Review of Dark Hunger by Sara Reinke


Volume Two in the Brethren Series



The Deepest Hunger…

Tessa Noble is a vampire who will do anything to reach the safety of her brother in New Orleans—even if it means traveling with her nemesis, Rene Morin. A ruthless, brooding, yet startlingly sexy vampire, Rene seems to take pleasure in finding fault with Tessa’s every move. As they travel, Rene feeds along the way, while Tessa struggles to resist the impulse to nourish herself…


Feeds The Darkest Needs…

Once in the storm-ravaged city of his birth, Rene’s defenses begin to unravel, and Tessa is drawn to his more vulnerable side. Starving and spent with need, Tessa finally allows herself to feed off of Rene’s own body, deepening the sensual attraction they share. Yet neither can afford to succumb to this desire. For Tessa and Rene are being followed—and a single misstep will put them at the mercy of forces more dark and powerful than even they can fight. If they are caught, the ecstasy of their newfound love will be matched only by the agony of its loss…




Dark Hunger, the follow-up to Dark Thirst, is another captivating paranormal romantic suspense in the intriguing vampire series from Ms. Reinke.  The story picks up right where Dark Thirst left off with Tessa and Rene being pursued by those from the Brethren.


Tessa Noble, the vampire heroine of the story, has led a sheltered life on the estate of the Brethern.  Having been abused by her husband and others, Tessa will do anything to protect the child she carries and her brother, Brandon, from those that would do them harm.  Reluctant to trust Rene despite her attraction to him, she nevertheless travels with him as they try to outwit and outrun their pursuers. 


Tessa is a fascinating character as she seems a bit naïve and innocent despite the horrors that she has grown up around and those that she has committed herself.  The longer she is away from the only home and life that she knows, the more she learns about herself and the world.  Sickened by her true nature and the things she has done, Tessa struggles to suppress her urges, but knows she must feed in order to keep herself and her child alive.


Her traveling companion, Rene Morin, is a fascinating character as well.  A half-vampire/half-human former cop who lost his leg in the line of duty, Rene is not too happy about having his life disrupted by having to travel with the young woman who dislikes and distrusts him.  Having spent much his life dealing with his vampirism alone, Rene is still adjusting to the fact that there are more like him out there.  He is used to his solitude and having Tessa enter his life has added a complication he struggles to deal with.


As the two travel together, Rene struggles with events from his past and as Tessa opens up about her life on the estate, he begins to understand her better.  Soon, he finds his attraction for the young vampire growing and when her life and that of her unborn child is threatened, Rene will do anything to keep them safe.


Dark Hunger was an interesting addition to the Brethren series that held my attention to the very end…an end that I never anticipated and I am still stunned over (but I won’t spoil it).  With twists-and-turns that left me wondering what would happen next, Dark Hunger was definitely not a predictable read.


As I mentioned, Dark Hunger is a sequel to Dark Thirst and while the two books in the series can stand alone, this is one series that I feel is best read in order so that you can better understand more of what is happening.  A lot is explained in the first book that helped to make Dark Hunger more enjoyable, at least in my opinion.  The ending to Dark Hunger leaves me to believe that more books in the series could be possible…at least I hope so.


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2 Responses to Review of Dark Hunger by Sara Reinke

  1. azteclady says:

    *biting tongue on ending* 😉

  2. Helen says:

    Sounds very interesting

    Have Fun

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