Character Interview with Doreen Fiona O’Shea Sullivan!

So today, I am delighted to welcome another special guest…
Doreen Fiona O’Shea Sullivan from Loucinda McGary’s book, The Wild Sight: an Irish tale of deadly deeds and forbidden love agreed to talk with me.


Thank you, Doreen, for joining me today.

Thank you for inviting me, Jennifer, and for serving me tea and biscuits.


You are very welcome, so how are you?  What have you been up to lately?

Never better, though I must say I’m a wee bit surprised at all the hoopla stirring about my family and the recent goings on round County Armagh. Happily all that ugly business has been resolved and I’m back to my usual routine of working at the bank, going to mass, and taking care of my dear husband Sean.


That’s a relief to hear.  So I also hear that the book The Wild Sight tells the story of Donovan O’Shea and Rylie Powell and that you are in it as well. What’s your relationship to couple?

Ah yes, Donovan is my younger brother, four years younger, though after our mother disappeared I pretty much had to finish the task of raising him. He was only seven years old and such an odd little duck, but I loved him all the same. We were all the other had, really. Our father started drinking, you see. Lord knows, if anyone had reason to drink ‘twas our own dear Da, but it made life rather difficult, I’m afraid.


As for Miss Rylie Powell, I wasn’t too keen on her at first. She is a Yank after all, a bit too pretty and quite troublesome. But you can see for yourself when you read The Wild Sight.


Well, have you read the book?  If so, did it capture their story accurately?

Not only have I read it, but I lived it if you will. As for accuracy… Well, I was not privvy to the nature of my brother’s “gift” though as I mentioned, he was a rather odd child. My mother did tell me once that my brother saw and heard things that other people didn’t, but he never talked about it to me so those portions of the book startled me.


The other parts of the story that of course I knew nothing about were the um… intimate details of Donovan and Rylie’s personal relationship. I tried to skip over those because… How very embarrassing! I’ve never thought of my brother in terms of his sexual activities. He was a shy and rather awkward teenager when he moved to America, and I still thought of him that way when he came home to help me with Da’s illness.


I do remember when he came back for my wedding nine years ago, my own dear Sean mentioned how all the girls were giving Donovan the eye. I thought he was joking until his sister-in-law Julianna nodded toward Donovan and muttered to me, “’Twas a sad day for Irish womanhood when that one emigrated.” And her married to Sean’s brother Michael for almost twenty years!


Your brother sounds very…um…interesting.  Can you tell us a little about Donovan and Rylie from your perspective?

Why they’re a lovely couple, don’t you think? Him so tall and dark, and her so small and golden. They certainly look like a true case of opposites attracting, but in reality they have more in common that you could guess by looking. They both have rather droll senses of humor, they both have obstinate streaks a mile wide, and they are both quite uh… enthusiastic about each other.


Yes, I can tell.  Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Not much to tell really. I’m tall and dark haired, same as my brother and our own dear mother, whom I’m told I resemble. I’ve been married to my dear Sean for these nine happy years. We’ve not been blessed with children yet, but I pray every day that we’ll have a wee one of our own. Boy or girl matters naught to me or Sean.


Is there anything that my readers may be surprised to learn about you?

I’m fiercely loyal to my family and friends and want only to see them happy. I’m not really the hard arse Donovan sometimes thought me to be. I know what’s right and think it should be done, but my family always comes first. Surely none of this is much of a surprise.


Ah, there is one thing… My mother once told me that she forced a pact upon a Sidhe princess, that’s one of the faery folk of Irish legends. Mum was only sixteen at the time, but the Maiden of Ulster showed her in a scryying glass that someday she would have a little dark-haired daughter. My mum stole the Sidhe’s willow wand and only returned it when the faery agreed that no harm would come to mum’s daughter. That would be me.


What about Donovan and Rylie…anything readers may be surprised to learn about them?

I don’t know about readers, but I was rather surprised when Donovan became an accountant. He always had an artistic nature when he was growing up, doing fanciful drawings and the like. But I suppose he became an accountant out of gratitude to Aunt Fiona and her husband Uncle Isadore, who is also an accountant. They took Donovan in when he moved to America, gave him a bed to sleep in and food for his stomach whilst he was studying at University. Uncle Izzy even offered him a job, if Donovan studied accounting, and so he did. Heaven knows, there’s no money in being an artist.


As for Rylie, I don’t know her terribly well, but I was surprised when she told me that her lovely bright smile was actually the result of years of orthodontia. She said all that time spent in a dental office made her think of it for a career.


Thank you for joining me today.  Before you leave, is there anything you might like to ask my blog readers?

Thank you, Jennifer for a most lovely time. Readers, do you believe in the stuff of Irish legends? Faeries, ghosts, and the like? What is it about the book The Wild Sight that makes you want to read it? I understand the author will give away a copy to one lucky commenter.


Thank you Doreen for taking the time to chat.


As she said, Loucinda McGary, the lovely author, wants to send one lucky commenter a copy of The Wild Sight.  
And that’s not all folks! 
A second commenter will also receive a copy of the book courtesy of Sourcebooks!

