on it.
    A domestic God is one who picks up after himself, knows what a garbage can is for, shows attention to
    his better half and can fix himself something to eat, even if it is a sandwich.

  11. Fedora says:

    Woohoo, Robin! A domestic god? One who willingly does more than his share of the household stuff 🙂 (If a domestic goddess is defined the same way, I’m not sure I qualify ;p)

  12. Wendy says:

    H, Robin!

    Congrats on your new release. A domestic god to me is someone who can cook, clean and take out the trash. And I want one! lol.

    Great post. 😀

  13. Quilt Lady says:

    Congrats on your new book. I think a domestic god would be a man that helped out around the house with the cooking, laundry and cleaning. If the wife works I think the man should share the household duties. This has never happened in my household. I also would consider this man to be very sexy! Needless to say I don’t have a sexy hubby.

  14. Terri W. says:

    Congrats on your new book!

    For me a domestic god would be someone who would fix, clean and cook for me without asking. He would also take care of me, have impeccable manners and clean up after himself.

  15. Ann M. says:

    Hmmm Domestic God – someone who can cook, clean and not complain. 🙂 My dh when he has the time can do those things but unfortunately not now. 🙂

  16. kh says:

    congrats on the books, sounds good.

  17. Pam P says:

    Congrats on your release, Robin. I’ve been wishing for my own domestic god for years, someone to cook and clean and do all those boring things for me with a smile on his face, and then after still have time for play.

  18. Stacie Mc says:

    A domestic god is a man who will do at least half of the housekeeping, cooking and childcare…without being asked.

  19. Darby Lohrding says:

    A domestic God, besides being able to cook and clean up after himself is one that see’s what needs to be repaired around the house w/o his domestic Goddess having to bring it to his attention. A Domestic God is one that knows his Domestic Goddess needs a larger bathroom!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  20. Leslie says:

    Great interview Robin and Jennifer!

    A domestic god would be a man who can cook and clean and still have enough energy for me at the end of the day. ; )
    Do I have one? Umm…sort of but I think he’s semi-retired. lol

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