Review of The Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary

The Wild Sight is a captivating story filled with romance, intrigue, and a touch of mysticism.


After the death of her mother, American Rylie Powell has come to Ireland to search for the man who might be her father…Dermot O’Shea.  Upon her arrival she meets Dermot’s son, Donovan O’Shea, a handsome young man who has come home to Ireland see to his ailing father.  Confused by her attraction for the man who might be her brother, Rylie is determined to discover the truth about her parentage.


Blessed (or cursed) with “The Sight” that allows him to see events of the past, Donovan O’Shea didn’t need any more complications in his life…especially not an attractive young woman claiming to be his half-sister.  He, too, feels the chemistry between him and Rylie and knows she couldn’t possibly be his sister, but he knows his father is hiding something.


Just when Rylie and Donovan didn’t think life could get any more complicated, a body is discovered on the O’Shea family’s property.  Donovan’s visions soon lead him and Rylie into a mystery involving murder, lies, and ghosts of the past.  And as Rylie and Donovan search to uncover the truth surrounding the body and the visions, they discover more about each other and the past.


With its twists-and-turns, The Wild Sight captured my attention from the very beginning.   The story had just about everything that I had hoped for when I first learned of the book…fascinating characters, a touching romance, an intriguing mystery, and a hint of the paranormal.


I must confess that I was curious as to how the author would handle a romance between two characters that “might” be half-siblings.  I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I was pleasantly surprised with how this part of the story played itself out.  While it could have seemed outrageous, Ms. McGary managed to make the whole situation involving Rylie’s paternity and its ultimate conclusion believable and I was satisfied with how it was handled. 


The mystery of the story was also interesting and I enjoyed reading as the events unfolded.  Each twist-and-turn made me wonder what would happen next.  Ms. McGary also handled the paranormal aspects of the story very well.  She was able to make the events involving Donovan’s “gift” believable blending the past with the present.  The addition of these events only enhanced what was already an intriguing tale making the story a nice blend of romantic suspense and paranormal.


Overall, The Wild Sight was a fabulous debut and I look forward to reading more by the author!


For a blurb of the book and to learn more about the book and its author visit:


You can win your own copy of The Wild Sight!  Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly select and announce the winner Saturday, Oct. 18!  And check out my interview from yesterday for two more chances to win a copy!


19 Responses to Review of The Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary

  1. Helen says:

    Great review Jennifer I am so looking forward to reading this book I want to get to know Donovan and Rylie better and hear all about Ireland seeing as how it is a place I would love to visit. And I love suspense thrown in with a great hot HEA

    Have Fun

  2. Quilt Lady says:

    Great review, I love a book set in Ireland. I would love to read this one. It sounds like a great read.

  3. Darby Lohrding says:

    Nice review! I like the mix of romance, paranormal and Irish legion!
    I would love to win this book….I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, perhaps this book will sufice me for now.
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  4. Jennifer,
    Thank you for the WONDERFUL review! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading The Wild Sight. It truly was a book of my heart.

    Good luck in the contest ladies!


  5. Greta says:

    Jennifer – awesome review. This book is being added to my next shopping list for books.

    Can you give me some pointers on doing reviews.

  6. Luanna says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Great review – makes me want to read the book, right now!! I love stories set in other lands, and I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. My best friend has been there twice and raves about it. The little bit of mysticism in this story adds to the appeal.


  7. cheryl c. says:

    Great review, Jennifer! You definitely make me want to read it. Please include me in the drawing. 🙂

  8. Terri W. says:

    Another great review, Jennifer! Definately makes me want to read it!

    Please enter me in the contest too!


  9. Eva S says:

    Thanks for the great review! This book has been on my wishlist for so long…Please enter me!

  10. Jane says:

    I’m so happy that “The Wild Sight” is getting so many rave reviews.

  11. anne says:

    Wonderful review and thanks for featuring this great book and author.

  12. Maureen says:

    It sounds like a book I would really enjoy.

  13. Deidre says:

    This sounds amazing and I’ve seen it everywhere lately. That’s good news for you “Aunt Cindy!” LOL


  14. Fedora says:

    Terrific review, Jennifer! Congrats again, AC!!

  15. azteclady says:

    I have been wavering on reading more novels involving second sight (foresight or otherwise) but your review sold me. I would love to read The Wild Sight

    Have a great weekend, Jennifer!

  16. Cherie J says:

    Wonderful review. I love the setting of Ireland and the characters sound intriguing.

  17. Teresa W. says:

    I’ve been hearing alot about this one, enjoyed the review!

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