So that’s two winners!

I’ll randomly select and announce the winners on Saturday, Oct. 18 so be sure to check back!

Also, my review of The Wild Sight will be posted tomorrow (along with another chance to win a copy)!


You can learn more about The Wild Sight and its author at:
So how about answering Doreen’s questions…

And do you have any questions for Doreen or Loucinda McGary…I have been told they might stop by throughout the day.


43 Responses to Character Interview with Doreen Fiona O’Shea Sullivan!

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Doreen and Aunty Cindy,
    I don’t know much about Irish legends, but I do believe in ghost and faeries. I like the mystery aspect of the story.

  2. Helen says:

    Hello Doreen and Aunty Cindy what a great insight into the book and I love hearing more about Donovan and Rylie.
    I love hearing about Irish folklore and legands I am sure I beleive in faeries and ghosts.
    I am so looking forward to reading this book I would love to travel to Ireland but probably will never get there so this book is going to take me there with a wonderful couple and a great mystery as well I am sure I will be trying to solve it as I read the book.
    Thanks again everyone for a fun interview
    Have Fun

  3. Eva S says:

    Hi Doreen and Aunty Cindy,
    thanks for a fun interview! I love hearing more about the book and can’t wait to read it! I don’t know about ghosts but fairies, I do believe in those legends.
    When will we hear your story, Doreen? I think you have much to tell too…

  4. Good Morning Aunt Cindy!
    What fun! Looking forward to reading the book! LOL! A sexy accountant! I mean, a hot guy who can do your taxes…what more could anyone want?

  5. anne says:

    HI Aunt Cinsy and Doreen,
    I am captivated with this novel. The wonderful Irish legends, and the beautiful locale transports me to another realm which appeals to me greatly. Your book has everything that is unique and entrancing. Thanks for giving me a gimpse into his wonderful new world.

  6. Quilt Lady says:

    Good afternoon, I am not sure about the Irish legends but I love reading about them. I would also love to go to Ireland, thats a dream of mine. Also not sure about ghost but love reading about them to. Your book sound like a great read.

  7. Liza says:

    I love to read anything about Ireland. Ireland has always been my dream vacation spot.

  8. Good Morning Everyone!
    Yes, it is still morning here on the West Coast of the USA, though it is probably past tea time on the West Coast of Ireland. 😉

    Jane and everyone who likes ghosts and faeries, this is definitely YOUR time of year, and is also the same month The Wild Sight is set. Glad you liked the mystery Jane! I always like a bit of suspense with my love stories.


  9. Helen,
    I can’t wait to hear your opinion and comments after you read the book! I’m hoping and praying that it lives up to your expectations.

    Thanx for all your wonderful support,

  10. Hello Eva,

    Doreen here. I’m afraid a story about me would be rather boring. My life is very ordinary, except for my rather extraordinary brother. However, I have told Aunty Cindy the details about my mother Moira and the Sidhe Princess and maybe one of these days she will write a short story about it.

  11. Aunty waves to Cheryl her Casa Sister!

    I’m with you! Can’t think of anything more appealing than a hunk with a brogue who can prepare my taxes and go to battle against the IRS if need be. Talk about a HERO! 😉

    who fears the IRS above all others

  12. Gosh Anne,
    you’ll make your olde Aunty blush! Thanx so much for your praise. I will say that I try very hard to make my setting as much a character as the hero or heroine. I’m glad it came across so well for you!


  13. Quilt Lady,
    Ireland is one of the most beautiful spots on earth and with some of the friendliest people. And I say this having visited 27 different countries, not just because my ancestors came from Ireland. 🙂

    Hope you get a chance to visit one day because I’m SURE you will love it!


  14. Jo Robertson says:

    Great interview Doreen, Jennifer, and Aunty Cindy, of course!

    I love the character of Doreen. She’s bossy in the way that only a loving sister can be towards a younger brother.

    What I love most about THE WILD SIGHT are the childhood friends of Donovan whom he saw as a child with his sight. LOL, I want those fellows to have their own stories!

  15. Liza,
    I hope you get your wish and get to visit Ireland someday soon. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the glimpses of the Irish countryside in The Wild Sight. The Giant’s Causeway is my favorite locale.


  16. Hi Jo-Mama!
    Glad you liked Ro and Hain, but I dunno about writing their stories. Those would need to be historical and thus far, I’ve stuck to “contemporary” stories, though I will admit The Wild Sight is a conglomeration of a lot of sub-genres all rolled together.


  17. Hiya AC and Jennifer! Doreen, what an interesting interview! I’m glad life is returning to normal after all the excitement. Speaking of excitement, our Aunty Cindy has been VERY excited about her book coming out and getting such great reviews. And who could blame her?

  18. Paisley Kirkpatrick says:

    What a delightful interview, Jennifer Y and Aunt Cindy. I can’t wait to read the story – and, yes, I do believe in all those legends and things that go bump in the night.

