Unleash Your Story Update…

Just a quick note to let you all know that I updated my pages read total in the sidebar…and as you can tell I am very, very close to reaching my reading goal for the Unleash Your Story fundraiser  (It helped that I had no Internet last week to distract me).

I also wanted to remind you all that Sunday I announced that if I meet both my reading and fundraising goals this month I will be having a BIG giveaway here on the blog.  I have been thinking about what to give away and I have some ideas so we will just have to see if I meet my goals.  It doesn’t look like the reading one will be a problem, but I don’t know about the fundrasing goal.  You know how I love to give stuff away so I hope I get a chance to do this…y’all can help by donating or spreading the word (Yes, I know I sound desperate).

And another thing I wanted to remind y’all about was the 5-5-5 prize that I can earn if I can get 5 different people to donate at least $5 each this week.  If I succeed, I will get 5 books.  I also decided that if I succeed, I’ll give away 5 books from my prize stash here on the blog next week since all of you have been rooting me on and I’ll want to celebrate.

So if you can make a donation, I’d really appreciate it.  Every little bit helps both the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Unleash Your Story fundraisers meet our fundraising goal of $10,000. 

To make a donation on my fundraising homepage visit:  http://www.cff.org/LWC/JenniferYates 

Feel free to share that link with others who might wish to make a donation…help us meet our goal and help the CFF.

Also, the Unleash Your Story website has had various blogs going up with guest blogs from writers and readers so you might want to check out some of their stories and what they have to say.  Some of them are sharing about family members with CF if you want to see some of the people the CFF is helping.  You can also check the progress of some of the other fundraisers.  Visit the Unleash Your Story website at:  http://www.unleashyourstory.com


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