Our party is coming to an end…

The winner from yesterday who will receive a copy of 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is:  highlandlove (WendyK)

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So today is our last day of the party  *sniff sniff*…but it’s not over yet!!!  Yesterday we talked a little about the characters and many of you showed interest in learning more.  So before the party ends (and to give you some even more reasons to pick up these fun books), Linda is going to tell you a little more about some of the characters you’ll meet in this fabulous series…


Cast and Crew of Jazz’s World


Sometimes I think my secondary characters are more fun than the lead characters. 


We all know Irma, Jazz’s ghostly sidekick and Fluff and Puff practically have their own publicist. But what about the others that show up in the books?


If you’ve read 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal, you’re familiar with Dweezil, Jazz’s boss at All Creatures Car Service. Jazz has always hoped Dweezil is the last of his kind because she doesn’t want to think there’s more like him out there. Tall, scrawny with olive-green skin and a few anatomical differences we don’t want to consider, Dweezil is the excitable type. It doesn’t take much to get him going, especially if it has to do with money. He could teach Scrooge a few lessons on how to hang on to his money.


The (long e if you please) Librarian is one of those tightly wrapped individuals. He wants every i dotted and t crossed. And don’t be even a fraction of a second late returning a book or scroll to his domain or you’d be banned from his realm for decades or centuries. Just ask Jazz. The Librarian is a character I love writing because of his attitude, his prissy manner and the way he considers The Library his own kingdom. He has the power and he knows it.


As for humans, we have Detective Larkin with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. His taste in ties is deplorable, he tends to sound like a throwback to Philip Marlowe’s time and he has trouble believing in the supernatural community. But thanks to Jazz he learns way more than he ever cared to know.


For Hex Appeal I added Croc and Delilah, a pair of sexy crocodile (literally) stilettos that fellow witch Thea sent Jazz. The best part about these shoes is that they can change color and even style to go with whatever she’s wearing. Great for travel, but we’d still want to go shoe shopping. And they’re total girly shoes as in they love to get into Jazz’s make up and perfume and they think Krebs is the hottest human around. Poor guy isn’t even safe in his own bed!


And moving ahead, you can expect to meet Horace, Stasi’s gargoyle of a fixture in her shop. Eight inches high, gray stone and a total pervert. He speaks his mind and loves to hang out in the lingerie boutique’s dressing rooms when they’re occupied. So you just might want to check it out before you start undressing.


And Bogie, Stasi’s beloved Yorkie/Chihuahua who’s based on my own Bogie, but hers has his own magick in that he can disappear at will and tends to float more than walk.


And Blair’s vintage Kit-Kat clock, Felix, which sounds like Paul Lynde in my head. Felix and Horace get along very well in that they love gossip and there’s always plenty of that in the small town of Moonstone Lake where Stasi and Blair live.


Naturally, they’re not the end, but I don’t want to get too far ahead.


And if you have any questions for them, ask away. I’m sure they’d be only too happy to answer.




Thanks Linda…and you heard her, do you have any questions for any of these characters or any last questions for Linda…they are all around here somewhere. 
Ask away and I’ll see if I can drag them away from whatever they are doing.


Today’s the final day of giveaways and one lucky commenter will win a copy of Hex Appeal!
I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!


A Big Thanks to all of you for partying with us this week!
I hope you have enjoyed yourselves and enjoyed meeting Linda and some of her characters.
And if you are looking for some fun paranormals, consider picking up these books.


22 Responses to Our party is coming to an end…

  1. Laura J says:

    One thing, or maybe the best thing about your books Linda, is the cast of superb secondary characters. I’ve read books that have a fantastic hero and heroine but you just want to scratch someone’s eyes out with how bad some of the secondary characters are. They either don’t add a thing to the story or they intrude too much.

    Your characters are so much fun and I can’t imagine the story(ies) without them.

    Thanks Linda–for hanging out all week!!! And thanks to Fluff and Puff too (can’t leave them out).

    Jennifer–this has been an absolutely fun week and I really hope you do something like this again.

  2. sidhevicious says:

    Hi Linda!
    I’m wondering what gave you the idea to have slippers/shoes be “alive”? It’s been great fun reading your posts this week. Thanks and Happy Halloween to both you and Jennifer. 🙂

  3. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thanks Laura!

    I’ve always felt that to have a strong heroine and hero, you need strong secondary characters. And I have to admit I love eccentric.

    I’ve really enjoyed being here and while Fluff and Puff didn’t totally behave, they were better than I expected.


  4. Linda Wisdom says:

    Hi sidhevicious!

    From the beginning I saw Jazz wearing magickal bunny slippers that had razor sharp teeth and got into trouble. And I mean in my head I literally SAW her wearing them.

    While she has her stylish shoes, these were her favorite for at home wear.

    I just had no idea they would take off the way they did although I’ve had friends doing the “I Told You So” dance.


  5. Linda Wisdom says:

    Also, if any of you have Sirius XM I will be on Playboy Radio this afternoon 1pm pacific, 4 pm eastern.


  6. Liza says:

    Linda, I’ve loved reading about all your characters this week and can’t wait to go to the bookstore this weekend and pick them up.

  7. Fedora says:

    Oh, Jennifer and Linda! The week’s just flown by! Thank you both for making the party such an entertaining one! It’s been fabulous getting to know you and your characters (and the snacks have been delicious, too, of course! ;))

  8. Crystal B. says:

    Your characters are so diverse and fun. I have loved all your posts this week.

  9. Stacie Mc says:

    You have such fun and interesting characters. I don’t know how you come up with them. Happy Halloween!

  10. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thanks Liza!

    You can also find the books in Target.


  11. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thanks Fedora!

    Jennifer was fantastic in putting on this party for Jazz and me.


  12. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thanks Stacie!

    I have a twisted imagination and they work quite for me.


  13. tashat says:

    ive really enjoyed this party

    thank you jennifer and linda!!!!!!!!

  14. Jane says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for chatting with us about your books and characters. Have a Happy Halloween.

  15. Linda Wisdom says:

    Happy Halloween Jane!


  16. OH NO, it’s the last day!! What am I going to do? LOL I just found the blog party and now it’s over 😦 It has been fun reading the posts 🙂

    Crystal Adkins

  17. Jennifer Y says:

    Don’t worry…there’s always something going on around here 😉

  18. Linda Wisdom says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed them Crystal.

    I had a lot of fun here and I’m so glad Jennifer set the party up for us!


  19. Quilt Lady says:

    It sad that the party has to come to an end. Its been a fun week.

  20. ThatBrunette says:

    Linda, thank you for indulging us readers for a few days. I enjoyed all of Jennifer’s interviews.

    I have been looking for a new series to read. “Something fun” was all I had in mind. It looks like your books were just what I was looking for. Ah, I lurve the internet!

  21. Lori T says:

    Thanks Linda for being here and sharing your characters with us…they sound really fun and great.

    Congrats Wendy!

  22. Kimmy L says:

    Are there any absolutely-must-have characteristics for your heroes or heroines?

    Where do your ideas come from? What sparks a story?

    Do you plot out your stories first or do you let the characters lead you?

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