Shelley Munro Completes the Sentences!

First, a reminder to check yesterday’s post for the Shelley Munro Scavenger Hunt!


Today, Shelley is back and she is completing the sentences…


I am: Woman, hear me roar!

I like: black leopards.

I love: chocolate

I dream: of Lotto and 24 million dollars…this week’s record jackpot. Note to self—I must buy my ticket.

I wish:  for a white Christmas. (Probably not going to happen since I spend most Christmases in New Zealand.)

I wonder: if I’ll ever settle into writing again after my holiday.

I pretend: shapeshifters really exist.

I know: nothing!

I fear: shapeshifters are merely a figment of my imagination.

I worry: about my little dog because she’s getting old.

I appreciate: Mr. Munro

I hope: my editor likes my recent Middlemarch Mates submission.

I look: forward to my next holiday.

I read: lots

I want: afternoon tea.

I need: some sunshine in my life

I will: write lots tomorrow.

I can: write lots tomorrow.

I think: I can. I think I can.

I have never: seen a tiger in the wild.

I dance to: my own drummer.

I wish I had thought of: Stephanie Plum before Janet Evanovich.

I cannot live without: my husband.

I am happy when: I go cycling.

I would like to meet: the cast of Deadwood.

I am annoyed by: graffiti!!

I have always wanted: to see the terracotta warriors in China.

I encourage people to: smile

I think it would be cool if: the moon was really made of green cheese.

I love to dance and sing when no one is looking.

I write romance because: I like happy endings.

I would love to know what readers think of: black leopards, the Mitchells and Middlemarch.



Thanks so much Shelley for being my guest the last couple of days and BIG congrats on the release of Tea for Two, which is available today at Samhain Publishing!

Readers, don’t forget to check yesterday’s post for more with Shelley, in case you missed it!
And you can learn more about Shelley and her books at:



7 Responses to Shelley Munro Completes the Sentences!

  1. Helen says:

    Loved the answers Shelly

    I love black leopards they are so sleek and beautiful and I too dream of a white Christmas but seeing as how I live in Australia that is not likley to happen.

    Have Fun

  2. Jess Dee says:

    Hi Shelley
    I would also like to win the $24m lotto! 🙂
    Good luck for your release of Tea for Two. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Jane says:

    Happy Release Day, Shelley.

  4. Helen – I guess we’ll have to settle for a warm Christmas and a BBQ 🙂

    Jess – thanks so much! No one won the lotto last week and it’s now up to $30 million. I must get my ticket because someone has to win it this week.

    Jane – thanks for popping by and for the release congrats.

  5. Liza says:

    Happy Release Day Shelley! I would really like a white Christmas too, but we don’t get many in my part of Tennessee.

  6. Catherine Bybee says:

    I want to win the Lotto, too. But that would mean I’d have to play.
    Great answers, Shelley!

  7. Fedora says:

    Great answers, Shelley! Congrats on today, and go buy that lotto ticket! 😉 Oh, and I have seen the terracotta warriors, and hope you’ll get to realize that dream too–very VERY cool.

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