  19. Caren Crane says:

    Doreen, I always loved tales of faeries since I was a girl. I have a fascination with Irish things, though I don’t know that I have any Irish blood (believe it or not). Most of my family on both sides were here LONG before the big waves of immigrants arrived.

    As to ‘The Wild Sight’ I already have a copy, I’m proud to say. Who could resist that hawt cover? I was attracted to this story by the mystery of Donovan’s “powers”. I can’t wait to read it!

  20. Ms Campbell,
    Doreen here. I must say that it was a wee bit uncomfortable for me to have so many of our family secrets revealed in The Wild Sight. Some I didn’t even know myself! But I’m very happy that readers and reviewers are responding positively.

    Aunty Cindy is indeed very proud.

  21. Thanx Paisley!

    Glad to see you here and hope you are almost mended. Jennifer asks GREAT questions in her interviews, no matter who she happens to be interviewing!

    Hope anything that goes bump in the night in your area turns out to be a cute lil critter or Gerry Butler! HAHAHAHA!


  22. Ms Crane,
    Doreen again, and I shan’t be at all surprised that one day you find a wee drop of Irish blood somewhere in your family tree. All the best people have it! 😉

    As for the cover of The Wild Sight… while I have not seen my brother with his shirt off since he was a wee lad, I don’t believe that is actually him. Like most Irishman, he’s never been one to tan…

  23. Tawny Weber says:

    WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO AC!! Congrats on Wild Sight’s release. What a fabulous interview with Doreen and a fun insight inot the story. I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  24. Greetings, Aunty!! And hello, Jennifer!! And Doreen, thank you for all the insights! Doreen is my grandmother’s name and it’s a lovely one, to be sure. As you can tell, I have a wee bit of Irish in me. 🙂

    I’m thrilled to have my very own copy of The Wild Sight and yes, the cover is even more gorgeous in person than online! I can’t wait to start reading it. That’ll be tonight, if I’m very lucky and finish my pages for the day. And I’ll be back to see Jennifer’s review tomorrow!

  25. Nancy Northcott says:

    Hi, AC and Doreen. My copy of The Wild Sight finally came in, and I can’t wait to read it! Doreen, thanks for the insie scoop. I’ll keep it in mind as I read. 🙂

  26. Nancy Northcott says:

    Uh, that’s inSIDE scoop.

  27. Hi Jennifer! Hi AC! I STILL don’t have my copy of THE WILD SIGHT. Hoping it arrives very soon. I’m looking forward to meeting Doreen (what a lovely lilt she has, to be sure) and reading between the lines it seems young Donovan is quite the catch, so I’m looking forward to meeting him, too. Lovely interview!

  28. Fedora says:

    Hi, AC and Doreen! How fabulously exciting! And terrific interview, as always, Jennifer! 😉 Character interviews are always such a hoot! As for paranormal stuff, it’s always fun to read about because the possibility of these things being true is just too interesting to completely deny!

  29. HOORAY! It’s a Bandita Raid!

    Thanx to all of you for your support!

    Tawny, glad you liked Jennifer’s fab interview and hope you enjoy reading the book!


  30. Kate!
    I didn’t know you had an Irish grandmother named Doreen. What a funny coinky-dink! You should get an even bigger kick out of reading TWS. Hope you get those pages written as I’m anxious to hear what you think of the story.

    Thanx for stopping by,

  31. LOL, Nancy!
    We knew you meant INSIDE! 🙂

    Glad to hear your copy of TWS arrived and can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


  32. Madame Wells!
    Appreciate you stopping by before you leave on your holiday to NZ. Sorry you didn’t receive TWS in time to take it along. Apparently Amazon sends everything on a row boat to Oz. 😦

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. Jennifer is THE BEST!


  33. Fedora,
    Great to see you here! Glad you liked the paranormal elements in TWS, they were definitely fun to write.


  34. Jennifer Y says:

    WOW! Look at all the great comments…sorry I haven’t been around much today to play, but things are crazy here.

    I really enjoyed my interview of Doreen and am glad I can introduce her to others!

  35. Jennifer,
    Thanx so much for the wonderful interview and for all your support!


  36. Greta says:

    This book looks excellent. I’m adding it to my TBP list to get here pretty soon.

  37. Deidre says:

    Why, of course I believe in Irish legends, but I do have a bit of the Isles in me as well.


  38. Teresa W. says:

    Enjoyed the interview and I’m looking forward to this one!

  39. Darby Lohrding says:

    Why do I want to read? Because of the Irish Legends!!! I so enjoy all things Irish which includes all the mysteries that sorrounds Ireland.
    Thank you for the interview!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  40. cheryl c. says:

    Very entertaining interview and captivating plot! It sounds like a winner!

  41. Leslie says:

    I am soooo looking forward to reading this book! It’s so much fun to find a new author. Please don’t enter me into the drawing ~ The Wild Sight is already on it’s way to me. : )

  42. Maureen says:

    Donovan and Rylie’s story sounds like a good one. I do enjoy stories that are a little mystical.

  43. blackroze37 says:

    OMG a irish borgue , and man the guy is HOT, whithout even looking at him!

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